Gogoro’s Eeyo ones is so light you practically neglect it’s an e-bike

M ost traveler e-bikes are hefty. The large bulk have steel or aluminum frames which call for an effective electric motor and also huge battery to relocate. They’re terrific to ride– the electrical help greater than offsets the weight– however hard to lug up a trip of staircases or raise onto a wall surface stand in the house. Gogoro, nonetheless, is taking a various method. The Taiwanese business, best understood for its plethora of hip electric scooters, has actually constructed its very first e-bikes with lighter carbon fiber rather. Theoretically, they should not call for as much power to relocate and also, by expansion, such a huge battery pack.

That weight decrease comes with an expense, however. The routine Eeyo 1, which matches its carbon structure and also fork with an alloy seatpost, handlebars and also edges, sets you back $3,899. The lighter Eeyo ones, which is practically entirely carbon, will certainly establish you back $4,599. That’s not unreasonable for a carbon fiber bike, however it’s even more than what you would certainly spend for a much heavier e-bike alternative by VanMoof, Cowboy, Coboc and also many various other suppliers.

So is the cost worth it? As well as has Gogoro struck the best equilibrium in between weight, mechanized power and also supposed ‘clever’ bike attributes? After riding greater than 90 miles on the Eeyo ones, I have a respectable concept.


Gogoro Eeyo 1s
Severe Nexus 5 feelings.

Nick Summers/Engadget

Among my associates claimed it ideal: “That’s a warm structure.” Gogoro isn’t the very first to create a bike that does not sit tube. (Superstrata’s 3D-printed Ion e-bike will certainly have a comparable method.) The curvature and also continuous lines of the structure, however, make the Eeyo 1sts among one of the most unforgettable. The leading tube, for example, is likewise the seat keep that runs diagonally in reverse to the back wheel. In a similar way, the down tube normally divides in 2 to come to be the chain keep that leaves all-time low towards the cassette and also back axle. It’s a fantastic form that sets off many double-takes when traveling.

The carbon fiber structure is slim, also. A lot of e-bikes require a beefy down tube to conceal their incorporated battery. Or else, the source of power is normally in simple view– affixed to the seat tube, under the back shelf, or where the front provider would normally rest. Gogoro’s Eeyo ones does none of these points. Rather, the 123Wh battery is secured inside a huge steel cyndrical tube that beings in the facility of the back wheel (extra on that particular later). It’s an uncommon positioning that attracts the eye and also maintains the structure slender.

The captivating style isn’t ideal, though. The elimination of the seat tube, for example, makes it hard to readjust the saddle elevation. The business provides 5 various seatpost sizes at acquisition that should, theoretically, be an excellent fit out of package. If you do wish to make a tweak, however, you’ll require to open up 2 panels on the bottom of the structure– among which is affixed with tiny screws– and also loosen up an interior clamp that maintains the seatpost protected. The last needs a hex secret and also locating the appropriate angle in such a small room is complicated. I do not suggest altering the saddle elevation frequently, consequently, also if your roommate, kid or loved one has a totally various stature to you.

When I initially slapped eyes on the bike, I believed it was the long-lost brother or sister of my precious Nexus 5.

The Eeyo ones just can be found in one shade: cozy white. If you desire a flashier Lobster Orange or Cloud Blue, you’ll require to acquire the much heavier Eeyo 1 rather. I’m not whining, however, since the black-and-white combination is my fave of the lot anyhow. When I initially slapped eyes on the bike, I believed it was the long-lost brother or sister of my beloved Nexus 5 smartphone.

Gogoro has actually selected ‘riser’ handlebars that contour upwards from either side of the clamp. The grasps bend ever before so somewhat towards you, also, though absolutely nothing like VanMoof’s S3 and also various other bikes with cruiser-style bars. These options motivate you to preserve a sportier placement while biking. I believed I would certainly miss out on the S3’s even more upright and also unwinded riding design, however that had not been the instance in all. I matured on a combination of BMX and also mountain bicycle, so the faintly hostile arrangement really felt extra acquainted.

