KBO RANGER Cargo E-bike Ride and Review | You Could Ditch Your Car with This Bike… Seriously.

All right so downstairs here, uh its been a little while i havent posted a lot lately, but uh im trying to get back into some more videos. Obviously, if youre here youre either here for this bike or youre here, because you are one of my subscribers and hey thanks for coming back um, as you guys know, if you know im a big motorcyclist, i love motorcycling. I love everything about it, been doing it for 30 years, pretty much everything in my life besides my kids and some other things. So with that being said, im a motorhead right. I love internal combustion engines, blah blah, but im also an engineer. A lot of you. Dont know this uh long before i do what i do now. I built machinery for the military. I was doing solar engineering um battery bank systems, whatever so battery riding technology. If you will um, electric mobility is also very uh. Interesting to me, ive always kind of considered it not ready and not. You know not suitable for for applicable use in this world because the batteries are just not really there yet, but i would say they are now, at least in the e bike realm um. Electric motorcycles are still kind of a toy. I think at this point, but im still very interested in them too. In fact, im probably going to be doing a uh, a sandors um review pretty soon uh we have one coming in so thatll ill, be checking it out and doing a review on that.

Pretty excited about that, but suffice to say, uh theyre here to stay these e bikes, especially, and i was really excited when this company reached out. I wanted to do it. I was like lets, go for it, you know, and so hopefully you guys enjoy this um and get something out of it and uh yeah. I appreciate you guys checking in all right. Well, coffees done lets get to it, guys so heres what we got. This is a little package that came in the mail. This is the kbo ranger, its a cargo e bike, this company reached out and they saw some of the other reviews. I had done and said: look you know uh. We, like motorcycle stuff, see what you think about this bike, its kind of a mixture of its definitely an e bike, but its very heavy duty, um, so yeah. This is a sponsored video just to be very clear about that, but its also, you know i told them in in no uncertain terms. I dont fluff these companies if the if the product is junk its junk period, thats the deal uh and i will tell you so uh just something to keep in mind if youre watching this, it is sponsored, but it is not going to be a fluff video. All right, oh okay, all right! So i will t i will say two things here: one heavy. It is heavy its its a serious e bike.

You know its not a feather light, its meant for cargo, so its like 77 pounds or something like that. I think its set on the box so its pretty heavy. So if you are not capable obviously get help, second thing is really well packaged. So far i can tell beautifully packaged actually so im gon na go ahead and crack into it just start assembling again. Im not gon na go over a full, build video. It doesnt really seem like thats the right thing to do because ill miss things that that you know get it built by a shop if youre not comfortable, if youre comfortable just build it all right. So, im going to make a couple little notes here, along the way. Handlebars are probably one of the best first things to throw on because it is stable kind of how its sitting there. So im gon na go ahead and do that the nice thing is they sent you a uh. They sent me where they sent you whoevers, watching this nice little uh multi tool for bikes, so im gon na go ahead and use it im, not gon na use. Any of my own tools, hopefully well see see if they can actually see if you can actually put this thing together with the tool they sent. I im hopeful. It is the case. Another thing to keep in mind here is uh cable routing so well check that out in a minute here, but usually you want to make sure the cables are are as clean as they can be.

When you turn lock to lock both right and left, you know make sure that they are in a way that makes sense. Obviously the manual does tell you what it is, but uh just something to keep in mind. While youre doing all this um, you can have issues with cables being pulled apart and things like that uh. If youre, not careful about that e bikes, have obviously a lot of cables right. Theres theres sensor wires theres, you know brake cables, theres all sorts of stuff going on with these bikes. So its not like a normal bike where you have just you know two cables, three cables, all right. So lets get these up and again so im kind of looking at the cables and seeing how they want to route and lets see here. That is looking good to me all right, so im just gon na leave that like that for now and lets get this front wheel on oh getting old sucks. I just got a huge head rush and again you kind of want to tighten the bottom clamps. Almost all the way and then do the top as your final step, all right. So on the back side of there, they zip they zip zip, tie the the keys. This is not an ignition key um fun fact. This is actually for the battery, so its right on here. If youre at a place where you dont want the battery to be stolen, you can unlock it.

