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JP Monk x Teagan Heap – Pivot Cycles

So, to deal with Bootleg’s trademark gnarly factor, and, of course, it’s and ultra-dangerous quick drop offs, JP employed a friend to come along and help man the scariest and most dangerous places where Teagan might wreck, to minimize the chances of catastrophic wipeouts that would send his young daughter down a cliffside and into a ravine.  

 Luckily, JP only had to catch Teagan before she went over the cliffside on one occasion. After all, she was a natural on a bike.  

 By the time Teagan was eight, she was racing the Southridge fall series in Fontana, California. At the time, she was the youngest racer there. To add to that, the dearth of women racers at the time usually meant there was usually only enough to field a single women’s race. Before she turned ten, Teagan was lining up against women in their teens, twenties, and thirties. And often, she was beating them.  

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