Engwe EP 2 Pro – 750 Watts – Ebike Review and Test Ride

What does that mean needs another bike? Now i wanted to show you guys real quickly, the uh, the condition of this box yeah, the box looks pretty damaged its been taped up like crazy, and i asked the fedex driver. What about the damage? He says, what damage, what damage this is a bike from anyway yeah. This is the ep 2 pro. So today is a very hot day, im just kind of giving you the overview here of the box. Today is a very hot day and uh im gon na have to build this on the inside. I cant do this in the garage because its gon na be in the mid 90s at least maybe even the high 90s, probably so yeah. I will take it apart and put it together and show you what we have did you call that what damage obviously was laid on his edge lets hope the bike came in okay, all right all right, heres heres, what the inside looks like yeah! So is there any damage it doesnt look like any damage. The damage would be on this side. Here you can see the whole box has kind of ripped. The shreds here, thats, where the front fork is seems okay, but we wont know until we put it together. All right, let me put it together and now show you what the bike looks like hey. This is russ yeah. This is a new bike. This is the enway ep2 pro now.

This is not a new bike. This bike has been around but its new to me. Now this bike weve talked about before in the past. This is the bike that ive had for about two months now i was just waiting for a front fork to be delivered to me. Fedex had damaged the fork, they did. Some major damage to the box ill show you photos of the box here, and so i contacted nwa and i said yeah. I cant do this review based on how the damage was done. So i kept the box as long as i could didnt know whether anybody wanted to fight it with uh fedex or whether they just wanted to send me another another uh fork, and so they opted just to send me another fork, but the four came from china. So it took a while to get here. It took two months before i got it, but uh yeah its here. This is a folding bike. Yangwei has a upgraded 750 watt motor in there now. I believe at one time it was a 500 watt motor bike 750 and they upgraded the battery from. I think it was 12.7 amp hours its now like 13 amp hours, so uh yeah. They wanted me to wait for the new battery, but of course, at the same time they gave me the new bike so yeah it was worth the wait. So i want to show you some features of the bike real quickly here now i added some things to the bike.

It doesnt come with. I added a uh, a rear view, mirror okay, i think all bikes really should have a mirror, but i i added this aftermarket its not from anyway – and i added this – this is a thumb throttle that i had 3d printed, its just a half twist throttle like Many other bikes but im used to using a thumb throttle. So i went ahead and added it, so it made it easier for me to do the review. Okay. This is a folding bike, so this bike folds down pretty easily and building it wasnt hard at all. Either give you the run surround, it does include the rear rack. It has a shimano tourney um derailleur, which is one of the more basic derailleurs, but it works. Okay. What i really like, though, is the wheels, take a look at the wheels yeah theres, no spokes. This is all one piece aluminum wheel: some people call it mag wheels, but its not made out of magnesium, so aluminum wheels yeah. This is the folding mechanism here and to fold the bike. All you have to do is push this button to unlock it and pull you see, and then this bike will fold in half im trying to hold the camera and fold it at the same time its kind of hard, but this will bend in half ill show. You a little later close it back up, pull this open again. Try to do this with one hand.

This is not easy. Okay, let me see if i could do this with one hand here there we go so thatll lock it in places, so it wont come off now and as far as the uh, the top same thing, you have a release right here. You push up, pull this down and then this folds down you see all right. Let me let me do a fold for you. Okay, i have folded the bike in half im, just holding it up, im im on grass right now, so its kind of hard to uh hold the camera and fold at the same time, but yeah the bike folds down pretty well there we go trying to be Creative holding the camera and folding the bike, all right lets put it back together. Okay, i have put it back together now it does have a front uh headlight. Let me power up theres a button here, just powered on youll see it kicks in and if i push this bottom button, thatll turn on the front headlight i dont know if you can tell, but it is lit up and there is a rear tail light. Now. I know its very hard to tell in bright sunlight, but it is on. Let me see if i put my shadow there, you guys see that and of course, if you hit the brakes, it will light up what about the saddle? Well, the saddle is kind of typical its not the best saddle around, but it is comfortable its cushy.

