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How does Das–Kit make our bikes better?

A Brief Introduction into Das-Kit:

“With 15 years of experience in the e-bike industry, Das-Kit provides the ideal solution to convert any standard bicycle into an electric bike. Das-Kit focuses on the unique patented design of its battery structure, smart BMS (battery management system), excellently programmed display console with an efficient one cable system that includes quick release connectors for all electrical components. Das-Kit will help you realize the e-bike dream and convert your bicycle into a high quality e-bike within 15 minutes. Riding an e-bike powered by Das-Kit is an unparalleled experience.” – Das Kit Brand Introduction


A closer look into Das-Kit:

The parts of the Das-Kit drive system include the bottom bracket, controller, display, battery and motor.

Let’s take a closer look into the individual parts and see what makes this system so competitive.


Das-Kit Bottom Bracket:

The Das-Kit bottom bracket comes in two sizes (73mm & 86mm) and is often an overlooked but key component that sits at the heart of your bike’s frame. The bottom bracket works hard during your ride as it continually rotates as you crank the pedals and must maintain a smooth rotation even though it is exposed to road elements such as water, dirt, and sand. Not only does this little fellow keep the cranks spinning smoothly but it also houses the connection between the bike’s controller and drivetrain. Think of it as the arteries that connect the heart with the rest of the body.

Made of strong aluminum, the Das-Kit bottom bracket has a torque up to 80 Nm


Das-Kit Controller:

The Das-Kit controller is a crucial element that connects all the electrical parts on your cycle in one place. These parts include the motor, battery, throttle, pedal-assist, display and even the lights. One could say that this little computer is truly the heart of your NCM or ET.Cycle and without it you would not be able to control the functions of your cycle with the throttle or the LCD display. The unit and all the cables leading out from the unit are expertly designed into the frame of our cycles, which serve to protect, dissipate heat, and ensure the low failure rate our cycles and riders enjoy.

Unlike traditional controllers the Das-Kit controller is sleek and easy to hook up



Das-Kit Display:

Das-Kit provides two different solutions for e-bike display, depending on the needs of the cycle and the rider. For the casual rider that uses their cycle for pick-up-and-go, the Das-Kit E2 display is the perfect go-to solution for the rider and the cycle. Easy to read battery and pedal assistance layout ensure that you will be able to keep your eyes on the road worry-free. Hit the power button to toggle the lights, hold it to shut the power off. Why complicate things when you can just get up and go?


For cycles that have throttle control, our advanced display will manage all the capabilities of a more advanced bike. As you ride you can easily monitor your riding mode, battery level, pedal assist level, speed, and riding distance. The controller is comfortably placed on the handle bar so you can easily change riding modes, speed, switch to throttle mode- all without having to stop and fumble with the controls. When riding at night the display is backlit as well, making night rides safer than ever. Take our cycle out on the trails you’ll see that the display unit provides all the stats a rider would need to control every aspect of their ride.

Easy & intuitive to read, the controller is the rider’s way of interacting with the NCM or ET.Cycle


Das-Kit Battery and Motor:

Das-Kit’s battery and motor system are what really set them apart from the competition. The motor powers the cycle from the rear-hub of the bike, while the battery is integrated into the bottom tube to offer additional protection from the elements, so rest assured that light rain will not be stopping you from going out and riding! At 500 Watts with a peak wattage topping off at 750 Watts, the Das-Kit motor not only offers powerful torque but with its German designed efficiency it does all this weighing no more than 7 1/2 lbs.

Das-Kit offers 3 motors- the X2 (350W), X15 (500W), and X15F (for fat bikes)

Combined with a powerful motor, the Das-Kit’s battery really stands out and makes NCM and ET.Cycle bikes stand out in the vast sea of electric bicycles. At a whopping 48 volts, we are promising riding distances of 90, 120 miles. 45 mile range? Peanuts. How do we achieve this? By revolutionizing the electric bike battery design and stuffing in more cells while at the same time integrating a sleek design directly into the frame of the bike!

We pack more cells into our batteries without giving up integrating the battery into the frame and USB charging for your phone

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