As many cyclists are now approaching winter in the Northern hemisphere, we thought it would be a great time for us to reflect on Fall 2021 by checking out seasonal bike pics from social media. Fall is a beautiful, colorful time of the year; it gives great chances for fans to capture epic scenic shots during their bicycle trips.

Here’s a pick of some of our favorite photos:

 1. Visc posing with the fiery trees 🍁🔥


2. DAHON Mariner greetings from Canada, posted on the DAHON Facebook Group page

3. Speed Falco explorer gallery 📷



4. Making shapes in nature 💛💛 seen in DAHON Facebook group.

5. K3 resting on the fallen leaves.


6. Spotted: an exquisite creature captured in a fall haze. 🍂😎


7. Speckles of gold and red in Istanbul, Turkey. View full photo on Facebook group here 


8. Friends ridin’ through the season. 🤝🍂



We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at these 2021 fall pics! Next stop is winter for this part of the world.❄⛄

Got any pics you’d like to share with our fans across the world? 🌍

Send your DAHON pics by direct message to @dahonbikes on Instagram to be featured.

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