Smarts, or absence thereof

Gogoro Eeyo 1s
You’ll require a smart device to examine the battery’s continuing to be cost.

Nick Summers/Engadget

Unlike a lot of e-bikes, you will not locate a screen snuggled right into the structure or handlebar stem. The Eeyo ones does deliver with a rubbery mobile phone cradle, however, that can perfectly change in between picture and also landscape setting. That’s since the friend application is called for to alter definitely anything on the bike. That consists of opening it– there’s no physical power switch– examining the battery and also changing different setups, such as whether the bike ought to auto-lock when your Bluetooth link has actually run out for 5, 10 or 15 mins.

Gogoro isn’t the very first to develop an e-bike without a display or physical controls. The mostly-excellent Cowboy that I examined in 2014 coincided. Still, the business’s choice can sometimes annoy. It takes a half-second for your phone to develop a Bluetooth link with the bike, for example, and also an additional long-press to ‘open’ the electric motor. That’s not dreadful, however it really feels oddly ineffective if you’re utilized to getting on a bike and also triggering promptly. I would certainly have suched as the alternative, also, to open the Eeyo ones with a physical switch series comparable to VanMoof’s e-bikes. If the Eeyo ones is secured and also your phone lacks battery, you have no alternative however to ride residence with pedal power alone.

In the beginning, I did wish for a screen. Gogoro’s friend application is properly designed (please Gocycle, take note) and also very easy to review at a range, however a bit light on info. As well as, throughout torrential wind and also rainstorms, I intended to maintain my valuable OnePlus 8 someplace a little bit extra protected. However those sensations quickly discolored. I’m conveniently sidetracked by displays and also discovered that its noninclusion assisted me remain both conscientious and also unwinded when traveling.

If I needed to pick in between weight and also clever attributes, I would certainly select the previous each time.

Additionally, the bike does not have any type of incorporated lights, security system, or integrated general practitioner monitoring. It’s a basic bundle, for far better and also even worse. I would certainly have suched as some front and also back lights, for example, however value that they would certainly have included weight and also called for some added cabling in the structure. I have actually composed prior to regarding VanMoof’s protection system which, while not impervious, helped cure my fear of bike thieves a number of years earlier. I do not mind that the Eeyo ones does not have an alarm system or general practitioner monitoring, however. Gogoro’s e-bike is so costly that I would certainly never ever really feel comfy leaving it outside a coffee shop or shop– also if it was shielded by a system like VanMoof’s. It would certainly resemble leaving a Bugatti on an arbitrary backstreet.

Generally, I assume Gogoro has actually taken the best method. The bike really feels improved and also without ‘great to have however eventually inessential’ mess. Going down all those attributes was essential, also, to maintain the Eeyo ones so gloriously light. If I needed to pick in between weight and also clever attributes, I would certainly select the previous each time. Others may differ, which’s penalty. Similar to a Bugatti, Gogoro understands that its very first e-bikes will not attract everybody. “While various other e-bikes seek to fix practical difficulties, what we intended to do was bring the enjoyable and also enjoyment right into the trip,” Horace Luke, chief executive officer of Gogoro claimed. “I provided the group a really straightforward thesis: I claimed, ‘offer me a bike that makes me seem like I’m 18 once more.'”


Gogoro Eeyo 1s
The Smartwheel is covered in a light weight aluminum alloy.

Nick Summers/Engadget

That steel cyndrical tube I stated prior to? It does not simply consist of the battery. Gogoro’s supposed Smartwheel system likewise has a 250W electric motor and also all of the sensing units called for to check your rate and also initiative. I have actually never ever seen a system fairly like it and also was at first unconvinced regarding exactly how it would certainly execute along with the Gates carbon belt drive.

