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Call: Isabel Del Real

Place: Britanny, France

Isabel Del Real

That do you assume you are anyhow?

I’m Isabel Del Real, a 24-year-old French-Spanish bikepacker presently heading east via Europe. Some claim I’m alone, however I consider I’m with my bike. In 2020, I finished in Regulation and also Political Sciences, and also I determined to begin my job by riding dust roadways, going across hills, and also really feeling the wind on my face.

What are you as much as?

My town in Brittany, the West of France, is the very best location worldwide. That’s what I maintain claiming regularly. However to genuinely indicate it, I require to go to various other stunning locations. So, I have actually determined to do simply that. I have actually stayed in The golden state, the West of the States, and also in Rome and also in Paris, the West of Europe, so heading East appeared really unique. My strategy is to comply with all the range of mountains from my town to the Pamir [a range in Tajikistan]– via the Massif Central, Pyrenees, Alps, Dinaric Alps, and after that the Caucasus going across prior to coming to the Pamir Freeway prior to winter months. Ah, and also I prepared to arrive treking, obviously.

Although I made use of a bike to commute to institution when I was a pupil in Paris, or a Mtb to ride in the woodland, I never ever thought about taking a trip on a bike. What’s even worse, I assumed it was dull. So, I began strolling in the direction of the East, going across the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and also understood it would certainly take a long, long period of time to reach Kirghizistan strolling. So, I left my high equine and also hopped on my little bike.

Isabel on Slovenian West Loop

One arbitrary February early morning, after coffee with my moms and dads and also pals, I simply entrusted to my bike. I had never ever ridden it for greater than a day excursion, and also I had no training. I felt in one’s bones that I intended to get on my bike. Strategies have actually transformed somewhat as a result of the pandemic, however overall I have actually taken care of to ride everyday and also under all weather. The experience is whatever I anticipated and also a lot more!

Planning the route with my brother

Beginning the day not understanding specifically where you are going to rest and also the amount of miles you will certainly ride is an overall deluxe. I have time to involve with many individuals; I’m never ever quickly and also have no assumption, the ideal mix for fantastic experiences.

Bivouac en el desertio

Inform us concerning your Surly

A buddy that understands a great deal concerning bikes as soon as informed me” Well, the ideal bike for your journey would certainly be a Surly Troll since it’s strong and also you can ride it on any type of surface area “. Which was the self-fulfilling revelation. I screen-shotted the Slate Blue Troll on the Surly web site and also researched it everyday up until I located a small-sized structure in France. The remainder of the components I located online, and also I likewise made use of pre-owned components from bike look around my town. After that we constructed the bike with some pals. I made it my very own.

My Surly is little and also really adorable, absolutely nothing like a Troll. However it is unyielding when I ride it in the hills.

For the bikepacking configuration, I got made use of Ortlieb bikepacking bags and also stitched a framework bag, a leading tube bag, and also a food bag with slate blue Cordura.

[Editor’s Note: for an inside look at the bike build visit Isabel’s blog post here]

Isabels Ogre

Surly Ogre in Capmany

Inform us concerning your art

Sketching your trips is a wonderful means to invest some high quality time in the locations you go to. I search for certain little roads, sights, angles, shades, churches, and so on– up until I discover something that strikes me. After that I simply take a seat and also attract. I loosen up and also remainder. I likewise have a helpful reason to do laid-back people-watching. Generally, I invest a number of hrs in my area, therefore interested individuals come, speak to me, supply me some coffee, some food. It’s a charming means to talk on the location, its tale, its individuals.

In some cases simply by relaxing an edge for a day I seem like I have actually explored a whole city.

Paints and Brushes

Field camping in Slovenia

morning breakfast with Radovan

hidden bike in an old Venetian tradesplace

unexpected dinner on the Via

What will you do following?

As I claimed, I like my town, its tidewater with trends that make you really feel the Sea breathing. However I mainly like it for the environment, I like understanding everyone there, I like the spontaneous social life.


Capturing the spirit of wonderful little towns or cities with a fast illustration is rather fragile, however that’s what I’m attempting to do. Going across from Europe to Asia and also observing the modifications in the way of living and also style motivated a collection of watercolor paints along this journey. I also bought brand-new watercolors to obtain [the bike’s slate blue color] right.

My major task will certainly be to compose and also show a storybook for kids on the societies and also the location entailed when going across a continent, from the angle of a bikepacking lady.

We will see exactly how this exercises

Isabel in the Mountains with her Surly Ogre

Ogrely your own,

Isabel Del Real

Where can individuals comply with in addition to you?

My Instagram is @plouheran

My blog site is

Editor’s Note:

Thanks a lot for sharing your tale and also stunning art work with everybody, Isabel! As a thanks, Surly has actually economically made up Isabel for her energy and time and also has actually likewise made an economic contribution to Isabel’s philanthropic company of option: Handi’ chien comparable to it’s American

Isabel included:
” We have actually elevated a number of pups and also it’s been a phenomenal trip. The concept is to elevate a labrador or gold retriever to be a best pet either to assist somebody in a mobility device or be an excellent friend for somebody with a mental illness. I understand exactly how difficult they function and also the distinction it can make in an individual’s life.”

Many Thanks once more, Isabel!

Love, Surly

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