Eskute Accessories Eskute Rear Rack Bag Full Review Discount code PeterJuly100 for £100 of any ebike

Today, im going to be reviewing the center bag that sits on a the the rear rack on the the wayfarer and it would fit the pluno and any other people like who have they put racks on the voyager. That ive seen quite a lot of hey. So lets take a closer look at this lets, open it up and see what we can do with it see how much stuff we can fit in there any see what the makes like okay lets. Take. A look. Okay lets. Take a quick look around this e scoop bag that sits on the rear, rack there and then well, get inside all the pockets and look at the carry handles and stuff and zippers and see how its, how its made up see if we like it as you Can see its well branded on either side? It also has the reflective white stripe on the side there. That will sit nicely on the bike. Well, show you on the bike shortly, but first lets get it opened up and take a look. Okay on the top. Here you see, it has the carry handle that can open up, but it also has these elasticy band things where you can hold things along the top here, as well as well as having a little pocket there as well a little bit. And then, if we open the zippers up, take a look inside, you see it has the reflective coating inside there, which will be quite cooling if you had to carry drinks and stuff in there, so thats quite good.

This is a carry handle which well look at in a second, so lets see what sort of size weve got in there, so yeah thats, probably what 12 inches by four or five inches. I would imagine so yeah well get a few accessories in there hey if thats, what youre carrying there. You could carry your your bike, pumps and you know water bottles, anything at all, punctured outfits tools, a cameras, anything at all on there. Okay, lets move to the side zipper here and have a look inside here, so youve got a side pocket there and id imagine the exact same on the other side and again a zipper on that side as well. So again, you can put some smaller stuff in the side pockets there. We just turn it to the top end. Here it has an elasticated pouch at the top end here as well. Okay, so now ive closed the bag up ive opened the carry, handle and attached to either side and they ive wrapped it around. You see it sits there quite neatly, not a bad size, a locks either side onto the handles. Here. You put it over your shoulder or just on the side shoulder there carry away its fully adjustable on the side, strap to make it a little bit shorter or longer so yeah everything you really expect from a a carrier bag so on the bottom of the carrier. Bag we have the velcro strips, so what were going to do next is were just going to attach it to the a balloon weve got here.

So lets go and do that. Okay, here we are with the bag that sits nicely on the rack here. So ive undone, the two velcro straps here so well take the first one pass it under and then theres a loop at this side that you can then just slowly lift through through and then tighten the velcro and hook underneath then grab the second velcro, strap and Again straight underneath and then from there just hook that outside as well and thats it hooked on okay, so lets have a few of that. That feels pretty sturdy. So yeah you can see it sits very nicely on the rack there, a i dont think thatll be going anywhere in a hurry, because you do have the clip on the end here. You could actually clip it to your seat if you felt you had to as well, but really i dont think theres any need for it. So yeah happy with that: okay thats, our bag secured to our bike. So what do you think for 30 pounds? Is it something that you think youll be able to make use of? I think its going to come in very handy so ill leave that with you to consider so for now id like to say thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video, please give us a big like if you havent already, please make sure you subscribe, lets, get Subscriber numbers up again thanks for taking the time today and bye for now from peters reviews.


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