Industry Digest: Tony Ellsworth Rejoins Ellsworth Bikes, the Possible Return of ‘InterBike’ & More

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Tony Ellsworth rejoining Ellsworth Bikes

By: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Ellsworth will take an active role in design and development of his namesake brand after a four-year absence.

Tony Ellsworth is returning to his namesake mountain bike brand after a four-year absence to become chief development/design officer.

“We’re here sitting on my property in Ramona (California), which is the original home of Ellsworth Bikes, making plans,” Ellsworth told BRAIN on Wednesday, hours after he rejoined the company, now owned by RP Designs CEO Rudi Pienaar. “We’re pretty excited, both of us.”

Ellsworth, who last had an active role in 2018 under the ASG Group ownership, saw the opportunity to restore the brand with Pienaar, who acquired it in December. Ellsworth said he planned to start another mountain bike company and then heard Pienaar had purchased his San Diego-based company from the ASG Group, which acquired it in 2018. Ellsworth remained with ASG initially before leaving the same year “when ASG decided they weren’t going to do product development anymore,” he said.

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More than half of women cyclists started riding or returned to it during the pandemic

By: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Nearly 56% of female cyclists riding today either started cycling during the pandemic or returned to it after a layoff, according to the National Bicycle Dealers Association’s Bicycling Buying 2021 Consumer Research study.

“As consumers pull back from buying bicycles and e-bikes, the challenge bike shops face is holding on to these new and returning cyclists and keeping them on their bicycles or e-bikes as the pandemic continues and the economy reacts to shifting employment, supply chain problems, and price pressure,” said Heather Mason, the NBDA’s president.

“While 56.8% of adult bicycle and e-bike riders in 2020 and 2021 were male and 42.6 percent were female, our consumer research study found that 33.4% of women cyclists started cycling for the first time, and 22 percent returned to cycling during the pandemic. This totals 55% or over half of all adult female cyclists that started or returned in the last two years. These are the kinds of detailed, actionable facts the NBDA has made available to every segment of the bicycle business,” Mason added.

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Emerald surveys industry on bringing back ‘InterBike’

By: Steve Frothingham / Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Many members of the global bike industry received email surveys this week from Emerald Expositions, a trade show company that produces the Outdoor Retailer expos and which owns Interbike, the bike expo last held in 2018 in Reno, Nevada.

The survey asked if industry members would be interested in a return of Interbike, where and when they would prefer it to be held, and whether they were open to combining the bike show with the Outdoor Retailer show, which is held in Denver.

Initially some industry members questioned whether the email came from Emerald, as Interbike was spelled oddly and the email contained some other errors. Emerald sent a follow-up email a few days later.

“To relieve any existing doubts: Yes, we Emerald, are considering a relaunch of Interbike and receiving the input and perspectives from this amazing community is one of our top priorities. Our commitment is to ensure your vision and needs are met and achieved,” the follow-up email said.

Emerald has welcomed bike exhibitors at its Outdoor Retailer events in the past, although it stopped short of labeling the bike area as “Interbike.” The fall 2019 Outdoor Retailer was to have included a bike expo, but that event was canceled.

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Wayne Stetina leaves Shimano after 37 years, joins SRAM

By: Steve Frothingham / Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Wayne Stetina is leaving Shimano American, where he has held leadership and product positions for 37 years, to join arch rival SRAM, according to several BRAIN sources and an interview published Friday on

BRAIN has not been able to reach Stetina yet, but he told RBA that he is leaving Shimano on good terms.

“(I) have to say that it’s actually been better than I thought it would be. Of course they were concerned about product confidentiality so I had to sign some papers, but I think they’re also aware of my history of integrity. In fact, even SRAM made me sign papers that would hold me responsible if there was ever any information passing over,” Stetina told RBA editor Zapata Espinoza.

Stetina joined Shimano in 1984. One of the most successful road racers in American history, Stetina was involved in product development and later served as vice president and road product specialist. He said that at SRAM he will become a “Senior Field Guide” at SRAM.

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Dorel completes sale of Dorel Sports to Pon Holdings

By: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Dorel Industries has completed its sale of Dorel Sports — which includes Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose and other bike brands — to Pon Holdings, for $810 million. The planned acquisition was announced in October.

Dorel Industries said the sale will return $390 million to shareholders in the form of a special dividend of $12 per share.

“We are very pleased to have completed the sale of Dorel Sports to a great company like Pon. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I again thank the Dorel Sports team for their commitment to Dorel and their great achievements,” said Martin Schwartz, Dorel Industries’ President and CEO.

“We believe that with this sale, Dorel has realized full value for Dorel Sports, for the benefit of Dorel and our shareholders,” Schwartz added.

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Cardinal Cycling Group, the owner of TIME bikes, buys Detroit Bikes

By: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Cardinal Cycling Group, a new company formed last year to acquire the TIME bicycle business from Rossignol, has acquired Detroit Bikes.

Cardinal has acquired assets including the brand, inventory and production facility. Zak Pashak, Detroit Bikes’ founder, will remain a partner in the new company and continue in a factory management & business development role.

Cardinal Cycling Group intends to further develop its U.S.-made steel range and expand its urban e-bike offerings.

“From the moment I saw the Detroit Bikes launch video in 2014, I have loved the Detroit Bikes brand. Zak and I became friends over the years as we have been on a similar path of re-shoring bicycle manufacturing, getting more people on bikes and building brands that matter. We are thrilled to take the reins at Detroit Bikes and commend Zak for building a passionate and iconic brand,” said Tony Karklins, the CEO of Cardinal Cycling Group. Karklins, an industry veteran, was a co-founder of HIA Velo, the parent company of the Allied Cycle Works brand. Karklins left Allied in 2018.

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