HURLEY Mini Swell Review – Class 2 SUPER FUN 20" Fat Tire Scrambler Style Ebike – 20+MPH & 500 watt

This is a 500 watt 20 inch by four inch fat, tire, scrambler style bike, and this bike is actually a lot of fun. I got ta say theres, some things that you guys really want to go ahead and check out if youre ever thinking about getting a scrambler style bike – and this is a great bike that actually gives a good overview of what scrambler styles are really all about. These are bikes that are, i would say, not necessarily for those who want a lot of exercise but um. You know i mean its a bike but and theres pedals, but its not really a bike that you might want to be actually thinking about going out and pedaling. A lot on lets go ahead and talk about the review and go into the specs and also get some ride. Footage shown on here on how much fun this bike really is: Music. Okay, i really want to start with talking about the beefy tires that are on this bike. For one it is a 20 by four inch. I have multiple four inch or fat tire e bikes and for some reason these tires are just really beefy. I mean more than more than usual, in fact, even when i put them side by side with some of the other bikes, it is noticeable. They do have a 30 psi max rating. I have mine running at 25, just because it doesnt need to be completely solid.

Now, looking at this front side, i also want to go ahead and mention that it does have a suspension fork. One thing that is noticeable also, when you have a bike like this, is that it the turn radius does have a stopping. That is not really sharp. Like, as you can see right here, this is the furthest. Itll go on a turn and thats fine. Actually, it works out youre not really going to go ahead and make turns that sharp anyway. The cool thing about the way that this whole bike is designed or gets shipped is that it comes like 85 to 95 percent complete. Basically, the only thing that you will see in the unboxing is that the handlebars just have to be put on everything else. The bike is already put together, so if youre gon na have this bike shipped to you just snow, it is in a big box because tires are already on you. Dont have to put tire on like a lot of other bikes. All you have to do is put on the handlebars and youre almost ready to go. I would always recommend every nut and bolt tighten down just in case, because in shipping, sometimes just nuts and bolts get loose. This is how it came nice and wrapped its got to be one of the fastest or easiest bikes to put together. The only thing i did add was the flat out tire sealant, because these tires are fat tires and they are typically softer theyre going to actually be more susceptible to flats a lot of times, so i actually always put flat out tire sealant in it and thats To make sure that we dont get flat tires, but we do have a headlight in the front.

It is a decent headlight, so you can ride at night for visibility. You will have to just make sure that youre going a little slower than usual because its not an exceptional bike. Like other bikes, i would also recommend getting a secondary light if you are going to be riding at night and you need it for visibility now, it does actually help for being seen by drivers. So that is one thing, thats really good. The other thing i really like lets move up to the handlebars first thing: youll notice it has like bmx style handlebars. These are awesome. I just it just has a nice feel the other thing thats a benefit to having bars like this. Is that your range from going from front to back closer to the seat gives you a lot more flexibility on making sure that you can reach as far as riding position and thats one thing thats really good about having bars like this is that you can also Just move them back and forth. It also leaves a lot of room for accessories as youll see in the riding videos. I do have my water bottle put on here, but you also have a lot of other space that you can put other accessories on here. Like your cell phone holders, you can get water bottle holders like the bags that are on there at the ebike products.com shop website, and we have great deals on those for fitting any bike.

Actually, because a lot of bikes do not have water bottle bosses or good places to hold a water bottle, we do have your front and brake that does have automatic cut offs so that the motor does disengage thats how this is for these are mechanical brakes and Actually, these brakes work really well. I dont know the brand name thats on this, but they work really well and they dont make squeaky or scratchy noises, which is really good. The other thing that youll notice with this rim since were here is these – are 160 millimeter. Rotors again mechanical disc brakes, and they have also a quick release put on here. So if you need to remove the tire it makes it a lot easier, especially on your front, especially if you need to go ahead and make a change on your flat on the front there. We have our shifter here and it is a six speed. Shimano index shifter, it is a very functional shifter on the back side here connected to that we do have our shimano tourney derailleur, with a 14 to 28 tooth freewheel in the back and connected to that, as you can see, we have a 48 volt 500 watt Motor and this motor is actually decent in power. I wouldnt say its anything like super surprising, and one of the reasons could be because it does have a 48 volt battery and connected to that battery is only a 10 amp hour capacity.

Now, with that, youre probably going to get about 20 to 40 miles of range, depending on how much help and im going to say 20 to 25 is going to be your bigger average. Just because of the style of this kind of bike. It is not made to really pedal and help it youre going to be doing most of your traveling with throttle only as you can see the width of this seat here. If you can imagine trying to pedal a bike with something that wide between your legs is kind of likening it to pedaling, with a cantaloupe between your leg, its just not most comfortable thing to do now, you can pedal it for sure. If you stand up, you could actually do it and thats something thats also available for you to do, and you do have an integrated rear, tail light, and also so that does mean that it is running off of the battery. You dont have a separate battery for that, and the headlight is also integrated as well. This bike is cadence censored, of course, and that is because, if you try to have a torque sensor, then you would need to pedal all the time we do have a 42 tooth chainring. You will probably need to do a lot of shifting so the turning shifter again it does it an adequate job of making sure that you can get from one gear to your next pretty easily. So, on this side of the battery, we also have an on and off switch here, so you can shut off the battery when youre off the bike.

