I received the most UNIQUE looking FOLDING EBIKE | Honbike HF-01 Review

This is the home bike. Hf 01, its a futuristic, looking bike that, i think, wins the award for best. Looking e bike. Personally, it has a shaft drive system, so you never have to worry about maintaining the drivetrain thats right, no chain, no fuss putting the home back together was a cinch. All you have to do is attach the wheel to the rear hub, attach a fender charge. The batteries and then youre off ride footage coming up next. So while we assemble the home bike, i want you to take notice of all the unique features of this bike. The seat is not the only unique thing on the bike, but lets talk about it. Doesnt. It look like a golf club. I really like how they have this packaging, its molded foam, so it doesnt make a mess and it holds everything very well. It does have this really cool fender, with the tail light and heres the bike, all packaged up its a very small package once you unfold, it youll see what i mean in just a second, so heres the unique wheels that they come with: theyre, really cool the Rear wheel connects to a single sided hub and i love the unique look and design of the home bike, its a real eye. Catcher. There is one drawback to the home bike and thats that it will only hit a top speed of 15 miles per hour and pedal. Assist 5 with limited range stay tuned for the next section of this video, where we do a full range test and youre going to be surprised by the results.

So here it comes right now: Music, Music is Music, always busy. Music were gon na. Try something new. Today were gon na try, adding telemetry data to our video, so thats. Why we got strava open over here lets. Go this way towards the populated place. Why not? Today, we are on the hone bike, hf 01. This is a futuristic. Looking bike theres some different technology built into this bike, some of it is kind of new to me. I dont know if its god, these trails are bad. All right well, were not going this way. All right. I had to stop for a second. This bike is not made for rough terrain, ill. Tell you that, and i am on a bike. Trail theres been a ton of rain in this area, so the some of the road is washed out which is basically causing this to be a bouncy ride. I just knocked my selfie stick down and uh. We might end up turning around and trying to go the other way, but i would almost assure you the other way is probably worse than this way. So, like i was trying to say, we are on the home bike: hf 01. This is a relatively new model in the united states. There have been a few videos on it already you cant go that way. Oh you got that caution. Oh, i see why you got it all right here. We go caution. Slow down.

Applause, lots of rocks Applause trail is not looking good. Today now were going to attempt to do a range test on this bike. Home bike was nice enough to send me a second battery with this bike. They were nice enough to send me the bike too, of course, and basically im just going to show you what this thing can do now, its not your speedy go anywhere type of bike. It is more for city commuting Applause or your last mile type of bike, as you saw at the beginning of the video, its easy to load in your car, it folds up pretty tight and its not super heavy. I think thats the main advantages of it. It does have an app built into it. Ill show you that later, maybe in another video, but i do plan on making at least three videos about this bike, but probably more because i really think it looks cool. Now i have the all black version. There are three different color schemes. You got your all black version like mine, youve got your red and black version, and i think, if david brand, you were to get this bike thats the one he would pick and theres a black and white version now theyre all really cool. Looking i really wanted the black and white version, but unfortunately they didnt have any in stock, yet i basically had two options. Do i want to wait a couple weeks for the bike, or do i want something new to review now? It only had a like 15 miles on it when i got it, so it was basically brand new now when they packaged up the bolts they mixed them up.

So i dont know how that happened, but they did so. It was a little bit of a guessing game to assemble it, but it was pretty much like it was straight out of the box. All packaged very well and ive seen other videos that show the packaging of this bike and they do a phenomenal job with that. So it should arrive to you damage free, the the foam inside is molded around the bike, so theres special inserts for everything and the biggest disadvantage, for probably most of you is going to be that it only travels at 15 miles an hour to me that doesnt Bother me because i have other bikes, but if this is your only e bike that might bother you that might not. I guess it just depends on what youre. After now, this has gyroscopes built into it. So if you accidentally lean too much its supposed to help guide, you back, i dont really know how well that works were not going to test it out, because it says you can go to a 30 degree angle uh in the future. If i ever have to test that out for any reason ill, let you know how it works, it also has a gyro to help you up hills. So if you approach a hill, its not going to know right off the bat its going to take a little bit for the oh, they should put some caution signs here come on thats out of nowhere.