I dont know how to pull it off there we go so it unlocks. It then theres another little latch right there and you can pull it out somehow huh there, you go all right, so yeah shes a beefy battery too really nicely done. I mean look at these latches. This is this. Is some nice stuff so thats one of your kind of uh theft deterrent devices? If youre at a uh, you know grabbing, you know groceries or something like that, pull the whole battery out, take the key back out and then boom. This thing is still worth a lot, but its worth a lot less without this right, so thats what they do for you to kind of keep the um the the bad guys away. I guess you know i dont know all right so lets get that back in all right, so were gon na be right, there yeah. This feels pretty good right. There actually – and i might go up just a scotch on the height of the seat, but i like the uh the handlebar position right there brakes feel good theyre all set up pretty nicely right. There, i think, were going to go ahead and put that home right where it is so. The pedals are labeled, says right on there left, turn or right side left side, pretty simple: they are reversed, obviously on one side. So just keep that in mind. It says it right on here too, which way to actually uh secure them.

So again, real dummy proof. You dont need a lot with this bike to get it going. Um 15., so 15 mil well get you well get your pedals all tightened up, and this is one thing where i would probably just tell you to uh use an actual wrench. Just you really want these tight. Normally i dont really bother with these, but since i am going to use this thing as kind of an all weather, grocery getter and an adventure type bike, i am going to put all the fenders on. They really make a lot of sense for this kind of bike. There are these screws theres two holes down there for screws and im, not seeing the actual screws, so im going to need to go through everything again and figure out where those little screws are ill. Be back found them two little screws at the bottom of the box, of course, buried in a bunch of stuff that i didnt see and they were not secured, but they were there so good on you all right, thats, better up, close and personal. So where is it whatd? I do okay, so you got your fender right. You got a little tab right in the front there. The tab actually goes behind this uh the actual fork and then the headlight you want to put stay. You want to put the the bolt with the with the washer on the front of the headlight like that.

Hopefully you guys can see that good to go. Okay, i told you i wasnt going to do an ins or an assembly video, but theres, not much of assembly so might as well. Do something put that through this hole right here and then youre gon na have the back side right there, and this nut goes right there on the back side, all right and then go ahead and assemble all that, and then these little two screws that i was Telling you about in the box, they are in the box. Hopefully, if your box is not mangled, it should be in there at the bottom uh and they already have loctite so really bang up job guys. I, like it, go ahead and throw these on the bottom right here. My axle lock is in the way, of course, so im going to move that, but you get the idea, get all this stuff nice and tight the one other thing i would tell you to do its a really good idea with anything machinery wise that you buy Um, i dont care what manufacturer it is. What company what country came it doesnt matter go over every bolt on this bike so like these, these brake nut. These brake bolts right here, these brake bolts um when, when these go on im gon na tighten these up. Um, just everything the head, the head, bolts right here, just everything you should be tightening up just to be sure that it was done in the factory.

So far, like i said, im really impressed with the quality of the manufacturing of this and the pre assembly and the inspection everything i mean. Look at these side brackets right here. These these these side steps they go on the side of the bike ill. Do those in a minute just really beautiful quality, though like look at the tig welds on there, you know say what you will about chinese stuff, but theyre coming light years ahead these days, i dont care what anybody says they have drain holes for everything in the Aluminum, the tig welds are all beautiful. They pocketed all the holes on the wood. I mean come on guys. This is this is good stuff im really. You know im just happy to see this. This bike so far is really impressing me. There are a couple plugs theyre, all uh, you know color coordinated, so really this stuff should be pretty simple for you and they have little notches in them. So you just line up the notches like so and then go ahead and push it home. These are waterproof. Ish plugs, but its not a bad idea to put dielectric grease inside of all these plugs im, probably going to go ahead and do that off camera im just going to take all these plugs apart, put a little dielectric grease and be done with it. All right were looking pretty good im going to go ahead and just kind of crank everything down im going to mount these back steps, theres really not much to these theyre for cargo or for kids, and they mount right there and right there.