The Eeyo ones has a full throttle of 25KMH (15.5 MILES PER HOUR) in Europe and also 31KMH (19MPH) in the United States. If those numbers audio acquainted, it’s since they’re shared by practically every traveler e-bike on the marketplace right now. In Europe, you do not require a permit, number plate or insurance policy gave the bike is topped at 250W and also 25KMH. A lot of states in the United States, at the same time, have actually taken on a three-class system for electrical bikes. The most affordable category, which is for pedal-assist e-bikes without any throttle and also a full throttle of 32KMH, can be ridden anywhere that a typical bike is allowed consisting of roadways, multi-use routes and also bike-only lanes and also courses.

You can establish your House Area and also software-controlled full throttle with the friend application. (A beta variation of the application allow me select in between the United States, Taiwan, Europe and also Japan.) Also on the United States setup, however, it’s hard to get to the marketed full throttle. The electric motor wearies around 24-27KMH (15-17MPH) and also, since the bike’s solitary equipment is fairly reduced, you can not go any type of much faster with large pedal power.

” Its wonderful area is 21-25KMH, which is the rate of a lot of city bike travelling in Europe.”

” The Eeyo 1 was created for cities where stop-and-go web traffic indicates cyclists require to be nimble and also quick, however they hardly ever have a chance to stand up to broadband,” a Gogoro representative claimed. “Its wonderful area is 21-25KMH, which is the rate of a lot of city bike travelling in Europe.”

The business is right. The typical commute is cluttered with traffic control and also pedestrian crossings. Quit. Beginning. Quit. Beginning. Biking has actually constantly been possibly much faster than driving since you have the ability to weave with web traffic and also duck downside roads that are also slim for vehicles. Still, you’re sharing the city with pedestrians and also various other roadway individuals, that makes it virtually difficult to get to and also preserve the very same rates that you would certainly strike in the countryside.

Gogoro Eeyo 1s
The Eeyo ones ships with a Gates carbon belt drive.

Nick Summers/Engadget

Taking care of and also velocity, consequently, are more vital. Fortunately, the Eeyo ones nails both. Tip on the bike, continue the pedals and also boom– the 250W electric motor will certainly send you flying onward with a gratifying ruptured of rate. It resembles a 100-meter sprinter blowing up out of the blocks. I never ever when seemed like the bike was relocating so quick that I may shed my equilibrium and also drift right into a neighboring shrub, however. The carbon structure and also flashy handlebars make the bike really feel nimble, also, when you’re browsing limited turns or navigating around pedestrians that entered the roadway without looking.

Even better, the Eeyo ones is a superb hill-climber. Unlike VanMoof’s S3, the electric motor does not reduce off when you get to the beginning of a tough incline. If anything, it attempts harder. That is essential since there’s no turbo switch to draw on if your legs begin to offer. The help is so remarkable that I frequently seemed like a drug-fuelled Lance Armstrong dealing with the hill phases of the Scenic tour de France. It was practically also very easy (yes, I can not think I’m stating that either) and also I really felt guilty whenever I rose past various other bikers that had a combination of shock and also envy on their faces.

Regrettably, declining is a various tale. I reside in a suburb cluttered with brief, high climbs up and also long, progressive decreases. When I arrived of a specifically challenging climb, my all-natural response is to take a deep breath and also ride down the opposite as swiftly as feasible. If you get sufficient energy to overshadow 32KMH (many thanks gravity!) the bike’s electric motor will certainly disengage and also go into a “security setting” that quits it from transforming back on till you have actually decreased to approximately 11KMH (7MPH).

The help is so remarkable that I frequently seemed like a drug-fuelled Lance Armstrong.

Both limits are extremely not practical. If you’re cruising down a hillside, it’s very easy to exceed 32KMH with gravity alone. You can pepper the brakes, naturally, to maintain your rate in check and also avoid the bike from getting in Defense Setting. However that really feels abnormal and also an extremely ineffective method of utilizing the earth’s all-natural surface. Awaiting the bike to strike 11KMH is similarly uncomfortable, specifically if you will begin an additional uphill climb. Various other e-bikes I have actually examined do not have this trouble– they turned off when they get to the software-mandated full throttle and also re-engage as quickly as you elude listed below it once more.

