KTM Collaborates With Brabus To Launch 1300R

The razor-sharp design has been replaced with a more mass-appealing, dare we say ‘mainstream’ look. Leaked photos of an intriguing hyper-naked motorbike appeared online in late 2021. It was eventually discovered that the vehicle was an upcoming offering from none other than Brabus, a German vehicle manufacturer. Yes, the same Brabus that brought us countless monster Mercedes has partnered up with KTM to develop a motorbike based on the 1290 Super Duke EVO that is just as ferocious (if not more).

Brabus is renowned for its outlandish Mercedes-Benz melodies and one-of-a-kind supercars, and it has lately ventured into the realm of boats, but it has now unveiled its next offering, the Brabus 1300 R, its first-ever motorcycle. The bike was intended to make its formal debut on February 11th, 2022, however, its features and images were leaked ahead of its launch.

As per the reports, the Brabus 1300 R has a circular LED headlamp with the Brabus logo, similar to what we see on KTM-owned Husqvarna bikes. Carbon-fiber air scoops, a headlamp shroud, and aerodynamic winglets give an aggressive look to the motorcycle.

The gasoline tank has also been re-sculpted to seem more muscular than the 1290 Super Duke’s already muscular tank. Not to mention the carbon-fiber accents on the tank. It does, however, contain the same amount of fuel as the 1290 Super Duke, with a 16.2-liter capacity.

The Brabus 1300 R sharpens up towards the finish to round out the design. The tail end is composed of carbon fiber and has a more streamlined appearance than the Super Duke’s. To distinguish from its Austrian cousin, the bike has nine-spoke alloy wheels and twin-barrel exhausts.

Overall, Brabus has done an excellent job with the design of the 1300 R. The 1290 Super Duke EVO, on the other hand, would appeal to a younger clientele with a sportier taste. However, design is subjective and differs from one individual to the next.

Cover Image: BRABUS

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