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6+ hour adventure

Adventure rides take us far beyond the beaten path, into the backcountry, and beyond the last cell tower. Taking on big miles, long climbs, and a lot of time in the saddle calls for being thorough, so take your time, pack well, and consult with your riding crew to see if you can help share the load.

1. Ensure all of your every-ride essentials are ready to go on your bike

2. Full-sized hydration pack with a full reservoir and room for gear
Be ready to be out for a while, so take out your big pack for adventure rides.

3. Paper map
You never know when electronics might fail. Keeping a paper map on you weighs next to nothing, and adds a lifeline if you get lost.

4. Sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, electrolytes
Bring plenty of fuel to keep you going when you’re pushing through big, tough miles. As your rides get longer, it’s a good idea to add in electrolytes, too.

5. GPS device
Critical for getting help if you need it. A GPS or Satellite device will keep you connected even when you’re far outside of reception.

6. Headlamp with battery
If you get caught in the backcountry after sunset you’ll appreciate having a light to guide you back to the trailhead.

7. Spare derailleur hanger
Derailleur hangers are critical for your bike to shift and function—and also completely unique to every model of bike. You can’t count on every shop to have the one you need, so even if your adventure takes you through a town, it’s best to keep a spare in your pack in case you need it.

8. Pocket knife
There are some tasks that your regular multitool just can’t handle. Bring a solid pocket knife with a sharp blade for cutting and pliers for bending and straightening. In the event of an unlikely mechanical you’ll be thankful you have it.

10. Lighter
We hope you don’t get caught out overnight, but if you do a working lighter will allow you to easily build a fire and stay warm when the temperatures dive down after sunset.

11. First aid kit and repair kit*
Bring only what you know how to use. We’ll give you the basics below.

12. Shock pump
We recommend checking your suspension before you begin a ride, but if you’re going out for a big ride with huge elevation variance a shock pump can be handy to have.

13. Small bottle of chain lube
Starting your ride with a clean, lubed chain is usually enough, but riding in extra dry and dusty conditions may call for a little chain love at the halfway point.

14. Bear spray if you’re riding near dangerous or aggressive wildlife

15. Water purifier
Reduce how much water you need to carry on you and quickly top up in trailside streams.

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