So when you approach a hill, you are going to have to let it go up a little bit before the hill. Climbing capabilities kick in, but it basically is supposed to help you with assisting you up the hill a little bit more. So if youre going up a steep incline, uh steep as in maybe 10 20 degrees, um youre, probably gon na get youre gon na get a little resistance out of the motor to help you up that hill. Now in my testing, is it really effective, not really, but it it does do what its supposed to do its just. You cant really tell it because theres not a lot of torque in this motor. Now this is a custom 250 watt motor. I dont know what brand it is, has a a really neat battery system, so the batteries are really small. I have one in my backpack. It weighs maybe maybe five pounds at the most as far as range goes well, probably get about 15 miles per battery. If that thats, just what im im thinking now ill go through everything with you once we stop show you close ups of everything, how it all works, but until then this is the bike and how its performing now i wanted to come to a pretty flat area. Looks like were gon na have to turn around. Are they gon na tell us to go somewhere else? Where am i coming all right? If you say so, oh no, they got it kind of blocked off.

Oh theres, a giant hole here now this isnt necessarily the type of terrain you want to be on with this bike, you probably want to stay on paved surfaces, Applause, but you can see what its doing its not too bad, just a little bouncy. The reason were using strava is to get telemetry data and thats everything you see surrounding me, so there should be a speedometer theres going to be a sensor to tell you how hilly the terrain is this roads pretty flat? So this is kind of why i wanted to come here for the range test, because theres not very many hills – and this is probably the best terrain – to get the best mileage so were going to ride pas 5. The whole time, which means max speed 15 miles. An hour okay, heres an incline, a rocky incline. Now it should start assisting me up this hill and yeah. I could feel it kick in a little harder there, so it does do its job and you got to be careful with possible wheelies, but this is probably the extreme most extreme thing that you would want to do with this bike looks like im not going to Go this way well well, try to go the other way. Now it takes a little bit for the gyro to recognize that youre on flat ground again, so i was pedaling the bike myself for a little bit there, but its not hard to pedal now.

This does have a torque sensor and i also believe it has a cadence sensor as well ill explain that more in another video, all right im getting back up in gear again pedal assist kicked in now. I think this bike would be great for somebody older once youre on the street, its really stable. I think if your main goal is to ride around your neighborhood on the streets, then youre – probably good now another thing that this bike doesnt have that most electric bikes do is a throttle. So in order to go, you have to pedal thats your only option. You have no button to press to go so if you dont, like the pedal, which i know a lot of people dont, this includes myself, then maybe this bikes, not for you Applause, but i do like the pedal sometimes so you know this is a good bike For for fun its more like a toy Music, all right: this is the home bike. Hf 01. It is a very futuristic, looking bicycle with a battery, it is electric. Now it is a single speed bike. It only has one gear, but it does have five pedal. Assist levels as weve been talking about in this video: it only does 15 miles an hour. That is your max speed with this bike. So, if youre looking to win a race or try to get somewhere fast, this is not for you. If you notice up here, it does not have a fork on the other side over here, its basically just a single axle that comes down on one side and thats.

What holds your bike up now? The motor is in the front and it is a 250 watt hub motor these wheels are really really cool, never have to worry about spokes, getting damaged or anything like that, and if they do well, you must hit something incredibly hard now these are not super thick And they are aluminum, so there is a chance you could bend this rim, but chances are very slim that that will happen now. I did ride this up and down the trail already for 10 miles, so it is a little dirty and i apologize. I should have probably started this beforehand now. I really like the tires. Theyre kinda tires theyre 20 inch by 2.1 inch and they look really slick on here. They have the reflective sidewall and you can kind of see that here better. Now i really like the design. I am 62 and i weigh about 240 pounds now. I feel really comfortable on this bike. It fits me well, i do have the seat all the way extended and i have no problems pedaling or getting around on the bike. It feels great now we will demonstrate the folding mechanism when we get up to the car, but you saw me put it together. I will unfold it and put it back in the car for you guys, so you can see that process, but its just a really really cool looking bike, and i am so happy that they sent it to me out to make a review video some of the Standout features to this bike are the seat and it kind of looks like a golf club in a way.

