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Just how to Bill a Liv E-Bike Battery

Easy Actions for Billing your Liv EnergyPak Battery

Billing an E-bike is straightforward, yet there are a couple of points you can do to raise battery life. These pointers will certainly enhance the efficiency as well as life-span of your EnergyPak battery.

Inspecting the Battery Degree

You can learn just how much battery fee you have actually left in 2 position on the E-bike.

  1. On your handlebar’s RideControl system. Relying on your RideControl System, you’ll have the ability to see the fee degree in LED lights or the electronic screen while riding.
  2. On the EnergyPak itself. After removing the battery, press the switch on the battery. LED lights must illuminate, revealing the battery degree.

Billing the Battery

Liv uses 2 sorts of battery chargers for billing your EnergyPak battery:

Smart Battery Charger: Reenergizing batteries swiftly is vital for coming back bent on play in the open airs. The 6A wise battery charger, suitable with the most recent downtube EnergyPaks, is the fastest method to bill. It uses lightning-fast outcomes, improving the EnergyPak to over 60% of capability within 90 mins.

The Smart Battery charger can likewise expand the life of the battery. When EnergyPaks have actually been billed greater than 500 cycles, the battery charger utilizes a reduced voltage that wonderfully expands late battery life.

Basic Battery Charger: The 4A works with the majority of Liv EneryPak batteries. It’s little as well as light-weight, so it’s simple to lug.

Billing the EnergyPak Battery on the Bike: Eliminate the cover as well as connect the Smart or Criterion Battery charger straight right into the port over the SyncDrive Electric motor.

Billing the EnergyPak Battery in the house: Remove the battery from your E-bike. Link the adapter wire to the port on your EnergyPak battery. Link the various other end of the adapter wire to your Smart or Criterion battery charger.

While billing, the LED light on the battery charger will certainly be red. The light on the ENERGYPAK BATTERY will certainly blink red. When completely billed, the LED light on the battery charger will certainly transform environment-friendly. The light on the ENERGYPAK BATTERY will certainly shut off totally.

Hibernate Setting

In some cases when you acquire an E-bike from the bike shop, it will certainly remain in “hibernate setting.” You can establish if an EnergyPak batter remains in hibernate by pressing the power degree check switch. The LED’s of the EnergyPak will certainly not illuminate. To wake your battery up from hibernate setting, you can utilize the adhering to actions:

  1. Connect an energetic battery charger right into the EnergyPak.
  2. Disconnect the battery charger from the EnergyPak.
  3. The EnergyPak is currently out of hibernate setting. When you press the power degree check switch, the LEDs will certainly illuminate.
  4. You prepare to ride!


  • It is best to stay clear of temperature level extremes, both while riding as well as billing. Billing listed below 0 ° C or over 40 ° C( 32 ° F/104 ° F) can cause not enough billing as well as damage the battery life process.
  • When you remove the battery to save it, ensure it remains in a secure, climate-controlled area. You must not save the battery while it is vacant or has an extremely reduced fee.
  • If the bike is not made use of for a longer duration (one month or even more), it is best to remove the battery from the bike as well as shop it at 60% of its capability (3 out of 5 billing LEDs).
  • When saving check each month to see if at the very least one LED is still blinking. Fee when required, at the very least every 3 months. Falling short to do so might invalidate the guarantee.
  • When billing the battery, ensure it remains in a completely dry place. Likewise make sure that the EnergyPak as well as battery charger remain in a location where they will not trigger a fire.

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