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KBO Wind Step-Thru Vs. Aventon Rate 500 Step-Thru

A step-through bike is a bike with a substantial lack of the leading tube in the structure, consequently making the front of the bike incline downward as well as reach the rear of the bike. This sort of bike structure makes it simpler for a cyclist to hop on or leave by merely tipping via the rounded structure of the bike. Step-through bikes are fantastic for aged individuals that discover it tough to raise their legs expensive as it is simpler to place as well as unmount. It would certainly additionally make shipment males that need to embark on their bikes extremely often due to the parcels they bring simpler. What makes a step-thru bike one is the lack of the leading tube in the electrical bike structure.

KBO Breeze Step-Thru commuter electric bicycle

The step-through bike, additionally called low-step bike, Dutch step-through bike or open-frame bike, was created since females were not permitted to use pants at that time. They were just permitted to use lengthy skirts as well as standard outfits. The low-thru bike structure was made to make it simpler for females to leave the bikes conveniently. The very same chooses parcel shipment males that needed to hop on as well as off their bikes extremely often.

There are different kinds of electrical bikes that have various features, originated from different brand names as well as have various frameworks. Therefore, making a decision which sort of electrical bike to acquire as well as what brand name to purchase from can be an additional trouble you could experience when making your choice.

For that reason, we will certainly be utilizing the KBO Breeze step-thru commuter e-bike as well as the Aventon speed 500 step-thru e-bike as a study by mentioning the distinctions in between both bikes.

Intend you are lately thinking about purchasing a step-thru e-bike. Because instance, you need to review this post very carefully as well as select the one for the very best cash.

Winning Requirements

This table reveals the technological component of the step-thru bikes, those peculiarities as well as distinctions that make a step-through bike one.

KBO Wind Step-thru electrical traveler bike

Aventon Speed 500 Step-thru e-bike


48V 16Ah

Samsung lithium ion battery

48V 11.6 Ah

Haul Ability




30- 55 miles per fee

25 – 40 miles per fee


27.5 x 2.4 inches Panasonic Tires

27.5 x 2.2 inches Ebike Rated


48V led light in the front as well as back (Integrated brake tail light)

Not consisted of

Back shelf Totally free grant acquisition Not consisted of
Complete Fenders

Free grant acquisition

Not consisted of


This talks concerning the buildings of the electrical bike, both technological, physical as well as mechanical. It additionally mentions their distinctions as well as resemblances.

KBO Wind Step-thru

Aventon Speed 500 Step-thru

Electric Motor




48V 16Ah

48V 11.6 Ah

Pedal Help

0-5 degrees

0-5 degrees




Full Throttle

25+ miles per hour

20 miles per hour


30- 55 miles per fee

25 – 40 miles per fee








48V LCD light in the front as well as back (Integrated brake taillight)

Not consisted of


LCD backlight

LCD backlight




Battery Charger

48V 3A

48V 3A

USB Phone Cost







$ 1,499

$ 1,599

As you can see over in the graph, KBO has a bigger battery capability than Aventon. It provides a much more extensive series of approximately 55 miles per fee. If you are seeking a long-range e-bike, KBO with a Samsung Li-ion battery is appropriate for you.

Weight capability is additionally a crucial aspect to think of in the past purchasing an electrical bike. If your weight mores than 250 pounds, you will not select Aventon step-thru Speed 500. It just has an optimum 250 pounds capability, while KBO has a 300 pounds haul capability

The KBO bike tire is larger than the later on. This causes much better equilibrium as well as a smoother flight. The previous is additionally puncture immune which implies that you do not need to be afraid obtaining a decreased tire frequently.

There will certainly constantly be an opportunity for you to ride in the evening. Therefore, having brilliant front as well as back lights is substantial. KBO Wind has lights in the front, back, as well as brake tail light, so you will certainly be conveniently identified while riding in the evening. There is no light on Aventon Speed 500 Step-thru on the specifications. Y ou will certainly require to purchase an added light as an accessory on your own.

KBO breeze commuter e-bike LED lights

If you are seeking a class 3 e-bike, Aventon Speed 500 Step-thru is appropriate for you. It has a full throttle of 28 miles per hour with throttle. In this instance, it will certainly require the hydraulic disc brake to quit the bike from such a broadband. The bike with a mechanical brake would certainly need to be regulated by the biker. This does not imply that a hydraulic brake is any kind of even worse yet our team believe that every biker likes to be in control of the bike which is we have actually placed the biker in control of the brakes.

The KBO step-through bike is powered by a 48V 16Ah lithium-ion battery comprised of solid Samsung cells. This implies that this reduced step-through bike will possibly last longer than any kind of various other e-bike you recognize. It additionally has a 500W brushless equipment center electric motor that allows you ride easily via dust roadways, light routes as well as city blocks as well as makes it simpler to climb up high hillsides with no extra stress. Additionally, a Shimano 7 rate equipment shifter is made to permit you to alter equipments to adjust to various surfaces. It additionally has an LCD show that reveals the fundamental metrics like the rate you are driving on, the range you have actually gone, the help degree as well as the battery degree.


Both the KBO action via bike as well as the Aventon speed 500 action via bike appear rather comparable. Yet you will certainly observe the distinctions on battery capability, haul capability, array, lights as well as the brake kind. If you are investing over $1000 bucks on an electrical bike, you are worthy of to discover the most effective for the cash as well as the one that matches you ideal.

The KBO bike is the most effective action via bike for you as it provides the most effective array. You obtain all these advantages at an extremely reduced as well as pocket pleasant rate. This is a case in point of eliminating 2 birds with a rock as you obtain the most effective top quality at a very budget friendly price.

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