KymNonStop’s 2017 Cordoba

I obtained the brand-new Cordoba on Monday. I was flying to Bogota on Thursday. After swiftly switching the parts from my Ruby over, I took it for a spin. The climate in NY was unseasonably cozy, guiding me to transform my fast spin right into an unscripted excursion of south Brooklyn. My very first idea as I rode down Kent ave: This bike really feels acquainted. I would certainly satisfied the Cordoba in the past, in 2014. My 2015 Cordoba put on a brilliant environment-friendly layer of paint. However this brand-new variation, disrobed in glossy raw steel, really felt racier. stiffer. quicker.

The construct from my Ruby included my Zipp 404’s, the Zipp SL Sprint carbon stem with Tempo Evo Contour bars and also Omnium cranks. However with Cielos Infernales, a long-format climbing up race, simply days away, my 49/15 crit proportion needed to go. I switched my chainring to 47 and also cleaned off my 19-tooth Surly gear, going down an entire 21 equipment inches.

With my climbing up equipment on, skidding was a wind. I invested the following couple of days whip skidding via the city, appreciating the simpleness of brakelessness. The Cordoba seemed like a great set of pants- informal, sturdy, and also comfortable. I wound up pushing my seat ahead a little bit to make up for the much longer leading tube yet or else the fit was almost the very same.

The day of my trip I made one last swap- changing my 25mm Gatorskins for Zipp Tangente R30’s. The training course I would certainly be competing on was all-terrain and also I desired an extra grip for the mud and also rocks.

Oh and also the last touch? A canteen cage, hose-clamped on, much like I made use of to do in my carrier days when I would certainly load my camping tent in my job bag and also excursion on my repaired equipment.

Some points never ever alter.

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