Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Rush/Cty Testimonial: A Dull Ebike

Harley-Davidson– that version of red, white, as well as blue swagger that fits someplace in between baseball as well as apple pie in the American pantheon of symbols– began by affixing electric motors to bikes in 1903. Their very first version was the Serial Version One. So when it dilated a brand-new brand name devoted to ebikes, what else could that bike be called however the Serial 1?

I eagerly anticipated an ebike with Harley swagger. It would certainly be a big, battling cruiser, I believed, or possibly a superlight efficiency bike. Besides, Harley has actually made a couple of flashy bikes– particularly, the Sportster as well as the Buell— in the past. However rather than an enjoyable, spirited bike, Harley made a practical light SUV rather. As opposed to a cruiser, the Serial 1 is the Harley variation of a Honda CR-V.

It’s Service Time

Photo: Serial 1

The riding placement is upright as well as all service. This bike is a practical grocery store getter, not a stylish corner-carver. However you might possibly inform that from the consisted of fenders as well as the front as well as back freight shelfs. The shelfs get on the little side, however they’re still functional to lug pannier bags, as well as the fenders did an excellent work safeguarding me from roadway spray.

There’s an LED headlamp in the upright head tube under the handlebars, which is a wonderful however progressively basic touch, althoughnot every ebike comes with one There are likewise 2 taillamps incorporated right into the failures on the back structure. They look trendy, however they rest also reduced to the ground. Bikes’ taillights need to be high to make sure that web traffic can see them much more quickly. Down there, it’s simple for chauffeurs as well as various other bicyclists to miss out on both little LEDs.

Various other basic attributes consist of hydraulic disc brakes as well as a small storage space area in the down tube is constructed to hold an Abus Bordo folding lock. It’s a wonderful touch, although folding locks are my least favorite type of bike lock.


Photo: Serial 1

My evaluation system was a Rush/Cty version, a class 2 ebike without a hand throttle as well as whose electrical motor eliminates at 20 miles per hr. It utilizes a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system. Rubber belts have benefits over conventional steel chains. For one, they’re smoother as well as quieter. There’s much less clanking as well as shock transferred via the pedals to your feet, as well as they’re a lot less most likely to stand out off throughout a flight. And also, you do not need to lube a rubber belt, so you’re much less most likely to cake a pant leg in filthy oil, as you would certainly with a chain.

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