If you look at it from this angle now they do come in three colors, at least in the united states. They come in three colors. I believe in the asian countries they have a bunch of different colors. I think i saw a pink one and a white and red one. I thought that one was pretty neat looking, but they have a white and black all black like i have and then red and black the david bring a new home bike. Now they did send this bike to me and it is a demo unit, meaning that somebody else has ridden it. But i do get to keep the bike because i am going to be making several videos for them. In relation to this, lots of upgrades are coming for this, so im going to keep you updated as that progresses. They just announced several new products im going to link their website down below, go check it out its really cool. Now, if i have any coupon codes, they will be in the description. They have a special right now, if you buy one bike, you save 150. If you buy two bikes, you save a little bit more. So, if youre interested in getting a couple of these for you and your wife or you and your partner here, you go, i think, its really cool. Now the unique design, the biggest feature is probably going to be. The shaft drive system thats right, theres no chain theres, no gears.

You have a peace of mind that you never have to worry about your bike being damaged. They say this shaft drive system should last 20 000 miles or something like that ill put. The exact number down below, but i think its pretty neat you dont, have to worry about any of that. You just get on the bike and go now. It does have a stand here. This is for when you have it in the folded position, and it basically just sits on the ground when you get it folded and keeps your bike upright and doesnt fall over. I think thats a really neat feature. The only problem with it is, you tend to forget to unfold it, so you do have the tendency of taking off now. Luckily i havent done that yet and havent scratched it, but if you take off, you have a tendency to forget about this. Just like you do sometimes with the kickstand now the battery housing is up under here, and i showed you earlier how to put that in now. It has a really cool folding key, so you just unfold it to unlock your bike, but it makes it compact. I think theyre pretty neat now the key goes up underneath here. I believe it only goes in one way. At least i havent been able to get it in both ways. If you cant get the key to go in the keyhole, then just rotate it and try it the battery.

Once you turn the key pops out its pretty neat, really small compact battery, and you can just you know, take it out and charge it wherever now. I do have a light back here from arclight pedals redshift. They make this one single light that you can put on the front of the back, depending on which way its rotated will depend on what color the light is now they do have a magnet in here that you can flip. So if you always want the space to be on the bottom, which i do you can flip that magnet around and itll change it to white, so thats kind of how its activated. So i just wanted to show that off. Arclight and redshift are really great to work with, and i am working with them again on a couple other things so stay tuned for future videos regarding their products. Now, when i got the home bike, i did not have the pedals that were folding. I emailed my contact, he sent them out to me. I got them the same day that i got the battery. It really only took a couple days to get these, the ones that i got from them were there. They were the home bike pedals, but they didnt fold like these so ill. Try to do this with one hand, push in and kind of twist well that didnt work, but basically you just do the opposite of this. To get it folded up, thats really easy! Now it does have the strap here that came with the bike that allows you to strap the bike when its folded to make it easier for carrying thats a nice feature im glad they do that on there.

That is something that is needed. I think in in this circumstance to undo the latch here there is a locking mechanism on the other side and you basically just push this forward and then push this at the same time now you do need two hands to do this. I will try to get it on here now to do the locking mechanism. You just pull this latch and then over here you push on it and thats thats it and then once its loose you just fold the bike up and lock it up. Well, do it when we get to the parking lot ill film it, so you guys can see it, but thats a really cool feature for this now to loosen the seat and drop it back down. You have to twist this little knob like so, and then this just easily slides down its really simple. It stays in place. Even if you dont have this tight. So you can do this all one handed, i think, thats pretty cool the latch over here on the handlebars. You just push on this button and you pull down, and this is pretty hard to do one handed as well, but theres that handlebars will fold down. You want to twist it of course, and then, as you pull them down there, you go you kind of have to watch your wires, but basically just do the opposite when youre unfolding it, of course, and then thats it up here on the dashboard.

