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Late last year we unveiled four exciting new models of Himiway e-bikes. We pushed the boundaries of electric bike technology to the max with improvements, upgrades, and new designs for our riders to choose from. Whether you are looking for a daily commuter that can go the distance or a rugged mountain bike with professional specs, we have you covered.

The competition to build the best e-bike doesn’t stop and neither do we. With e-bikes becoming a massive force for positive change in this world, we want to be sure we are measuring ourselves against our past products and our current competition. In this way, we can be sure each Himiway e-bike hits the market with the best features available for the best price.

The Himiway Zebra is no exception as this comparison will show. Since its launch last year, we have been thrilled to hear that the e-bike community has received this bike with so much enthusiasm and praise. We value our riders’ opinions and feedback on all our products. We strive to deliver the best e-bikes because we know just how many choices our consumers have. We want to make sure our riders are confident in their decision to go with Himiway.

To help in the decision-making process of buying a new e-bike, we frequently compare our models with other top models in the industry. Of course, we believe our bikes to be the best on the market, but we also want to measure specific data points of our competition to prove it. Through this process, we can ensure we are delivering the most long-term value to our customers that decide to go with Himiway.

We believe Himiway represents the best combination of quality, power, and affordability on the e-bike market today. That said, whichever e-bike you ultimately choose for your next ride, we hope that after reading this article you will be informed to make the right decision for your needs.

Comparison of Main Features

As an example comparison, let’s look at the main features you’ll want to consider when deciding between two e-bikes, using the RadRover 6 Plus:

As you can see, the price points are similar. As are a few additional features. But the differences are where the value of the Himiway Zebra lies. With almost double the distance on a single charge, the Himiway Zebra simply opens up more routes for riders and the additional year of warranty gives riders peace of mind, especially those who may not be mechanically inclined to repair their own e-bike.

Let’s now dive deeper into the differences between some of the core components of the Himiway Zebra and other similarly priced e-bikes available today.

Comparison of E-bike Motors

The Himiway Zebra sports an upgraded brushless geared hub motor with 750 watts of power making it the ideal motor for everyday e-biking. The new larger inner ring allows the motor to withstand higher temperatures which can be important on long rides and hot days. This powerful motor accelerates quickly and works very efficiently at high speeds, where the most fun can be had.

Compared to the Aventon Aventure and the RadRover Plus 6, which both also come equipped with a 750 watt geared hub motor, the Himiway Zebra is able to squeeze out more riding range on a single battery charge due to the unique configuration of battery, gearing, and motor type.

The best e-bike motors are the ones that last longest. This is because it is a very expensive and difficult part to replace since it is part of the hub. Therefore, choose an e-bike with a motor that prioritizes efficiency and heat dissipation. If you can get this while still getting quick acceleration and strong peak power, you are in good shape.

All e-bike motors make some noise when in use. Himiway motors are very quiet compared to the competition, but it is best to remember that no e-bike brand makes a purely silent motor.

Comparison of E-bike Frames

Another popular feature to compare is the frames of various e-bikes. The Himiway Zebra uses an upgraded 6061 Aluminium Alloy which is the perfect combination of strength with a lightweight. We’ve written about different frame types before and will remind readers that Aluminum is the best material for the cost. There are other types of frame materials on the market that will increase the cost of the e-bike substantially for not much difference to the average rider.

The frame size of both the Himiway Zebra Step over and the Himiway Zebra Step thru is 17.5 inches while the frame size of the RadRover Plus 6 is only 17 inches. While this is not a big difference, some riders do prefer a slightly larger frame for more stability and comfort. In addition, the slightly wider fork of the Zebra can accommodate a fat tire up to 4.8 inches wide which further increases traction and comfort in difficult terrains such as sand or gravel.

Another consideration regarding the frame is where the battery is located. With the Himiway Zebra, we’ve integrated the battery fully into the frame for a sleek and uniform look. Both the Aventon and RadRover also come with integrated batteries so we are good there!

The final comparison for the Himiway Zebra is the availability of a step-thru model. Step-thru models are perfect for those with limited flexibility or those that frequently are getting off and on their e-bikes for things like deliveries. Just like the Zebra, the Aventure does offer a step-thru model, while the RadRover Plus 6 does not.

It can be difficult to decide between so many good e-bike options, but we hope this e-bike comparison of the Himiway Zebra, and other brands helps you understand where they line up. For our money, the win goes to the Zebra thanks to the much longer range and same price point, but we are interested to know what you think! We have plenty of fun rider stories and reviews on our YouTube channel.

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