Being Familiar With Lisandru Bertini, the Lapierre-Zipp Collective’s Biker to See

Lisandru Bertini

If you race enduro outside France or Corsica, Lisandru Bertini is possibly not a name that will certainly indicate excessive for to you. Google absolutely will not assist you a lot, as it believes you are seeking Alessandro. However his is a name you must possibly keep in mind as this year he authorized for the Lapierre-Zipp Collective. It is Adrien Dailly that satisfied him at the races and also pressed to have him brought onto the group. In his words, “He has virtually the exact same experience as me in mtb at simply 17 years of ages, I can not show him long as he is currently great far better than me quickly! He has actually competed enduro considering that he was actually young and also his generation is mosting likely to be actually quick, beware !! He does not just ride an enduro bike either, he’s efficient every little thing, he’s quick on a roadway bike, XC bike, he has a lot ability in enduro, leaping … almost everywhere. He goes over!” Together with Adrien on the group is none apart from DH tale Nico Vouilloz. Youthful motorcyclists that have dealt with Nico in the very early component of their profession have a background of doing rather well, you might have become aware of Loic Bruni, Loris Vergier, Adrien Dailly or Thibault Daprela? So yeah, Lisandru is possibly one to watch on in the following couple of years.

Where are you from and also where do you live?

I’m from Zonza in Corsica and also I reside in Nice for the cycling, I am researching sporting activity at the Don Bosco lyceum.

That do you ride for?

I ride for Lapierre Zipp Collective since this year. I’m so satisfied to be component of this lovely household! Many thanks a whole lot group!

What does a regular day appear like for you?

A regular day for me is to get up not prematurely haha, have a great morning meal and also go trip, in some cases shuttle bus, in some cases periods, it depends upon the program.

Just how did you enter hill cycling and also auto racing?

I started to ride XC at the age of 4. My papa rode when he was young and also he obtained me right into hill cycling. I have actually competed enduro for 5 years currently. I began in our neighborhood races right here in Corisca and afterwards mosted likely to the enduro youngster races over on the landmass after.

What are your staminas?

My staminas are that I am identified, dedicated and also I wish to do points well.

What are your weak points?

My weak point is that I’m a little careless.

What’s been the even worse accident you’ve had?

My worst accident remained in Ollargues in 2019 at the French Mug. I collapsed on the 3rd phase, I believe, I opened my knee up and also had a large haematoma, yet I proceeded and also completed the race.

Where’s your favored location to ride?

My favored location to trip is Corsica without a doubt haha, yet around Good I such as Blausasc.

What bikes are you riding now?

Presently I have my Lapierre Spicy and also GLP2 eMTB. They’re such terrific bikes.

That or what influences you?

I do not always have any type of motivation, I gain from all individuals around me.

What do you delight in doing far from bikes?

I delight in cooling at the river or swimming pool when the climate is great – I require to be with my good friends so we can laugh with each other.

What do you do to relax and also recuperate after a race?

After a race, I most likely to Mc Donalds and also simply rest all the following day! I after that choose a little healing trip 2 days after the race.

What suggestions would certainly you provide to a person attempting to enter auto racing?

If I had any type of suggestions for a person that intends to begin competing I would certainly inform them to remain identified, do their finest, and also attempt to appreciate it.

Just how do you obtain concentrated prior to a race?

I’m quite kicked back prior to a race. The stress develop a little bit the early morning of the race yet after one pedal stroke, I’m great. To obtain concentrated I removed myself from the globe and also remain in my bubble on the begin line.

Where do you believe the future of auto racing is headed?

I believe the future of auto racing is ebike races. Individuals are increasingly more careless and also the ebike is simple for everybody. It’s the future.

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