Fabbri is second in the FMI E-Mtb Enduro.

Fabbri is second in the FMI E-Mtb Enduro.


2 Champion honors for a solitary area.

Borno (BS), 19.09.2021

The last round of the Italian Ebike Enduro Champion and also the IMF Globe Mug Ebike Enduro (outright round) were competed in Borno (BS) on one of the most hard track that this race can obtain, both from a technological viewpoint and also in the most awful weather ever before to take place.

The rainfall has actually dropped throughout the Saturday evening and also a solid electrical storm to the track have actually made hefty problems considering that the very first unique.

Our biker Roberto Fabbri was betting the second total area in the Italian Ebike Enduro Champion and also the chance to end up being for the 2nd successive time Word Mug Champ, after winning it in 2020.

Roberto competed in not best physical problem as a result of a trouble with his left hand adhering to a negative loss in previous races.

Nevertheless, considering this handicap, in the E1 classification Roberto Fabbri completed on the last platform in 2nd placement for the Italian Ebike Enduro Champion, winning the title as vice-champion and also virtually obtaining the title for 2020.

On the various other Race, in the outright examination of the IMF Word Mug Ebike Enduro, Roberto obtained a fifth area after a lengthy and also distressed examination.

” Thanks Roberto, for the excitement, efficiency and also resolution you have actually revealed throughout this auto racing year.”

Fantic would love to say thanks to the OFFROAD Pro Competing company for the advancement and also collaboration in the FMI ebike champions.

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