Himiway Step-thru VS Rad Step-thru

 The capacities of electric bikes are growing, and the designs are getting sophisticated. You can get everything from foldable electric bikes to fat-tire electric bikes, electric-assist road bikes, and a sea of commuting and city electric bikes, whether you buy online or through the manufacturers.

When you search for electric bikes online, you will find numerous options. Moreover, purchasing an electric bicycle goes beyond its physical outlook. You should look for specific features, especially if it’s your first. Commuter electric bikes like the Rad Step-thru and Himiway All-Terrain Step-thru Cruiser Electric Bike have similar specs. If you place the Rad Step-thru and the Himiway Cruiser Step-thru side by side, their geometrical differences would be noticeable. From the frame size and seat heights, from the handlebar design to the handlebar reach.

Step through electric bike | Himiway

Side-by-side specifications of Himiway Step-thru and Rad Step-thru

A detailed examination of the Himiway Step-thru vs. Rad Step-Thru’s specifications reveals that the two bikes have more notable distinctions. They may appear more similar than they are at first look. 


Himiway Step-thru

Radcity 5 Step-thru


35- 60 Miles

50+ miles

Frame material

6061 Aluminum


Motor power

750-watt / 80Nm Torque

750 watt 


48V 17.5Ah

48V 14Ah



64 lb. 


350 lb.



Multifunctional LCD screen

Multifunctional LCD screen


26″ x 4″  fat tires

27.5″ x 2″

Rear rack







Two years

One year


Radcity 5 Step-thru Overview

The RadCity 5 Plus costs $1,999 and boasts a sleeker design and a more extended range than other Rad bikes. The RadCity 5 Plus comes in two models: high-step and step-thru. The RadCity 5 Plus models have thick frames to accommodate their replaceable batteries. The 5 Plus Step-Thru resembles the RadRover 6 Plus fat tire bike. 

There is a 750W rear hub motor in the RadCity 5 Plus. Whether plugged into the bike or not, the battery doubles as a charger for other gadgets and locks into place using a key. The RadCity 5 Plus can travel 50 miles or more before requiring a battery recharge, thanks to the improved motor and tires. It has a 48V 14Ah battery capacity, weighs 64 kg, and has a one-year warranty. 

Himiway Step-Thru Overview

Himiway has always aimed to create top-quality, adaptable electric bikes. The low-step design offers simplicity and superb comfort while maintaining Cruiser’s superior performance. A 6061 Aluminum frame and an integrated battery are features of the Himiway Step-Thru. Also, the frame size is exceptionally accommodating for people with taller, more robust frames, as it can support more weight and pressure.

The Himiway Step-Thru batteries guarantee a longer lifespan, more extended travel range, and exceptional performance. Its Samsung/LG 48V 17.5Ah batteries have been updated to be more compact, have a more excellent range, and require less time to charge. In pedal-assist mode, the single range can reach 60+ miles per charge. Also, the motor for Himiway Step-thru has fast acceleration, excellent ability, and a longer lifespan are some of its highlights. The upgraded brushless Geared Hub Motor of 750 watts uses an upgraded inner ring. It also has high-temperature resistance with excellent heat dissipation, which helps increase the lifespan of its motor magnets. The electric bike can readily run on the most challenging terrain with the 750W brushless gear hub motor.

The Himiway Cruiser has a grip-twist throttle that, when twisted, provides the vehicle with a motorcycle-like sensation. If you are unprepared, the throttle engages quickly enough to drag you into an unwelcome drag race easily. Moreover, compared to Rad’s 1 -year warranty, Himiway offers a 2-year warranty for an affordable $1,599.00 electric bicycle.

Other Specifications comparison

There are other comparisons between Himiway Step-Thru vs. Rad Step-Thru, such as both coming with front and rear fenders. Still, the Himiway has a rear rack ready to go. Some other similarities include twist-grip throttles, and both have main-battery-powered head and tail lights.

LCD Display

Himiway Step-thru has an exceptional LCD Display with a backlit display showing visual data on speed, mileage, power, and other factors. It shows your battery capacity, acting as an electron fuel indicator. The multipurpose display also indicates the Odometer, which determines in real-time how many miles you have traveled. The Pedal-Assist Level setting is also on display. Depending on your preferences, you can set the Speedometer to show the current speed, the maximum speed, or the average speed. The LCD Display on the Rad Step-thru is quite similar.


Himiway has been known for having affordable, quality electronic bikes, so it’s not surprising that the Himiway Step-Thru wins in this price category. The RadCity Step-thru comes in at $1,999, a total of $400 more than the Himiway Step-Thru at $1,599 – plus, with Himiway, you get the rear rack. The Himiway Step-Thru is more affordable irrespective of its high-quality features.

Braking System

The Himiway Step-Thru has a 180MM Mechanical Disc Brake, while RadCity Step-Thru comes with a hydraulic braking system. Compared to the RadCity’s braking system, Himiway Step Thru brakes is easy to use and less expensive to maintain.

Payload capacity 

Although it’s difficult to tell if Rad is under-promising and over-delivering, the Himiway has a substantially higher payload capacity of 350 lbs than Radcity Step-275 Thru’s lbs. Ebike weight ratings might be problematic because you need to figure out how much work was involved in calculating them. Nevertheless, the RadCity Step-Thru weighs 64 lbs as opposed to 72lbs for the Himiway Step-Thru. 

Himiway and Rad have several accessories compatible with this model and others. They include Insulated bags, fenders,  waterproof panniers, saddles, water bottle holders, phone mounts, and headlights.

Fat tire electric bike | Himiway

Which one Should you Get: Himiway Step-Thru  Vs. RadCity Step-Thru?

Our Himiway Step-thru wins in many categories, given the significant price differential. These ebikes run on similar 750W motors and longer-lasting batteries. The fact that Rad doesn’t provide specifics for many of its parts can raise a few questions; perhaps using more generic parts allows the company to cut costs. Unless you’re an enthusiast for gears, you might not give it much thought, but it probably significantly impacts how you ride

Himiway Step-thru excels thanks to its outstanding customer service and stable reputation. After all, Himiway Bikes is the country’s top seller of electric bikes. Knowing that Himiway is a significant firm makes them an appealing choice and gives one comfort while making a purchase. Additionally, a sizable community of satisfied Himiway Bikes owners exists.

In contrast to Rad Power Bikes’ 1-year warranty, Himiway offers a complete 2-year warranty. You can look at the ebike Reviews online for first-hand accounts from riders who bought Himiway e-bikes. The Himiway Step-Thru is a strong competitor due to its lower pricing, larger battery, and built-in rear rack. However, all Himiway Electric bikes, like the Step-Thru bikes, are lightweight.


The Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru keeps the original model’s superb range and power in a more affordable frame for a more extensive range of riders. It’s important to remember that this is still a full-sized, fat-tire bike, even if individuals between the heights of 5’3″ and 6’4″ can utilize it. It is 72 pounds and has a strong frame that can support 350 pounds of people, equipment, and food. Without question, the Step-Thru bike has a longer life span due to its structure and features. Also, you can consider alternatives in the Himiway range of bikes that suit your riding style and preference.

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