The bolts are already there, they look symmetrical theres, not much to it. So i dont see a point recording that so thats what were doing so for me, i need some groceries, so thats going to be. The first mission on this bike is to go to the grocery store and see how it does. I cant see its going to do poorly, but its you know im all about utility. I want to use this thing for actual utility, its going to replace my truck. My truck has like 110 000 miles and its a 2018, so you can do the math um, its not good and with gas where it is and everything else im all about. You know minimizing that. So this thing right here is going to hopefully do that so lets get to it all right, so starting out just pop it off the center stand. I have to do this all one handed for now. So excuse me, if its a little bit shaky but uh, pretty simple operation so to get the thing fired up, theres a little button under here. You hold that down, for i think about five seconds, and then there you go it fires right up, gives you your energy remaining. Hopefully you guys can see that lets get some better shot here. Is that a little better for yeah there? You go so youre gon na have speed right here. Youre gon na have your uh your level, so you can go up and down one two and three: four five right here: uh manual mode, i like manual mode im, gon na, keep it there and then this is your odometer.

As you can see, we have almost no time on this thing, full battery good to go pretty simple, not a lot to it. I love the simplicity of this computer ive seen other ones that were a lot more complicated. So really, essentially, what youre going to do in manual mode is either you pedal and the motor comes on, or you just have a throttle right here. As you can see, it wants to go boom there you go front brake rear, brake, not much to it uh, so yeah lets get uh. Lets get going here all right, well mission, one complete its time to go, get one more thing. I dont live in a bad area, but i certainly dont live in the best area, either so shes going to get locked up every time. Thatll do yeah one more for good measure. All right groceries are done for the day. Lets see. If i can get these strapped up all right, though all right, well job, one complete, just got back and really happy with the uh performance of the bike on the way home super simple, only downside, im seeing is uh people just dont, see you as well. I almost got whacked uh crossing over a business uh, which was you know, frustrating, but it happens all right, so todays the day were gon na. Do a range test on the kbo ranger im pretty excited about that were going to go, hopefully down to new hope.

Pa its roughly 15 miles from me, i dont know if itll make it to be honest, um there and back. I should say its got an estimated range of 60 but thats with pedaling im going to go fully no pedaling today, because i figure thats my best benchmark and then anything above that essentially is icing on the cake right. So if you pedal youre going to get more than whatever i get today, so thats kind of i wanted to get the worst case scenario just throttle. Only all the way down and back im, hopefully going to get 30 miles, thats the goal we shall see. How are you all right? So here we go, this is the uh canal path in uh, yardley, pa, uh, really cool. If you guys are ever down here, check it out for sure its a really nice really well maintained canal path, uh. It goes like 30 something miles. I think one way all right, so im gon na slow down a little bit here and explain something. This is gon na, be probably my only really gripe with this bike now. This is a common thing with a lot of the um. I would call them smaller companies right. I dont want to speak poorly because i actually really like this bike and the company has been phenomenal to work with so far so im not gon na. You know theyre just not a cannondale or a specialized anyway.

What im seeing right now, as you can see, im on level two right here, so you have two three four five right, i cant even keep up on level two. I can keep up pedaling, no problem. If i bring it up to level three, i mean youre pumping pretty hard to keep up. If i go to four forget it theres not enough gear in this bike for me to even use it on level, four im, basically just free wheeling the pedals right now. Okay, so so, hopefully you guys im gon na slow down a little bit so im not screaming, but hopefully you guys can understand what im saying here there just isnt enough gearing in this stock setup for you to use the pedal assist in anything really past level. Three, i would say um once youre past that youre just youre you dont, even have the power to to, or even the speed really to keep up. You know its just way too much. Sorry on your left, all right, well, its official. I made it to new hope uh, as you can see by my well that doesnt seem right. It was at a half it wasnt, like a half tank of electrical capacity, but whatever now its showing full, which is nonsense, but anyway uh. I think this thing will do about what i thought, so that was 15 miles a little over 15 miles uh and uh yeah. I am uh pretty damn happy with this thing.