I i think if the nose wasnt as long itd be better, i think they make these too long for the for the nose. So if they had it a little bit shorter, i would like it better. Brakes are made by company called wuzing. Okay, never heard of it, but the brakes do stop the bike. Well, but right now it is still squealing a little bit. I think um many brakes take a while before they. Finally before they. Finally kick in the uh. The rotors are a little small theyre at 160 millimeter, some of the bigger bikes have 180 millimeter, so theyre mechanical disc brakes, not the greatest, but they work for the price. I dont think you can expect much more. The handlebar does go a lot higher. If you want, there is a quick release over on this side. So if you release it, it goes way up there im not kidding, i have it at the lowest setting if youre a tall rider. This is the bike for you same thing here: im not going to adjust it here, but theres about 18 or so inches or more on this. I havent measured it, but i believe its close about 18 inches. So if you need a higher saddle, height no problem overall, the bike looks nice. There are three different colors, you can get theres orange, theres gray and then black as i have here. I think the gray and the black would be my preference, but some people like orange, the rear rack, does come with the bike.

The fenders are metal fenders and there is a front suspension and, like i said, um the wheels do not have spokes yeah its all one piece wheels. I love that the branding on the the fat tire bikes – these are four inch wide. 20 inch fat tires its made by chao yang. These are very aggressive on here. This is really knobby very, very knobby, its gon na last, a while, i think so. Overall yeah you can lock out the uh the suspension i like having it on. I, like my suspension, i even left the key over here now you do need to leave the key in. Let me turn off the bike here. The key is a three position key all right. If you pull it all out, you can remove the the battery. The first position locks you can pull it out, locks the the the opening mechanism. So you cannot steal the battery out of the bike. If you left the bike somewhere and then the third position, the key does not come out but thats the start position. So you do need to have the key in in order to ride the bike. Now i just left the secondary key up here. I dont plan to leave the bike anywhere, but yeah the key must be in and if you take the key out, it locks this mechanism, so nobody can steal the battery out of it when youre away. Overall, very nice design price wise were talking 1049.

yeah. Its a good price and theres a theres, an option there where you can buy a secondary battery with the bike. At the same time, its a thousand ninety nine dollars. My recommendation buy the second battery, get the second battery dont even think twice about it. Buy the second battery batteries themselves, arent cheap. I think i think they sell their batteries separately for 299 dollars. So if you can get a second battery for 50, when you buy the bike, buy the second battery dont, even look at this bike, dont. Even look at this bike as a 1049. Look at it as a 1099 dollar bike that comes with a second battery, thats thats, my opinion. Okay, all right were gon na. Take this bike out for rye, well, see how it does and uh ill give you. My full report sit tight, so lets take the enway ep2 pro out for a test. Ride ive already ridden this bike about 8.8 miles already. So this is not my first ride on it, its actually my second so heres. What ive noticed so far? The bike requires certain things to get used to now. You might know that ive ive had several e bikes now and im more used to the larger 26 inch wheel, four inch fat, tire bikes. This is of course, a lot uh, smaller its a 20 inch wheel. Four inch fat, tire bike all right. I think we have to go around this thing.

Thats been blocked off here for us Music and uh heres. What ive noticed there is a zero through five pedal assist level. If you put this down to zero theres, no assist. Okay, even your throttle will not work at zero. You move it up to one. You have a cyst, but it is a very small amount of assist okay same thing for two its not until we hit uh pedestals level, three, where i feel comfortable. So if youre looking for more range, more exercise stay in one and two im talking really slow, but then, as you start going to three four and five you start picking up this bike will go up to 28 miles an hour when youre on pedal assist level. Five, so dont, let it fool you when you start out with a small level of pedal assist because it goes way up now. I did add a few things to the bike. I added um a rear view mirror okay. This is an aftermarket mirror. This is not sewed by uh anyway, just one that i had and i figured id add it to it. I uh. I feel that you really need a mirror on every bike that you have, so you can see. Whats going on behind you brakes are still trying to bed in, so we have a little bit of brake squeal going on, but that will eventually go away. I think most bikes that ive had had a little bit of squeal to start eventually to go away now.