I really like the way this is set up. The grips are pretty comfortable, theyre just rubber grips, but they have the ergo style. They are pretty nice. Now. It kind of looks like batman over here, like youre youre driving a a batwing bike. I like the way the brakes are reversed, its pretty neat and uh its, not something that ive ever seen on any other bike. I think that is really cool and they work really well theyre a little squeaky, but i just think i need to adjust mine, and then you have a bell over its, not super super loud that that actually helped a little bit. But you have it. If you need it, and then over here is how you control your bike, it has a walking mode. So if you need to walk your bike, you can do that and itll go slow. I dont know why its not working now, maybe it takes a second to kick in if you push and hold the plus, it turns on the headlight and dims the screen and heres your little headlight up here and then it also has a taillight back here on The rear, fender and it does have a front and rear fender if you havent already noticed so then works really well for riding it in the rain, and i also believe that this is water resistant. So i think that you can ride it in a light rain. I maybe wouldnt ride it in a downpour, but im pretty sure it has an ip rating, and i will let you know what that is.

If, if that is actually true now i still have the plastic on my screen and there is slightly a glare because theres no trees above me, but this is what the screen looks like right now, its dimmed because i had the lights on, but there it is At its full brightness and it does have a trip meter and you just hit the power button to go through those, so you have your odometer your trip and then the other plus and minus buttons. Take you through your pas level. So you have ps pas0. All the way through pas5, but let me know what you guys think of this bike in the comments i think its really cool. I think that its a just such a unique looking bike and people ask you what it is all the time i it draws a lot of attention and i find it to be pretty neat looking. That is the home bike. Hf 01. They did just release another bike. You can check that out on their website as well and that ones pretty sweet too ill try to get one for review after i finished with this bike. I probably will keep this bike for a while at least at this present time, just because i like it and it doesnt take up much space now it is a little bit bigger than my brompton. I will do a video of those side by side just for comparisons sake.

When i do my next brompton video now that were down below 20 percent, you can really feel the battery cut back so theres. It feels like its barely giving me any assistance at all. Your last 20 percent youre gon na be going 10 miles an hour or a lower, so for the sale price of 17.99 or 18.50 or whatever the sale price is right. Now this is what you get youre paying for looks youre playing youre paying for the compact size and youre paying for the ease. All right lets turn this off 18 miles on two batteries: nine miles per battery its a little rough to only do 15 miles an hour at a time with a 250 watt motor yeah. This is your last mile commuter or just a a toy to stroll around town with. I want to see how well it does on this hill, its pretty steep well its not that steep, but it seems pretty easy on this bike. To be honest with you, you can definitely feel the motor picking up the slack and helping you up the hill more its gradual, but you can tell all right in todays video im going to show you how to fold up the home bike. So the first thing you want to do is take your pedals, push them in and twist you want to do that, for both sides get those done first, so that theyre out of the way. Now.

What i like to do is leave my pedals here, because i dont always remember where i need to put them, so i always leave them here, so i can grab them when im folding and i dont scratch up the bike. So first thing youre going to do. Leave your kickstand down and put this kickstand down. This holds the bike up when you fold it. The next thing you want to do after this is slide the seat down, so you just twist this little knob up here and then it easily just slides down. Now i have a little light here: im going to turn that off, so it doesnt go dead, but this one automatically shuts off next thing. Youll want to do is grab your latch mechanism right here. This is going to unlock your main latch right here and all youre going to do is reach your finger through this hole when youre on the side pull this latch, and this is kind of a two handed job but pull that latch. And then this just pops open its not hard at all the first time it was a little difficult, but once you learn the process, its pretty simple. Now, after that, you can fold down your handlebars and get these wires out of the way they kind of get caught and thats that, and then all you have to do from here is fold the bike like so and then itll rest here grab your strap and Strap up your bike now this will hold everything in place and keep your bike secure when you lift it up and down.

So you can grab like this and lift it anywhere, especially putting it in your car, all right and finally, youre going to come over here. Get your door open grab the home bike, carry it over and what i did in my bike is, i put the rear wheel down at the bottom of the seat, put the seat in first so that it slides up under here and just push it in now. You may have to put the kickstand in at this point its not going to hurt anything if you do that, but just watch your watch your brakes, because these will get caught on stuff, especially when loading and unloading. So just do that. I put this latch back up when its in the folded position in the car. That way when i shut my door, it doesnt get caught and its as simple as that it can pretty much fit in any car.


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