Himiway Cruiser eBike: Range for Days!

You do need to install the handlebars the front wheel, the front, fender front, headlight, rear, headlight and rear rack. If you have experience assembling bikes, this shouldnt be a big deal at all, but me personally, this took me around two hours or so to put together just because this isnt something i do every day, and this is technically a class two e bikes, so theres three Different classes of e bikes, this ones right in the center so class, two e bikes – they are pedal assisted. So when you start moving the pedals, the motor will kick in and help pull you along and theres. Also a manual throttle on the right side here. So if you dont want to pedal, you can just twist that throttle and engage the motor class. One e bikes dont have that throttle so theres no way to move yourself forward besides actually pedaling and using that pedal, assist and class. Three e bikes actually just have a higher top speed in general, which well get to in a minute to adjust this pedal assist and how much its giving you a little bit of extra boost. You can use these plus and minus buttons on the left side. So there are levels zero through five. Zero is no help and five is that maximum speed i found three is a good kind of medium level of riding for bike paths or just kind of casual riding, where youre pedaling a little bit, but the bike is helping.

You enough that its not going to make you all sweaty after youre done riding, but if im on a road around cars ill bump that pedal assist up to five. So i can go a little bit faster and feel more comfortable on the road on the screen. You can also see battery level and if you hit this, i button on the left control pad. You can cycle through some other information. Like your current trip distance, your total odometer minutes, the bike has been on and some other items here having speed nice and big in the center of the bike was really awesome. There are some bike paths around me with actual speed limits, so i wasnt able to go above 15 miles per hour in some cases, so having that display was really helpful. Probably the only downside to the screen here and its definitely not a common feature on a lot of bikes is some sort of navigation built into the screen. So if you are going to be traveling long distances on this bike, i definitely recommend picking up some sort of mount for your phone, so you can use it as a gps so back to max speed and why this bike might be a class 3 e bike. If you adjust some settings out of the box, full throttle or pedal assist 5 will pull you along at 22 miles per hour. If you dig into the settings, you can actually remove that speed limit and go up to 25 miles per hour.

This isnt a huge bump, but definitely helps if youre going to be taking this on roads and especially city streets around me. Having that extra boost certainly helps and makes me feel a lot more comfortable when im riding around cars that are going just as fast. I remove this speed limit after about a week of riding. So if i want a bike path, i know to go slower and just stay at that pedal assist three. But if i jump off the path and im on a city street, i know i can hit that 25 mile per hour speed and this isnt the absolute maximum speed its not going to slow you down. If you go above that, you can definitely go faster if youre, using the throttle and going downhill, and i topped out around 28 miles per hour, which is about as fast as i want to be going on a bike this size. But it is good to know it can hit those upper limits, if necessary in outside of speed, theres, actually, a ton of customizations you can make with this bike. If you dig through into some of the settings on the screen, ill link the whole guide down below. I wont get into everything, but i was impressed at how many parts of the bike you are able to customize things from the battery readout to certain current and voltage levels. Theres a lot of stuff in there. You can change if you want to.

If you havent noticed yet this still is a normal bike in a lot of ways, just a little bit beefier. Obviously youve still got this typical gear system, so you can cycle through seven levels on the rear hub. But honestly, i didnt end up changing this. A ton i typically just left it at the seven speed gear and that did great for any kind of riding i needed to do. I just used the throttle to get up to speed and then, if i wanted a pedal, i was already at the highest gear. The intention of these gears definitely depends on what kind of riding you want to do and they really feel tailored for when your bike is completely out of battery. And you want to pedal or youre wanting to get a workout in and want to pedal. More and dont want to use the pedal assist as much and personally, i think cycling through all these, if you are using the pedal assist, is just a little bit of an overkill. I think just dropping that all the way up to seven and just using the throttle at lower speeds is better. Youve also got disc brakes on the front and rear, and they seem to do a great job of stopping the bike when needed up front. There is a fork suspension as well that does a great job of absorbing some of those minor bumps along whatever surface youre riding on. There are also front and rear lights on this bike.

The front headlight is extremely bright and you can also tilt it up and down if you need to, depending on how far out you want that light to be in front of you, i did do some night riding and this headlight definitely helped a lot, but i Dont think it quite had the spread. I would want on a headlight, so i would also recommend some sort of actual like helmet light or some other kind of secondary light. If you do plan on riding this in complete darkness, because its great, if theres lights, around or youre riding in the city, where theres already street lights, but if youre on a completely dark path, youre, definitely going to want some more lights than this on the rear. That brake light does stay solid if youre riding normally, but it does start to blink if your bike is slowing down so anytime, i was around cars. I would turn this on just to give myself a little bit of extra peace of mind and some more visibility for the cars around me. You control the lights just by pressing the light button on the left, control pad and next to that control pad theres. Also, a little bell so thats pretty nice too, but after that i think thats where normal ends with this bike. I think these four inch kenda tires are pretty dead, giveaway theyre, actually moped tires so theyre built for more than just cycling and gave me a ton of confidence riding around on the road around cars or any kind of more bumpy terrain in the rear.