One other thing that i added too is ive added a a thumb um throttle to this. This is a half twist throttle that comes on the bike, but this uh. This thumb throttle i added to it, because this is how im used to riding my bikes im. More used to having a thumb throttle, and i felt that if i had to evaluate this bike strictly on the half twist throttle, which is what many people use but im not used to it. Its gon na throw my uh throw my feel off. Im used to using that thumb throttle to help me make that uh that twist, so this one is a 3d printed thumb throttle. If you want one of those things ill put a link in the description uh its a 3d printable file that you can use. I happen to bring it to my local library who does free 3d printing for you all they do. Is they charge you for the plastics that you use so the thumb throttle costs me 50 cents in plastic and of course you have to buy a screw and a nut to go along with it. So you can get those at you know home depot or menards or one of the hardware stores. So those are the only two things that i added to the bike. Everything else is stock on this uh on this bike, the bell doesnt ring out, but its loud yeah. You can hear it uh other bells i ive had you know you hear that bell ring for a while, but uh yeah.

If you hit the bell, people can hear it. Another interesting thing that i found too is that this bike does have cruise control. Ive talked about cruise control on several of my other videos in the past, saying that it would be nice if a bike had cruise control. Well, this one has it: all you need to do is uh is put the uh the bike on on your throttle, use your throttle and then hold that throttle down for eight seconds or more once you do that itll go into cruise control now to turn off The cruise control just touch your brakes, its kind of like uh like your car right, if you, if you have cruise control on your car um tapping your brakes, will stop the cruise control so um im running on cruise control right now. I just held this thing down for eight seconds and youll, see that uh at pedos is level three im about 14 and a half miles per hour, the uh, the difference that i find and then let me cancel cruise control were gon na go through here. The difference that i find with um with this bike on the throttle is that the throttle will only go to the maximum level of your pedal assist so on on other bikes. If i had even the pedal assist at level one and i use the throttle, i have a hundred percent full control of throttle to go as fast as i wan na go thats, not the case with the anyway.

If youre set for level one, your throttle will only go to level one if youre set at level two, your throttles maximum speed will only go to the maximum speed of level two. Does that make sense level? Three maximum throttle only goes to the full maximum level of level three throttle and speed. So if you want full power, throttle put it on level five, then you have full control from zero through 28 miles per hour and again, like i said, if you hold that down all the way down, im just gon na do that right now, im just gon Na hold the throttle down for at least eight seconds and again on level three, our speed is still limited. If i let go now, i am running on cruise control. At this point, im not pedaling, im not doing anything. The bike is running on its own okay and to cancel it. All i have to do is tap on the uh on the brakes. Okay, on your left, all right dogs are always trying to get me. Ive said that on many videos, dogs see you they always have to bark at you. So what have? I noticed, thats different on this bike compared to some of my other bikes. Well, this is a smaller stature bike, its 20 inches in wheel. The size of the bike is smaller, even the uh, the width of the handlebars, is narrower. Okay, its its taking me a little bit of time to get used to that because again, im used to the larger bikes, so your real estate on your handlebar is kind of small.

You dont have a whole lot of room to put anything on there. If you want to put something like a cell phone mount or something, i would recommend that you get an extension handlebar extender, typically thatll, just attach to your handlebars here and then itll give you an extra bar and from that point you can add on additional things. Like external lights and the like speaking of lights, i will say that the uh, i will say that the headlight and tail light on this bike is a lot brighter than many of the bikes that that come with headlights and tail lights. All right all right. I think were gon na have to make a pass here on your left. All right, i had to make my pass there. He was going a little bit slower than im used to so i put myself on pedals this level. Five went up on the grass and and went now. The nice part is, is that the tires on the enway is really really knobby, and what i mean by that is that, if you, if you plan to put this off road, a little bit, go up on grass or something youre going to have some good grip. These are the knobbiest tower tires. Ive had on any bike that ive owned. It has the typical wine that you would hear when knobby tires are on pavement im. Actually, okay, with that some people, arent kind of announces that youre coming i mean if you want a stealthier, uh sounding bike, then of course you could always change out the tires to something thats, more uh, more street styled versus these knobby type tires, but i, like The knobby tires i like to be able to go up on the grass.

