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Niner Jet 9 RDO

Words by Henry Quinney, digital photography by Tom Richards
Niner are an American brand name that definitely aren’t terrified to toenail their colours to the pole. They are among minority brand names to construct their identification around one specific measurement, also if they have actually rather broken that with the addition of bikes with smaller sized wheels over the last few years. That stated, every bike on this Area Examination had 29″ wheels front as well as back, so their gut-judgements are something worth paying attention to.

This 120mm Jet 9 definitely goes a various means with its geometry also. It interests see various flavours of the brief traveling route bike, yet Niner’s method will most definitely match those aiming to do as long as feasible with as little traveling as feasible. There are several refined modifications to allow this.

Jet 9 RDO Facts

• Traveling: 120mm back/ 130mm front
• Wheel dimension: 29″
• Head angle: 66 – 66.5 °
• Seat tube angle: 76 – 76.5 °
• Dimension checked: big
• Reach: 469mm (reduced)
• Chainstay size: 432mm (reduced)
• Dimensions: S, M, L, XL
• Weight: 28 pound 5 oz (12.8 kg)
• Cost: $8,399.00

To start with, the specification on the bike is a lot more concerning practical components for riding hard than they have to do with lightweight. That, normally, will certainly build up yet I do not believe Niner ever before planned this bike to be the lightest of the lot. Rather, I believe they desired it to be the 120mm bike to open one of the most amount of route riding opportunities. To aid with that, there are 4 piston brakes, broad edges, as well as a lengthy decline article. The piggyback shock as well as high-ish surge bar are 2 various other indications of this bike’s overall purposes.

The components on this bike just inform half the tale though. Where are bikes such as the Canyon Lux Route, Trip Top Gas or Santa Cruz Blur TR are everything about maintaining your weight on the front wheel, which can help fore as well as aft equilibrium with flatter transforms, the Jet 9 actions far from this. With its 35mm surge bar, brief stem as well as shortest-on-test chainstays, this bike appears to be a lot more concerning maintaining your weight over the back axle. This indicates it comes active on steeper surface, also if it really feels rather soft on flatter tracks.

There’s a lot concerning the Niner that recommends simplicity of usage went to the center of their minds throughout the layout procedure, which’s not simply the flight top quality, which we’ll reach in a little bit. On the framework itself, it’s the only bike on examination that includes an integrated droop indication. It’s a little information, yet one that makes it very easy to establish droop properly as well as continually. It likewise includes clean braces near the base of the seat tube to direct the cords. The truth they can bend as well as relocate right here indicates they can be secured down a lot more firmly over the remainder of the back triangular. As the bike undergoes its traveling as well as it requires some shake space, as well as this feels like a straightforward yet efficient service.

That’s not to state all the basic framework information were employed Niner’s favour though. For example, I do not directly like the “Pedal, darn” composing in the paintwork that’s under the lacquer. Truthfully, it’s a little bit like seeing a “You do not need to seethe to function right here yet it assists!” inspirational poster on someone’s workplace wall surface. I understand I’m no thick-rimmed as well as bespectacled art movie critic, as well as it is individual preference, yet it simply appears to undervalue the appearance of what is a fairly costly bike.

The bike includes totally incorporated cord directing as well as a SRAM UDH. It has adequate framework defense on the remain along with a fairly thick layer of extra padding to shield the low-slung link of the CVA system. This system looks a bit various from the remainder, yet if you simplify to its bare parts of a back triangular gotten in touch with a top web link that drives the shock as well as a reduced web link that co-rotates parallel as the top it does not appear so available.

Our bike featured a Fox 34 with a GRIP2 damper. This appeared excellent for this bike’s purposes as well as enhanced the Fox Float X shock quite possibly. The back shock had a climb button yet we never ever really felt the demand to utilize it.