Heres your plug in cool thing, about having the plug in right here. The way it is is that you can actually remove the battery from the bike itself and charge it in the house, or you can just leave it on and charge it right there. The way it is. Let me go ahead and show you what it looks like when we take out the battery from the bike. Battery removal is pretty easy. They actually have this really cool key with the hurley design. Turning this all the way to the other side here to unlock it, you can pull out the key and the battery is now free to be removed. It also has an indicator here to tell you what the battery level is at as a rough estimate, while looking at it from when the bike is not powered on or its not on the bike itself. So this is really actually really good to have, because a lot of times you want to know how much power you might have, whether or not it needs to be charged. If you need to do a quick charge overnight or if you think theres enough, this has 75 percent power is what you can see here now. The other thing that we have here is our controller and, as you can see, this has a 16 amp controller 46.8. Volt and it is running at 20 miles per hour top speed and, as you will see in the video, we were actually getting more than 20 miles an hour when the battery was fully charged.

And i want to make that point clear, because the speedometer on the bike stops at 20 miles an hour. So if youre going over 20, you really cant tell but being that we ride enough. We were able to just feel as though we must have been going faster than the 20 mile an hour, speed and sure enough. As you see in the gps, we did definitely were getting about 23 miles an hour at top speed when the battery was fully charged. Now, when the battery starts to lose some of its charge, you will definitely notice that the bike starts to actually lose a lot of its power and thats typical of a lot of different bikes. But again this is only a 10 amp hour battery. So you know a lot of times. You want to make sure that you are aware that if you start to see the battery start going down, you might want to go ahead and plan your ride of where you want to be, because you dont want to be pedaling this bike home. You know getting a second battery is also an option for a lot of people that have actually battery anxieties from what i can tell this bike does not necessarily have a lot of things to cover it against rainproofing, so im not 100 sure, but i do not Think that this is a rainproof bike, so you probably dont want to ride it too many places where its going to get real, wet.

Okay. So for the display here, first thing that were going to do is once you have your battery plugged in you want to turn on your switch to on holding the middle button down. You will then now have your display turned on now right now it is five oclock in the afternoon with the sun blazing in this area, so you can actually see the display quite well, even if, if it is sunny – and in fact let me turn the bike, So that the sun is actually hitting the display right on it now, as you can see, even with the sun hitting it, you can still see it very clearly now. The other thing you can do is you can next see your assist levels here you have one two and three: that is the top three levels that you have. You also have your odometer reading by clicking in the middle. You have your trip. It seems to reset every time you have the bat the bike turned off: uh your voltage and your time of ride. One thing i noticed about the mini swell here is that it is tuned for a lot of safety. What i mean by that, when you start off this bike, it does not have throttle on demand. You will need to actually be going a speed of at least two miles an hour before the throttle will kick in. So what ive been doing is actually hit the throttle all the way up, because, as you notice, i can hit it and it wont move, and then i start to actually either push the bike or pedal and once it hits two miles an hour.

The throttle kicks in, or so you can set this to zero, so theres no assist, but when the bikes turned on its on one and like i said you cannot throttle at this time. So what you want to do is have it either set to one or three and when you start the pedal just keep on pedaling. Even if the bike is going faster than what youre pedaling and the motor will kick in automatically and then you can adjust and ride with throttle. Now, as long as, if youre coming to a rolling, stop and youre going above two miles an hour, you can just release your throttle, roll and then hit your throttle again and start going again. So thats one of the quirks about this bike. That, i would say, is different than many other bikes, but it is a feature that other big name brands used to have on their bikes as well and again its a safety feature so that nobody accidentally hits the throttle when they dont intend to have the bike. Actually start rolling, so another display feature. I want to mention about a function here. You just hold the up button and what that will do is in top corner here. You see that the headlight indicator tells you that the headlight is on by holding it again. It will shut off. Another thing you can actually do is: if you hold the down button, it will actually go into walk mode, and let me go ahead and show you that, and so what you can do is if you actually need to walk your bike and you dont want to Be pushing it without any help.

You can hold the down button and holding it down for a few seconds and then what youll notice is the motor kicks in, and it actually runs at a speed of about three miles, an hour which you can go ahead and walk with your bike. Now thats a good feature to have it just hit the brake to go ahead and turn the cut off and itll actually stop it there. So its a good feature to have, because you can also think about maybe perhaps using that to get started. If you need a little help in a place that needs a little more boosting, because one of the things is, if youre stuck in a place where you actually have an uphill in front of you to get started, you have to always make sure that youre in The right gearing otherwise going to have a hard time doing that as well. You also have the ability to go ahead and get to that two miles an hour so that the throttle will kick in okay. So this is an example of someone whos, my height, which is im five five to be able to stand on this bike. Basically, i really im almost tippy toeing, so the other thing is like i said you cant throttle this to get it started, but you might be able to go ahead and use the walk mode to get. You started like that all right, so the last thing i want to point out.

Thank you so much to hurley for sending this bike out to me. You can actually find great deals and this bike by going to ebikeproducts.com hurley. That link will take you to the distributor that will actually give you the deal and look for the coupon codes, also in the description below for the best deal on this bike.


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