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Our phones are constantly calling at Bakcou, as well as one concern that we listen to a whole lot is just how to effectively readjust the suspension of your bike. Thankfully readjusting the suspension is straightforward as well as you will just require a couple of points to finish the job.


  • Shock Certain Pump
  • Measuring Tape
  • Close friend (optional)

Our Burro as well as Flatlander have suspension on the front fork, the Tornado has suspension setups on the front as well as back. There are generally 3 various setups to call in for the ideal suspension (both front as well as back). The 3 are the atmospheric pressure, the rebound as well as the compression.

The very best location to begin is with the atmospheric pressure on the front fork. You readjust the atmospheric pressure by inflating the fork with the shock pump. You will certainly locate the shutoff on the leading left of the fork. Beginning at about 150 psi, remain on your bike (this is where it can be good to have a pal to hold you consistent) as well as consider just how much the suspension pressed by taking a look at the o-ring. The fork must press around 15 – 25mm (⅝” to 1″). If your fork isn’t pressing sufficient, claim it is just pressing 10mm, just reduced the PSI of your fork in increments of 5 psi up until it looks right. On the various other hand if your fork is experiencing way too much of its traveling, like 25mm include even more air to your fork.

With the atmospheric pressure collection, transform your focus to the rebound. Rebound resembles regulating the “springyness” of your fork, just how swiftly (or gradually) the suspension returns. On our forks you can alter the rebound with the handle at the end of your fork. Loosening up the handle right out indicates a really “bouncy” fork, quick rebound. Tightening up the handle right in indicates the fork will certainly return gradually. Someplace between is normally excellent, when you locate the rebound you like you can just leave it there as well as not bother with it once again!

The last suspension setup is the compression. You can see this modification on the leading right of your fork, on the contrary side of the air shutoff. Transforming it clockwise in the direction of “lock” will certainly quit your suspension from pressing, this can be beneficial when climbing up or when riding on roadways. On the various other hand if you transform your suspension anti-clockwise to “open up” this will certainly enable your suspension to go up as well as down openly, this is where you desire your suspension when riding harsh, rough, surface for optimum convenience.

Currently if you have a burro or a flatlander you prepare to ride. If you have a tornado you require to obtain these established for your back suspension. Once again you can begin with atmospheric pressure around 150 psi. Making use of the o-ring inspect just how much the fork presses from just remaining on the bike. You will certainly discover portions on the shock as well as after remaining on the bike you desire the o-ring to have actually transferred to regarding 25-30%. If you are striking much less than this eliminate air from the shock, greater than this include air in 5 psi increments. As soon as you have the proper psi, go on to rebound.

You readjust the rebound with the red dial. If you transform the handle anti-clockwise in the direction of the bunny this indicates the shock will certainly return much faster, or a lot more bouncy. If you transform the handle the contrary means in the direction of the turtle this indicates a slower return. Establish this someplace between that really feels great to you.

And also last similar to on the fork you can alter the compression. When heaven bar remains in line with the bike this indicates your back suspension is open as well as will certainly aid to ravel bumps in the route. If you transform the handle out this will certainly shut out the suspension which once again can be beneficial when climbing up or riding on roadways.

Final Thought

Having your suspension properly tuned will certainly enable you to obtain one of the most out of your bike. It is a straightforward procedure to discover your proper ideal setup for atmospheric pressure as well as rebound. Compression can be transformed swiftly on both the fork as well as the shock relying on what you are riding. If you intend to see this done in activity below is our youtube video clip on suspension arrangement:

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