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The ride quality of the G4 is excellent. It’s smooth, and there’s a little hint of suspension to take the worst out of the roads. Unlike other folding bikes where the folding points make the bike a little less uncertain over potholes, the G4 is stiff enough to make you forget it has any joints in it. This could be due to the 20in wheels, or the fact that the geometry is so similar to a regular bike’s. Like a car, one size fits all on the G4, and there is adjustability to get the perfect riding position.

Gocycle has chosen to use a grip-shifter to go with its three-speed microshift gearing. It works much like car gearing, in that coming to a stop you have to change into the lowest gear, and set off from it, otherwise you’ll be pedalling through treacle to get it moving again.

The dashboard on the G4 is made up of a small screen that they name the ‘fuel gauge’, because it displays the battery level upon start-up. This alone is enough for some riders, but for those who want telemetry data, you can connect the GocycleConnect app on your phone and have live information while you ride. It fits snugly on the included phone handlebar mount, and the app is extremely intuitive. You can even control the assist modes by adjusting at what power level the motor actually kicks in.

Obviously the more you use the motor, the faster the battery drains, but Gocycle suggests a range of up to 40 miles is the norm, and our testing backed that up. Charging is seriously quick: the brand suggests a modest three hours will charge it from flat, but in our experience, it was faster, at around two and a half hours.

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