There is a 750 watt motor or around one horsepower, and that is actually the limit for e bikes in the us. So, by definition, this is one of the most powerful e bikes you can get without making it a motorcycle that motor is powered by a 0.85 kilowatt hour battery on a 48 volt architecture that powers everything on the bike and to put that in perspective, thats about One percent of the size of my model – 3s battery pack, so extremely tiny, but it definitely packs a punch. As for charging the battery, you can do it while its attached to the bike, but its also removable, via this lock on the side, which is a nice touch. I know some e bike batteries are actually built into the frame which im not as big a fan of. I really like how flexible this is, especially if you live in an apartment. Like me, i store the bike down in my garage, but it is detached. So when im done riding, i just unlock the battery, bring it upstairs and charge it in my apartment. I dont have to worry about lugging my entire bike upstairs just to plug it in, and that is locked to the bike like i said so, if you planning on locking this bike up somewhere, nobody can just walk by and rip the battery off and all of That sits on aluminum frame and it weighs a little bit over 70 pounds.

So a typical mountain bike is around 25 pounds. Road bikes are a little bit less, so definitely heavier than your average bike, walking it around isnt a huge deal, but i definitely dont think its going to be easy to carry around for very long max. Payload for this bike is actually a lot higher than normal and what you see on other e bikes. So this was nice im a little bit over 200 pounds and i had absolutely no problems on this bike. I didnt see any drop in range or any issues with the bike moving me around, which was good to go shoot this video, i actually strapped all of my camera gear to that rear rack on the bike and it handled it wonderfully that rack really comes in Handy too ive taken this bike to get groceries strapped my basketball to it all kinds of stuff, and this bungee net definitely goes a long way. So i suggest picking one of those up if youre gon na strap things to the bike. So what about range on this bike? The big thing that hemiway touts about this bike is: it is a long range bike. First, they have built this bike for maximum range possible, but there is one thing to know about range and i preach this. In my electric car videos as well is it depends its gon na change, depending on a lot of different factors and its no different for e bikes, specifically for e bikes, its going to change, depending on how much pedal assist you use.

So if you use a lot more pedal assist, your range is going to be less and the total payload, so the rider weight plus cargo. So, if youre putting a lot of weight on this bike, the range is not going to be as much, but if theres not as much weight, then its going to go a little bit farther. That being said, rated range for this bike is 35 to 70 miles and im glad they gave a good range here, because i feel like it is very accurate. It could be 35 miles if youre revving it the whole time and really using that pedal, assist a ton and it could be 70 miles if you want to pedal more and get a good workout in. So in my experience i put the bike together and i immediately took it for a ride to kill the battery. This is not what youre supposed to do, but i wanted to see immediately. It was showing a full battery out of the box, so i figured id get some writing in and kill the battery to see how low i could get it, and on that initial ride i got about 25 miles of riding, but that was before i had charged The battery at all, then i charged the battery up completely and did a proper range test on the bike. I reset the trip and then kept pedal assist between three and four for about 30 miles, so i got that far and the battery was still showing that it had a ton of capacity left.

So i bumped that up to around four or five and really use the throttle a lot on those last 13 miles. So overall i got around 43 miles, but again that was hammering at those last 13 miles. So i think you could easily get 50 miles on this bike if youre riding similarly to me, if you keep it on that pedal assist three but heres the thing about that range test. I went 43 miles. It took over three hours to ride that far and honestly my butt was more sore than my legs after that ride. So this bike has impressed me a ton of how far it can go and i think any normal person isnt going to be riding their bike. That long and using this for commuting or just short trips, around town theres, no way youre ever going to run out of battery, especially if youre charging it every night, like your phone or your electric car or whatever else and thats exactly what i would recommend. If youre looking at an e bike, just plug it in every night, like you, would your phone, i think its best to just come to the garage or come to the bike with a full battery, so youre ready to ride as far as you need to go, If youve been following the channel im, actually in the middle of a 30 day e bike challenge, so ive tried to completely give up my car for 30 days and just ride an e bike and ive found already that most trips are within 10 miles.

So this bikes range handles it. Fine and plugging in every night. Ive got plenty of range to do all those trips as necessary. So, overall, this being my first e bike, i didnt have a ton of background knowledge going in, but i have been thoroughly impressed with this bike. It handled everything i threw at it over the past hundred plus miles grass gravel dirt, all that stuff handles it wonderfully and not once have. I come close to running out of range unless i did it on purpose for the actual range test, so spike handled everything. I threw at it and definitely a good option if you want just kind of a do it all bike it can handle. A lot of different situations is, and is gon na, be ready to do everything and right now, this bike is actually on sale for 15.99. So i dont think its a bad price for all the features youre getting and the range youre getting and just everything that goes into the bike. I think thats a pretty fair price compared to some other e bikes ive looked at and if youre interested hemiway actually gave us a discount code for this bike. If you do want to pick one up, you can use code sibs s, i b s for 50 off the bike and theyre, throwing in a bunch of extra accessories right now, like the bike, rack and the fenders and some other extra stuff.

That is really useful and ive been taking advantage of riding these past hundred miles, and i can confidently say after riding this is definitely a bike i would be looking at if i was gon na be purchasing one for myself that wasnt provided to the channel for Review had a blast riding this thing and definitely make sure you subscribe, so you dont miss the recap of my 30 day challenge to see some more ins and outs and kind of day to day life with the bike, but thats all for this review. Thank you. So much for watching this is my first ebike review.


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