Flying bikes: here is the Jetson One, the first bicycle that “flies”

The first flying bike. That’s right, those who dreamed of being able to fly like little Elliot with ET in Steven Spielberg’s cult film “ET – The Extra Terrestrial” can finally do it. There Jetson One is the first model of bike that flies.

Jetson One, here is the first flying bike

Dreams are usually wishes that don’t always come true. This is not the case with the flying bike available for sale. The technology company Jetson has in fact created the first model of flying bike. This is the Jetson Onethe first single-seater bike that flies.

The bike was launched on the market to be precise in October 2021. Since then More than 250 flying bikes have already been sold although the purchase price is not negligible. The response from the public has been surprising and for this reason the company has already opened all orders for future deliveries starting in 2023. But how much does the Jetson One flying bike cost?

Jetson One, the price of the flying bike

The price of the first Jetson One flying bike commercially available is not accessible to everyone. To be able to fly in the skies aboard the flying single-seater, in fact, you have to shell out a good 68,000 pounds, approximately 80 thousand euros. This is a high-end market value.

The Jetson One is a fully electric bike (there is of course some help) and, according to information provided by the technology company Jetson, it could be led by all without the need for a special license. Here are some facts about the first flying bike: the Jetson One weighs 86 pounds and has a flight autonomy of about 20 minutes. Once you get on board the flying bike you can reach one maximum speed of 100 km / h. The bike must be driven with a joystick and a throttle lever. “Anyone can learn to fly in less than five minutes”, Claims those who produced it.

Here is a video of the bike in action.

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