Definitely a cool little rig, so im gon na stop up here, maybe grab a an adult beverage and then uh head on back. I promise he wouldnt have hurt you i guarantee it. Can i ask you guys a question real, quick, so im reviewing this for a company uh cargo electric bike right? Have you guys ever ridden electric bikes at all olivia? Oh, yes, yeah! Is that the is that the evidence of it right there? Okay, okay, so im curious like what i just talked to some older people. You guys are obviously younger whats your view on e bikes and stuff. I mean obviously this ones kind of more for like shopping and stuff like that. But what do you guys have you guys ever had any interest? I think theyre, like cool for, like cities and stuff, but like on a path like this. I would rather like ride. Of course, yeah. I fully agree. Im actually doing a range test for them right now to see how far itll actually go and see if theyre lying, but anyway um so so thats kind of your view is like for here no for city, yes right yeah, i think i was like were like 20 for college, its specific, i guess, like i dont know, i feel like classes like its really effective yeah. Where are you, you guys go to philly schools or they go to pennsylvania and they have a lot of like spin bikes there, where i feel like people? Oh yeah, yeah, spin, yeah, im familiar with yeah people, do use them yeah all right last question for you.

This video goes on youtube. Do you have any issue with that? No, no! No, no are you sure all right. I appreciate you guys input. Thank you very much have a great day guys. Hopefully it does all right so were pretty much towards the end of the ride here and, as you can see, we have almost no energy left just about at 30 miles total trip going up a pretty steep hill and uh yeah its its, not loving it, but Its doing it i mean its. This thing is definitely a hurt pup at this moment, its definitely low on juice, but hey its not giving up and im almost home, so overall really really impressed with the bike i didnt pedal at all. I did a full throttle test that whole time and it kept wanting more so yeah all good, all right, so yeah thats thats kind of the uh the overview on the kbo ranger. I am a huge fan, really really think its a great bike. Um. The couple. Little downsides, i mentioned still do hold water, the uh, the lack of kind of like an over overdrive gear. I would call it in the back there. I think that would be a great addition for them to make in the future um, and then i still have that squealing rear brake ill, probably just replace the pads at this point. Usually, what that is when you do all the things ive done, which i took it apart and realigned it, and it still is there so that usually means theyre just contaminated.

You know in the factory or somewhere, probably picked up some oil or something like that. Whatever the case may be, it really doesnt matter, those pads are like six dollars, theyre, not expensive, so um, i really dont care um, and i just my overall impression, though kind of, to end this video is. I have to give these guys credit its its a great bike. Its well made um its got the the tectro brakes, its got the shimano gears, its got really high quality wheels tires. The frame welds are beautiful. Just in general, the thing is nicely done: im not gon na sit here and and nitpick it, because theres really not a lot to nitpick um. The two things i mentioned are the only two things i really didnt like the power delivery is a lot smoother than other bikes, ive ridden other e bikes, so they must have done something with the ecu on this thing and uh yeah, i would say for for The price, especially, i think, its like 1700, something like that. You cant go wrong. You know its like with for what youre getting for that kind of money, its wild compared to especially other manufacturers and what theyre offering all day. Where is it that thing grab? One? All right, well, i think ive covered it all, really happy youre, going to see more of this bike too, i think were going to do a camping trip with it. A couple of my buddies have some e bikes and were going to do some shenanigans, get some drones going and uh some pack rafts and go ride up and just be idiots somewhere up north of here.

So look forward to that. One and ive got some other videos coming out soon: um yeah, just a couple different things: im working on so check back in all right.


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