Climbing Up

The climbing up efficiency of the Jet 9 supplied something extremely various from every little thing else on examination as well as, involved think about it, a lot of the complete suspension bikes I have actually ridden. It was most definitely a story of 2 fifty percents though. Due to the fact that it is so various, it’s practically not a situation of great or poor yet instead biker choice.

The bike provides an extremely strong system underfoot. It’s practically hardtail-like as well as it replies to velocities quite possibly. Blindfolded, the absence of pedal bob would certainly have you assuming that this would certainly be without a doubt as well as away one of the most reliable bike on examination. Nevertheless, our effectiveness examination did not mirror that as well as it was the fifth fastest. This is a little counterproductive, yet it is what it is. I believe often, regardless of the number of times we’re informed that open shocks are equally as reliable or that some motion under velocities isn’t completion of the globe, it constantly really feels a lot more reliable to have a bike that looks like something closer to the feeling of the hardtail. The Niner is that bike. It really feels faster than it is, which may match the a lot more data-skeptical quite possibly.

On the route, that quality did return to roost rather. Its company system really felt wonderful yet it did show in a minor absence of grasp in some circumstances. If you were to strike unequal or technological surface at rate it was great, yet it really did not appear to hug the ground similarly as the Santa Cruz Blur TR or the Rocky Hill Aspect. Overall, it simply really felt much more hesitant to enter into its stroke as well as when you attempted to speed up over harsh ground it was a little a lot more susceptible to drawing out.

The seated placement of the bike is extremely kicked back. The high front end makes it extremely comfy, also if not especially quick. On the technological climb, where it was likewise the fifth fastest, it had not been tough to obtain the wheel where you desired, yet it really did not provide you the very same sensation of seriousness. The kicked back placement did suggest that you offered your weight onto the front axle, as opposed to having it drew there. This was wonderful in tighter areas or for brief spots of velocity, yet on lengthy as well as high climbs up needing to proactively weight the front did being to really feel a little tiring out eventually.

Coming Down

The Jet 9 is most definitely a bike constructed for the descents, also if it does can be found in a light-weight, brief traveling bundle. Actually, it’s an excellent bike if you wish to exceed the remit of a 120mm bike yet, in such a way, I question if that goes to the price of being proficient at what you desire a 120mm bike to be proficient at.

It’s practically, as well as I despise to state it, yet a little bit of a quiver awesome design bike. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that said, yet the wish for that type of bike often tends to lead individuals to take a look at bikes with a little bit a lot more traveling.

The bike was extremely simple to ride. It offered no awful shocks as well as handled its 120mm of traveling incredibly well. It might not be as undoubtedly extreme as the Rocky Hill Aspect, yet it is extreme in its very own means. The Jet 9 excels on steeper tracks that aren’t that harsh or quick, yet that comes with the expenditure of exactly how the bike really feels when riding flatter or undulating surface.

The means the bike positions your weight much more rearward than a few other bikes on examination supplies one hand as well as eliminates with one more. If you have actually obtained the slope on your regional tracks it will certainly come active, as well as I can picture gladly placing a lot more hostile tires on this bike.

I wish to have actually seen the Jet 9 need a little much less breakaway pressure to obtain relocating as well as allow it provide a lot more grasp on tiny bumps. When you do obtain it relocate does really feel extremely smooth throughout its stroke as well as really did not deal with any type of extreme bad or leave us recoiling if we landed deep or strike an area also quick.

Many thanks to its suspension layout as well as geometry the Jet 9 seems like a bike that has to do with not providing you awful shocks as well as maintaining you seeking out with your heels down, going quick. If you wish to weight the front with flatter transforms though it most definitely does not have the accuracy you may desire, although this can likely be combated by having a reduced surge bar.

That’s the optimal prospect for the Jet 9 RDO? It’s an excellent choice for a person that desires a bike that’s surefooted on the descents, with a solid suspension really feel for the climbs up. It’s closer to a brief traveling route bike than what I would certainly think about a real ‘downcountry’ bike, yet that’s mosting likely to be specifically what some cyclists are seeking.

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