Field Test: 12 Bikes & the New Grim Donut Get Hucked to Flat in Super Slow Motion


12 Downcountry and Trail Bikes Hucked To Flat

All-out Bottom-out

The final piece of our Field Test series, and what you’re all here for, the huck to flat. It’s amazing to see how these bikes flex and deform under high load, even if it is from a relatively small ramp.

The beauty of the huck to flat is not showing how bikes perform under extreme, hard to replicate jumps that load up the bike to within an inch of its life, but rather seeing how the bike handles of a reasonably common sized jump even if it is to flat.

The 120mm bikes all held up without any spectacular failures. This is something that would be the minimum you’d hope for, especially for something that can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars but it hasn’t traditionally been the case.

This Field Test also has the extra layer of comparing different sized forks. For instance, how do the svelte Fox 34 and RockShox SID compare against more aggressive offerings from Fox, Rockshox, Formula and Ohlins?

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Pinkbike Huck to Flat presented by CushCore

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