Folding Bikes by DAHON | Top 5 highlights from DAHON Instagram 2021

Top 5 highlights from DAHON Instagram 2021

Just as we start to ride into the 2nd month of 2022, we thought we would have one last quick look back at the top Instagram moments from 2021! Here we will look at posts that fans have engaged with the most on this channel.

Check out the top 5 most popular DAHON posts on Instagram from 2021:

1. Stunning landscape views with Vigor!

2. A picture-perfect DAHON and sunset goals 😍

3. Garden explorer 🌳🌼

4. Beachside poser 🏖

5. Pedaling with flower power 🌷

We hope you enjoyed this throwback collection of fan pics!

Want your rider pics to be featured? Send your high-quality DAHON images by direct message to @dahonbikes on Instagram.😎

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