Himiway Bikes New Item Release – November 2021 

Zebra & Step-thru, Big Dog, Cobra and Cobra Pro new ebikes are coming

Invite to Himiway New Products Release Youtube Live!

4 elegant Himiway electrical bikes included in multi-functions, off-road riding, and also severe smoothy outside experience, which welcome the e-bike technology transformation with special Himiway technology in battery and also shock absorber, offering an extremely long-range and also four-bar affiliation suspension.

Himiway main site: https://himiwaybike.com/

Right here are web links to our brand-new bikes:

Zebra & & Step-thru: https://himiwaybike.com/products/prem…

Large Canine: https://himiwaybike.com/products/elec…

Cobra: https://himiwaybike.com/products/himi…

Cobra Pro: https://himiwaybike.com/products/himi…

Himiway Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/himiwaybikes/


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