If i have to – or you know do something a little bit more. If i have to so hows the feel of the bike well ill tell you that i have the seat lowered a little bit lower than i typically do on my larger bikes. So my full leg extension is not quite there. I could go higher the the seat post that they give. You is extremely big. I wouldnt doubt that thing is oh, maybe 18 inches long yeah. If youre a tall rider. You can ride this bike and the uh the stem theres, a theres, a section here that uh allows you to raise the stem even taller. I have it at the lowest setting right now, which is fine for me. But again, if youre a tall rider, you can raise it. I will say this: um people have said that sometimes i go a little fast on these uh, these trails and bike paths, but if i leave it at the pedal assist level three, its gon na limit, how fast i can uh how fast i can go and Ive noticed that i can go a lot slower on this bike than my other bikes. I dont feel like im going to tip over as much as i do on on the larger bikes. Now you might know that i had to wait quite a while to get a front fork replacement for this bike. Fedex had damaged the bike when they shipped it to me, and it took about two months for me to actually get this front fork.

They had to ship it from china to get it to me. Um installation of the front fork was relatively easy, were going to go up this hill here. This is the hill that i usually have a hard time with im going to put it on full puddle. This is level five okay and were gon na, go up this hill and well talk more in a second about it. So im doing about 18.5 miles. I want to see if i have the torque to get up over this hill, and i am pedaling 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10.. 11.. So it looks like we dropped down to around the 10 mile per hour. Uh range to go up this hill, believe it or not, thats, actually pretty good, even my best bikes uh, with a large amount of torque im talking a large cruiser style bike with a lot of torque id start out at 20 miles an hour and i dropped Down to about 12. yeah, some bikes as best as 14., so this smaller bike to be able to do nine and a half to ten is actually not bad. I had really thought that this this bike would fail that test to tell you the truth: thats. The first time ive ever gone over it with this bike. No, it did pretty well im surprised yeah. It did pretty well now. Why did i agree to take this bike? Let me tell you a little history behind this whole thing with anyway, me enway was one of the first companies to contact me asking if i was interested in reviewing one of their bikes.

One other company contacted me way back then too, and you all know who that is so Music. I said you know im only gon na do bikes that i think have some type of possibility: im not going to review bikes that i feel absolutely has no chance of success, and so i looked at this bike and says well its an inexpensive bike. You know its about a thousand forty nine dollars, something like that. If you get the two uh two battery option is like a thousand ninety nine. I believe something like that. Get the two battery option. Believe me, youre, gon na want that second battery and for fifty dollars more only its worth. It. Okay were not going to go through here, because we are blocked off all right. We will go back thats too bad. I was hoping to take that to the three mile path. I normally do im just hopping around here. Okay lets get back on, yeah theyve got some type of road construction thing or or theyre working on trees and the like so well head back. So they contacted me a long time ago and then um, i said well, you know theyre one of the first companies offering me a bike to review lets. Do it because its an inexpensive bike, i wanted to find out how good can this bike really be? For that price, but then uh time went by, i hadnt heard anything and they told me that they were upgrading the bike and upgrading the battery okay.

So apparently this bike at one time was a 500 watt motor in here its now a 750 watt motor. So they wanted me to wait a little bit wanted me to get uh get the new 750 watt motor bike im running on cruise control by the way im pedaling a little bit now, but um and – and they told me that they were upgrading the battery uh. The battery, i think, was something like 12.7 amp hours, something like that. They were just going to go to a 13 amp hour battery a small upgrade, but they said yeah you might as well get the latest uh which, which i appreciated. You know i i wouldnt want to get the older series bike and then you know a battery i mean 12.7 versus 13 is really negligible in my opinion, but yeah. Why not, i said sure: okay well, wait! Well, that way turned longer and longer and longer – and here it is uh august now, im finally doing the review on this bike, so um yeah weve had a long waiting time period with anyway, i uh i was beginning to wonder if i would ever be able To do the review of this bike, um yeah, im still betting in this break. You can hear it squealing, but again i have no doubt that in time that will look that would sound better. You wont, you wont, hear it, but the the brakes are still relatively new im braking right now and you can hear us its pretty much just gone at this point.

All brakes usually take a little bit of time, yeah its pretty much gone at this point. It takes a little time you have to do betting of brakes. If you dont know what that means its like you go to a certain speed, then you hit the brakes all right and then you can do it again and you do it again. You kind of keep doing that, for i dont know 15 times or so, and youll find that the the brakes will stop squealing. This is just the way it is on on rotors and new brake material and sometimes different brake material makes a difference too. You know if you try a different brake pad, sometimes thats, improving it Music, so yeah we have a long history of time, but no no review of the bike until now. Now this bike, like i said, has been sitting in my office for two months, waiting for this front fork to show up after fedex damage. It was just like one thing after the next that kept pushing us further back to doing this review and people have been asking me, you need to get a folding bike. You got to get a floating bike, so you can go to different places. Well, i had a folding bike. I just couldnt use it. We can thank fedex for that for damaging the bike and uh, but now we do have a floating bike and maybe we can go different places so so far, how do i feel the ride is? Well.

