His Bike Was Stolen, However What Took Place Following Is Heart Warming

Obtaining a bike taken can be an experience that can make a bicyclist gave up the sporting activity entirely. That’s why when an adding participant of the area experiences this, you need to aid sustain each various other.

One week back, Dat Nguyen, proprietor of FixFixie bike store in Goal Hills, shared a tale concerning his consumer, Carlos Enriques. Carlos has actually been a committed participant of the dealt with equipment area, signing up with trips weekly he can. In addition to that, he has actually invested his very own cash, getting rewards for those trips to aid make them enjoyable as well as amazing.

So when we became aware of his new Aventon Cordoba being taken, we determined to assist in the only means we could. We talented him a brand-new bike to allow him go on riding. Soon after the bike got to FixFixie, an EAI gear as well as Omnium Crankset was given away by @los_valleycats.

Regrettably, we can not do much concerning bike burglary. However what we can do, is aid our buddies when they require us. If all it takes is one bike to maintain us going, that’s what we’ll do. Continue riding.

Look Into the Instagram video clip Carlos’ delighted face uploaded by @fixfixieshop listed below:

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