Gogoro Eeyo 1s
The residence display with Defense Setting triggered (left), and also the setups web page (right).

Nick Summers/Engadget

” When we reduced the electric motor power of [the] Smartwheel, the electric motor ends up being a generator,” a Gogoro representative informed Engadget. “[The bike] after that waits till the voltage created by the electric motor is less than the voltage of the battery pack to return to the electric motor and also power aid. If we return to [at] rates [higher] than 12KMH, the greater voltage from the electric motor can harm the battery pack.”

Usually, this would certainly be a deal-breaker. However the Eeyo ones is substantially lighter than a lot of e-bikes and also is, consequently, sensible to ride with no electric help. It’s a fantastic however unusual sensation. A lot of pedal-assist bikes aren’t much enjoyable to ride on anything however the greatest power degree setup. They’re just also hefty and also require you to pedal equally as tough, otherwise more difficult than you would certainly on a traditional roadway bike. As well as if the electric motor is turned off entirely? Plan for a severe exercise, my close friend. The Eeyo ones, at the same time, is lighter than the non-electric bike I usually ride. That implied I really did not mind when the electric motor sometimes eliminated, or decreased its help, since it still called for much less initiative than my normal used jalopy.

When the electric motor does begin, it isn’t really distinct. The triggered Smartwheel makes a light whistling sound that can be listened to by any individual in a four-meter distance. The audio isn’t dreadful, however it’s audible to ruin an or else quiet trip with a park loaded with rustling trees and also birdsong. On the flip-side, the whistling imitate a subtle bell for pedestrians and also various other bikers that may not know your imminent existence. The audio likewise allows you recognize precisely when the electric motor is and also isn’t involved. That’s crucial since the bike does not have a readout like Gocycle’s fantastic ‘cabin’ screen, or a sector in the application that demonstrates how tough the SmartWheel is functioning.


Gogoro Eeyo 1s
The 123Wh battery lasts approximately 50 miles on a solitary cost.

Nick Summers/Engadget

Gogoro claims the Eeyo ones need to handle 40-55 miles, (64-89KM) on a solitary cost. That’s approximately the like various other city-centric e-bikes I have actually examined consisting of the Cowboy and also Gocycle GXi. For contrast, VanMoof declares its S3 can handle 37 to 93 miles (60 to 150 kilometers), and also I balanced approximately 50 miles while screening that bike previously this year.

I drew up an 11.5-mile path in my city that consisted of an altitude gain of 447 feet (approximately 136 meters). On the very first day, I finished the journey in 48 mins and also just utilized 10 percent of the bike’s battery. Theoretically, that implied I can duplicate the journey 5 times prior to the battery went out. A couple of days later on, however, I utilized 24 percent finishing the very same path in a nearly similar time.

Did the mist-like drizzle figure in on the 2nd trip? Or was I just pedaling harder on the very first day? It’s tough to claim. Throughout my examination duration, however, I had the ability to squeeze out 52 miles (84 KILOMETRES) on a solitary cost, which I assume is flawlessly commendable for a traveler bike.

The bike includes a horseshoe-shaped battery charger that easily slides on to the beyond the Smartwheel.

If you agree to ride in Eco setting, also, you can prolong the Eeyo ones’ array also further. With this power setup, the bike just shed 6 percent of its cost throughout my 11.5-mile path. Oddly, the moment I invested finishing the loophole was practically similar to the one I videotaped in Sporting activity setting, also. I place this to possibility– occasionally you’re simply fortunate and also do not need to wait at any type of traffic control– and also exactly how very easy the bike is to ride with just very little mechanized help.

Gogoro Eeyo 1s
The consisted of battery charger twists around this side of the Smartwheel.