I will tell you small little movements like this. You see how moving the the the the uh the handlebar a little bit small little movement is a big movement on this type of bike, whereas uh the larger 26 inch wheel, big cruiser bikes, you know. If i move, i move a little bit its. It barely moves this. This every little bit of movement is exaggerated, so i have to get used to the fact that um, i could probably make faster. U turns, and things like that on this bike, that i could never do on the other bikes the other bikes id fall over. I think i can do it on this bike, because its got a more responsive type of ride. There is a front shock on here, so you have a suspension system, its a minimal amount of suspension, but there is still a suspension. I do feel it does help when i hit bumps, but not as deep as the the larger bikes of course, but still at this price thats, not bad. They have a suspension on there now, if you notice too ive kept this bike at pedestal level. Three, i havent moved much away from it im going a lot slower now, thats a unique thing for me. I dont usually go the speed. I usually go faster because the faster i go, i feel more stable on the larger bikes, not so on the smaller bike. Yeah, so it seems that this bike will probably slow me down.

It will get me to to probably ride a little bit slower, um better for the trails yeah now. Theoretically, this bike is a class 3 bike because it is able to go to 28 miles per hour and uh yeah. We should do that for you lets. Take it out on the street. Lets do 28 miles an hour for you. Okay, were gon na, go up an incline here, so im gon na pedal im still on pedestals level. Three, i can feel the resistance in the morning um, but im able to go up it with no problem im going slower than i normally do, but im still stable, im kind of surprised all right lets. Take the street lets stop here for a second well, let the cars go through all right, well, mayor and i wont take the street here – the uh. The truck driver wanted me to go through, so i i obliged and took it and went through yeah im not going to go 28 miles an hour on the path we have to do it on street. Well find another street. We can do it on Music. I do i will say i do like the cruise control all right, so im just gon na hold it down for eight seconds or more. Let go im now on cruise control. I mean if youre tired out and you dont want to pedal cruise control yeah and your your your fingers arent going to be tired out by having to hold down the uh the throttle.

Now people have said if youre using cruise control youre not really youre, not really riding this like a bike. Well thats true, but there are times the cruise control does help. Okay, now were going up a little bit of incline and i can see that the speedometer has dropped a little bit. Itll come back up again, Music im going to cancel that cruise control lets, move ourselves to pedestal level 4.. Pass this gentleman here all right! Now you can see right away, we can increase the speed dramatically and pedals is level four. I can feel it kick in now. The assist does not happen right away. There is a little delay before you actually feel the assist happening a couple seconds. A couple second delay and then youll feel that the motor will kick in. I kind of like that im used to that my original uh bike that i had at first was that way. I took my other bikes and i turned it that way as well. Im just used to having that slight delay. I dont, like the instantaneous uh assist, lets, take a left over here. I dont like the instantaneous assist because it feels like itll jolt you off the bike, if you, if you get that, i like, knowing that its coming up without having to uh, to go full blast right away. So ive held down the uh the cruise control by holding this down for three um for eight seconds.

Im now running on cruise control were doing 18.5 miles an hour roughly so yeah. The ride is very good for uh for a bike thats a thousand fifty dollars or almost eleven hundred dollars. What is it 10.99, 10.95 im, not sure if you buy it with a second battery im telling you get the second battery for fifty dollars its worth it. These batteries usually will cost several hundred dollars to get for for them to offer a fifty dollar option. Music, its worth the 50 option. Now enway is sending me a second battery. I did request it. They originally only sent me one with one battery, but i said you know i go. I go some distance with my bikes. I im gon na need that second battery to be able to do the things that i do and they agreed, and they said they would send me a second battery. Now the battery can charge um separately. You can take the battery out of the frame or you can just put it through the little hole thats in the uh in the frame and charge it with the battery in the bike. I tend to do that. I dont want to keep opening and closing the uh, the uh, the frame of the bike and so its easier for me to do that, and, of course uh. If you have to change a battery out, then of course you have to open the frame in order to put the second battery in there, and all i do is i just.

