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Storm Sondors Has A Very Important Message For You


Until SONDORS came around, there wasn’t an affordable premium electric bike on the market.

Now, you probably see them everywhere. In a way, just by our innate nature to be radical revolutionaries, our mission of Electric For Everyone was fulfilled the minute we shifted the market in our favor.


HOWEVER, I want to make one thing very clear: affordable does not always equal premium. That is the SONDORS difference.


The reason I point this out is because as with any market disruption like SONDORS has created, you’re bound to get cheap brands with cheap products that just care about their bottom line and not delivering you the best product imaginable. They purchase generic, off-the-shelf ebikes, slap their logo on them, and expect you to ride around with an *eyesore* battery dangling on the outside of the frame or on an off balanced rear rack. I threw out that boring business 101 playbook the day I launched our first Indiegogo campaign—because for me, the true art of innovation is in offering something better for the world, not just creation for the sake of money making.

So, I focused instead on fostering solid relationships with our international team of experts while maintaining hands-on quality-control throughout the duration of production.


I’m the kind of guy that lives for the journey and the destination, and I believe most of you—our incredible SONDORS community—live for the same thing. Am I right?


As we celebrate our 95,000 new riders milestone this week, I quickly just want to come back to the basics and tell you how we are able offer an ultra-affordable price while maintaining awe-inspiring design and quality:

Most SONDORS are made-to-order.

Yes, it’s true.

When you order your SONDORS with a future shipping date, we’re building your electric bike from the ground up.

That means that every SONDORS is designed and hand built by SONDORS, with high-grade components and proprietary parts, and subjected to extensive quality control and testing. This extremely detail oriented “small batch precision production,” leads to hand-crafted perfection for every single SONDORS that rolls off our assembly line and into your wildest dreams.

By doing this, we also benefit from eliminating the middleman and the need to warehouse a large inventory—passing those savings on to you.


There you have it — three of the main ingredients that make for a stunning electric bike at a ridiculously affordable price. Now you know “the how”, and here’s “the why”…


We don’t provide affordable, premium electric transportation so you can attain it, we provide affordable, premium electric transportation because you deserve it. This ethos is directly reflected in the diversity of our lineup. We could simply offer a handful of models all at a low price and fulfill our mission of Electric For Everyone. But that wouldn’t reflect the individualistic nature of each of our riders and their lifestyles.


We offer three lines, with unique models in each, so that you can count on affordability and quality that fits your every need: SONDORS Original Class, SONDORS XS Class, and SONDORS Elite Class Mid-Drive


At SONDORS, we’re dedicated to transforming life as we know it and we’re well on our way of reaching our “100,000 new riders in 2020 goal”. 

Join us, and join the Electric Revolution!

Electric For Everyone.


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