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How UD Bikes help you realize your good resolutions in 2022

December 30, 2021

All good resolutions already exist, we just need to apply them.Blaise Pascal (1623-62), French mathematician and philosopher

Do you also have exciting resolutions for the New Year 2022?

UD Bikes helps you to realize them! 7 it one stroke. 😉 You don’t believe me? Then read on … (even if you don’t have any good resolutions, after reading this you’ll surely have some 😉

So, here are a few reasons why a new Urban Drivestyle bike should not be missing in 2022 and will help you realize YOUR good resolutions for 2022:

Wondering what these good resolsutions for 2022 should be?

  • More exercise and fresh air?

Leave the car, say goodbye to public transport. Your new bike will get you there
faster, keep you moving and breathe cleaner air.
Levi – Customer Care
More time with the most important people. One bike, multiple people. Together
with family and friends through the urban jungle and beyond.
Andi – CEO

Urban Drivestyle CEO driving on Urban E Bike
  • Living more environmentally conscious?

Electric drive instead of gasoline and CO2 – whether to go shopping, to go to work or to go to the movies.
Nina – Team Sales

With a bike, you’re much more relaxed on the road, avoid traffic jams and take the shortcut through the park. :
Fabi – Tech Support

Urban E Bike Manufacturer Berlin Employee drives E Bike

If you cycle a lot, you can’t smoke, your lungs won’t take it for long!
Ossian – Founder


Instead of driving to the mall, from now on, it’s off to the local marked and small
retailers. On your e-bike. That’s sure. Good for the environment and the economy.
Julia – Sales + Marketing

Urban Drivestyle Emplyee rides E Bike with Child

When you’re on the road with us, we can’t get the grin off your face! It’s the
famouse UD-Smile.
Jonas – Bike Mechanic 

That said: keep on riding! – And smiling – in 2022!

Your UD-Team


Urban Drivestyle E Bike Employee rides  Electric Bike with friend

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