I just keep the second battery on the rear rack. I just use a bungee cord and put a bungee cord in the back and and thatll be thatll, be fine. All right lets go over here. Yeah brakes are still squeaking a little bit its not bad. I had other other bikes before that would squeal, like you wouldnt believe, then it got better: okay after changing out brake pads or whatever it got better. This one just needs a little time, but i wanted to get it out here as fast as i can to give it a test. All right lets go on the streets here. All right were going to go to uh, full full pedal, assist level 5 and then im gon na throttle it and put it on cruise control. So you can see what the the bike is capable of doing all right. So im gon na hold it down for uh, eight seconds or more. I guess i didnt hit eight seconds yet lets lets hold it down a little longer, all right so were on cruise control. Right now we are going up a slight incline. I wish i had a straightaway to to show you. We can see that my battery meter has dropped one level already yeah were im going to cancel. This were going up an incline. We we need to do this on a flat, um flat level street. Well, go down to level four! If you want to save your battery drop down your pedal assist level.

If you want to really save it, dont use the dont use the throttle doing about 19 miles an hour here now. The display is a basic display standard led but ill. Tell you its easy to read, and it tells you a lot of information here. You got the speedometer here. You got your battery meter here. This is your pedal assist level down. Here. Is your odometer, so ive gone uh what 8 16 miles on this bike? Now, if you uh toggle through the the the menu thing you have, my fastest speed was 23.3 miles per hour. My average speed was 13.9 and ive gone 16 miles now on the bike. Theres also a um, a trip meter, of course, so its at 16.0 miles yeah. This was not a good streak to try to try the uh the full speed because were definitely going up a an incline. I dont know if you can see it on the on the camera, but this street is definitely an incline Music. So, right now i on im on cruise control for level five four lets move to level five Music. All right. We got a stop sign here, so we will have to stop Music lets make this stop here. All right lets see if we can get this bike going here before we hit the next stop sign im just going to hold the throttle down im not going to go to cruise control lets just let it run so were doing 24.

25. 26. topping out at 26 and a half 27. 27.2 thats on the throttle. Now you might know that pure class 3 essentially says that is assisted pedal to 28. This bike, like my other bike, will give you full assist with the throttle all right im. Finding more and more bikes are like that, even though legally class 3 bikes should be pedal, assist only up to 28 were finding the throttle, can do it so yeah. This bike is fast. It is definitely fast so lets lets recap the good and bad all right. The good is price wise, its really hard to beat youre talking 1050 to battery option. Um was it just 11.99 lets lets use the actual numbers, its a its 11.49 im. Sorry 1049 and uh 1099. Okay, spend the 50 dollars get the second battery youre youre, not going to regret it all right, spend the extra 50 look at this bike is really 1099. as long as they have their promotion. Do it okay, im gon na say: do it so whos it for its its for somebody whos, maybe an entry level. This is their first bike. Maybe you need a floating bike to put it in an rv or the back of the back of your vehicle, and you have an suv. You want to throw it in the back of the suv travel without having to buy a bike, rack, yeah and maybe for a person who doesnt really have extremely long distances of requirements of distance.

See were down to three three out of the five bars now and we started out at about eight miles were at 17 miles right now. This is kind of a combination, im testing, both things so obviously, since im, using the throttle pretty heavily and im using heavy pedal assist, our battery range is going to drop. Well. Do a second, like i said: well, do a second video where ill do an actual battery range test of just pedal assist only, and i think what ill do is ill. Do it on pedal, assist level 3 for the entire time. I think thats really um its. Probably the range that most people will use as a bare minimum one and two is really kind of slow. Um three is where you wan na, be four is where you wan na, be five is where you wan na, be. If you want to be crazy like me, and go really fast, all right, but look even at four youre youre close to 19 miles an hour already. So if we were down to three Music, you see were dropping now and im just pedaling im, not im, not using a throttle, were gon na get about 16 15 16 miles an hour. Well, do a pedal, uh assist level three at that level and well do a second video, so yeah, if you dont, need lots of range um. This bike might be good for you if you have the second battery its gon na double your range.