Nick Summers/Engadget

The Smartwheel is practically detachable, however the procedure is lengthy and also the business does not motivate it. Rather, I think every Eeyo ones proprietor will certainly maintain and also bill the two-wheeled equipment in their residence, garage or workplace. The bike includes a horseshoe-shaped battery charger that easily slides on to the beyond the Smartwheel. The steel cylinder never ever in fact relocates– the spokes and also tire just revolve around it– so the battery charger connects by means of the very same area each time. It’s an entirely fantastic style that likewise makes sure the wonderfully-sleek structure isn’t ruined by billing ports and also rubber flaps.

The bike’s billing time is similarly remarkable. The Eeyo ones is so light that it just requires a 123Wh battery– a lot smaller sized than the ones supplied on the Cowboy and also VanMoof’s S3– to accomplish an affordable array. The smaller sized battery dimension indicates the bike just requires 2.5 hrs to go from no to one hundred percent. That can be valuable if you’re operating in the workplace and also just understand in the center of the mid-day that your Eeyo ones can utilize a top-up.


Usually, I would certainly clarify exactly how not practical it is for many individuals to have an e-bike with a non-removable battery. If you live on top of a house block, for example, you possibly do not elegant hauling a hefty bike up the staircases each day. At 12KG (26.4 extra pounds), however, the Eeyo ones is incredibly light. That unique ‘open-frame’ style isn’t simply for appearances, either. It’s been created so you can conveniently slide an arm with and also lug the bike over one shoulder. I reside in a ground-floor apartment or condo however attempted lugging the Eeyo 1s up a couple of various stairs cluttered around Portsmouth, a city in England understood for its historical dockyard. Also for a person like me, that has the figure of an udon noodle, it was practically easy.

Gogoro Eeyo 1s

Nick Summers/Engadget

I have not boarded a bus or train because the COVID-19 pandemic began. Under typical scenarios, however, I can think of exactly how beneficial the Eeyo ones would certainly be as a supposed ‘last mile’ service. Gogoro’s bike need to be very easy to grab and also lug onto an overground train, for example, or down the staircases that bring about a train terminal. The weight and also thoughtful structure style does not make the bike any type of smaller sized, however. That indicates you’ll still require sufficient room to bill the bike in your house, lost or garage. As well as I recognize some companies do not like their personnel billing a rain-soaked e-bike beside their workdesk. However, the Eeyo ones seems like a bike that would certainly be useful and also delightful to have in a busy city atmosphere.


Gogoro has actually created the Eeyo ones for a really certain team of individuals. One that desires– no, longs for– an e-bike that is light sufficient to lug about on one arm. These clients are prepared to discard some elegant clever bike attributes, consisting of an alarm and also incorporated lights, to obtain this desire two-wheeler. As well as they desire that weight to generate a trip that’s worthless quick from a standing beginning and also less complicated to ride both up hillsides and also without mechanized help. If you are just one of these individuals, the Eeyo ones supplies. It’s seriously costly, also by e-bike criteria, however includes a carbon structure that just isn’t supplied by tech-centric opponents such as VanMoof.

Various other carbon fiber e-bikes exist. You can acquire Ribble’s Endurance SLe, for example, or a handful of various designs from brand names like Orbea, Specialized and alsoFocus These appertain roadway bikes, however, with racing-style ‘decrease’ handlebars. They’re implied for entertainment cyclists that such as to strike with 30 miles on the weekend break, instead of design-conscious city slicker. You can, naturally, ride an auto racing e-bike to function. Gogoro’s very first bikes are implied for a somewhat various kind of bicyclist, however– one that will certainly see its carry-centric structure style as a significant possession, instead of a head-turning trick.

Gogoro Eeyo 1s
Gogoro understands that its e-bikes will not be for everybody.

Nick Summers/Engadget

The Eeyo ones has some downsides, however. The ‘Defense Setting’ is discouraging and also the app-based control plan isn’t excellent in a rainstorm. Or else, I have actually liked my time with Gogoro’s carbon bike. It’s extremely enjoyable to ride (given you remain under that rate limit), fast to bill, and also useful for any individual that resides in a level or routinely intends to raise their bike onto an automobile shelf or wall surface stand. There’s space for enhancement, however Gogoro can be happy with its very first initiative in the electrical bike room.

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