Obviously. So to me, thats thats, really the way to go with this type of bike and theyre, not unique uh other bikes are similar in the sense that you know when you have an integrated battery like this, for this style of bike. You know they could only make the batteries so big, so yeah get get a second battery, so whats the whats, the downs downfall of the bike. Well, like we said, the battery range is not the greatest um its adequate, but you know, like i said, if youre, if youre gon na, do like me, where im doing 60 mile bike trips. This is not the bike for you all right. If youre doing uh local, around town, thats perfectly fine, youre doing uh trips to you, know to the grocery store and whatever yeah its perfectly fine lets move up to level. Four here get a little bit more speed on there. Like i said, the the handlebar width is very narrow. Some people will like that for me, im used to the slightly wider Music, the bike. They say its over 80 pounds. I dont know how they get that figure to me. It feels lighter than my other bikes. I can i can lift it and move it around pretty easy, but uh the says the net weight was over 80, something pounds you can look on the on the website to check it out, but its easy to to move around folding is very simple.

To do. Building it was actually relatively simple to do. You do have to put the stem on the stem thats over here, thats, just one screw. Essentially, you dont have to do what i did. I i had to um. These are new uh stripings im, not gon na run over to striping. Let me go around the edges here, trying to avoid street markings Music. You wont have to build out like i did. This is new too, but theyve taken it off. I guess i guess this whole area has just been restriped. You wont have to build out like i do and put a new fork on, but i will tell you even putting the fork on was pretty easy to do so whats. My conclusion i like it. I didnt think i would like this bike as much as i do, but i i actually like it yeah its its a good bike for the price. I think its a little bit shy in the battery range for distance um, but yeah. It rides very well im surprised, i. I was fully in thinking that i was not going to like this bike because im so used to the bigger bikes, but no its actually pretty nice. Now there are other bikes of this style, as you know, and people are always going to ask. How is this compared to this and compared to that, i dont have anything to compare it against. I dont have the other brands.

I cant tell you all right, but what i can tell you right now is that it rides well, it um its responsive enough. The speed is there. If i need the speed uh, i love the cruise control its uh, its got a delayed reaction like i said. If i put it on cruise control, if i hold it down for eight seconds, itll go. But you know if im just pedaling and i want to uh – get the motor to help me theres, a slight delay, which i actually like so youre not going to be jolted off this bike by accident, i mean youre going to feel it come up and and Youre going to know it at that time, so recommendation yeah, i would say i would recommend this bike. I would recommend it for someone who um, who has specific requirements that they dont want to. They dont need to go really far. They they need a more compact bike. They need a bike. Thats priced right lets lets take a right over here i mean youre talking a bike that, with a second battery, is, is only uh a thousand ninety nine dollars from the website. It does show that its got free shipping and i think they include the sales tax too, if im not mistaken, so its kind of hard to beat is it for me yeah. I think so. I think i would like this bike if im, if im gon na, take it someplace that i dont have to worry about my real expensive bikes and that i can stick it inside a vehicle to uh to transport it rather than having to get a rear rack For my car i mean putting a hitch on the back of your car and buying a rack that that could add up to uh, oh easily, eight nine hundred dollars or more.

You know by time you pay for the installation of uh of a hitch on the back of your car. You know and then uh and buying one of these uh bike, racks, thatll, hold uh the weight of an e bike and many of those things are 500 or more so yeah sticking it in your car a lot easier. I havent done it yet. I expect i probably will i find some places id like to go so yeah. It gets my recommendations. Um. The only drawback i see, like i said, is, is battery it. Doesnt have the uh the range that i would like, but you have to kind of look at it as what it is it is. It is not a bike thats designed for um for that purpose, for long long, distance of riding those bikes, yeah youre, probably better off looking for something else, but if youre looking for portability youre looking for price youre looking for speed this bike, has it yeah im Im very impressed. Thank you anyway for giving me the opportunity all right this car is going to. Let me go so im going to go Music yeah. It was a long ride anyway. It took us forever to get this. This review out, wasnt your fault. It wasnt. Our fault either its just the luck of the draw. You know we were in the in the ends of uh, of a product, um timing where youve upgraded your bike, youve upgraded the battery.

We were waiting for that and then fedex went and messed us up by damaging the bike, all right, thats about all i have for this review. I appreciate you all watching the review and uh. You know if you, if you need a bike like this um go ahead and contact nwa ill, put a link in the description below, so you can get there and get yourself a bike if youre interested in something thats, small, lightweight and easy to transport.


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