LECTRIC eBike 1 Year Review

I think weve angered the birds, weve angered every single bird in the park. I think i think i hope this isnt an alfred hitchcock situation and its a little creepy. I might even hear the train here a little bit because we just heard it a few minutes ago and they constantly come through. So as you can hear its theres a lot of wildlife in our area. Fun anyway, so were out here today to talk about e bikes over the last couple years: theyve exploded on the market, yeah theres theres, so many different brands out there, one of the most prominent ones is electric, which is what we have um weve had ours. Almost a year almost a year and weve been enjoying it a whole lot and please excuse these birds, theyre driving me nuts um, but yeah. We we love them. Weve weve, ridden them pretty much all over the u.s everywhere we go. We have them with us, so we, you know, tested them out, yeah ron and i we havent had bike ridden bikes consistently for quite a while. We dabbled a few years back and then we yeah the right bikes but yeah. Our bikes were not that great. Now this is coming up close to our third year of rving, almost almost going into our third year yeah and uh. We saw the oh well, every youtuber was doing it all. The big youtubers uh was last year. They were coming out and they were talking about electric bikes and specific, specifically electric bikes and were like okay.

We need to look into this and these actually are on the lower end of the price point for an electric bike, so thats. Why kind of why we chose them, but they did come highly recommended by tons of people and we absolutely love them yeah. Now there are different styles of electric bikes, im, sorry different styles of e bikes, different sizes of e bikes, yes, and the reason why we went with electric was because they fold up yes, and it makes it easier for transportation. We put ours inside of our rv on travel day instead of in the back of the pickup, because they would bounce around a whole lot more in the back of the truck, and we use that for other things. Yeah now initially, you know the thought of the expense of the e bikes was a little bit overwhelming. You know youre forking over all that cash. Is it gon na be worth it? Are you gon na use it but im here to tell you that we absolutely love ours yeah, so i mean for ours. It was right at a thousand dollars per bike, but we happened to look into it last year when they were slowly getting into uh clearancing out this particular model, the the xp, the xp 2.0 yeah, and that we got the comfort package with it and which was A bigger seat and we got the different bike rack on it, um and what else? Oh, the the upgraded headlight yeah, which i love having that on there i think thats, great um, so yeah i mean a couple of pros and cons.

You know, as far as a pro its definitely opened up how we explore. Oh yeah, you know yeah. Some of these rv parks are huge yeah. When we were at camp fempo. That park was enormous. We would have had to do the nightly activities when we were down there. We from where we were actually camping to the place we were doing, activities and stuff was quite a long ways. We would have had to plan out a long walk or we would have had to drive up each night, which would have been annoying so having the e bikes. Everybody did that because most everybody had an e bike and its so much better than having to you know, rent a golf cart which i wouldnt have to want to have to do that ever would go so yeah i mean specifically. For that event, it was awesome, but its also opened up exploring other places like we got to ride our bikes in zion nationals. We biked through zion. That was an experience and we do have a video on it ill link it below um but its. It was absolutely beautiful and unless you actually do it its really hard to understand that the enormity of it because making a shuttle is much different than being on an e bike and just seeing well yeah, i mean theres times when we were the only people in Our group of six that were on the road yeah, you know we were out there by ourselves just traveling down the road and it was brilliant.

An amazing experience. You know just truly uh, like i said it, you know it opened up our eyes to what we can do. Yeah. You know. Another thing is you know the state parks here in texas. They have a lot of hiking trails, a lot of the hiking trails. You can bike on them, except for cleburne dont dont do it. That was a bad idea. The one we went to yeah want the one trail that we went to trail. One bike zero. Well, even when we cant take the e bikes, but we mistakenly do we end up hiking, so you know thats better for us yeah now here comes the car theyre heavy theyre, very heavy. The bikes are 65 pounds: 65 70 65 to 75 pounds. I honestly, i dont know theyre just heavy. For me: electric has introduced a new line called the lights. Yes and people love those because they can easily put them in the back of their truck or in their rv, and you know its its much easier to do. But yeah i i dont want to go, buy another bike and i like this one yeah and a couple things if you are interested in e bikes. You know a couple things to think of. Is you know im a bigger guy, so we were looking at stuff. That is, i, my weight will function on you know and it works on these. My weight wouldnt work on some of the other ones.

You know costcos got a cheap 400 e bike, but i would be right on the edge of their weight threshold and i didnt want that and ive seen those bikes and to me they dont look as sturdy for some people theyre great, but they just. I want something thats, sturdy, yeah and that will hold up to you know whatever terrain were on pretty decently and that one just didnt do it for me. As far as that goes now, one co one con that i have about these, even though we got the comfort package with the bigger seat and all that because we ordered, when we did they the seats just starting out arent that great to start out with he Ended up breaking his and ripping it and stuff, so he got a cloud nine seat, so thats what he has on his. I still have my original seat, which im probably gon na change. Eventually, yeah were gon na see how my cloud 9c works and then maybe get her. One just all depends depends on how his works out for him. I may go and and get me one of those or something else. If that one doesnt work out. Another thing you want to look for when youre looking at possible e bikes is what are you going to use it for yeah, you know: do you need one thats going to be all terrain? You know, ours are all terrain and weve definitely put them to the test, probably in some situations where we shouldnt have, but id probably just you know they survive and and theyre theyre still going.

They have e bikes that are street bikes that you know are not made to be off road, then they have more heavy duty, bikes like the hemingways and those are a little bit heavier bigger they dont fold. So yeah. I think the hemi waves are upwards of 90 pounds or something like that. They are way heavier too were not experts, we dont own them. No, no thats, just things. You know word of mouth things, ive heard about those particular ones yeah and of course they do have different types, some of them fold like ours, some of them dont. You know some of them are heavier and if youre rving, you have to think of okay. How am i going to transport these yeah, and that was one thing that we werent sure about when we got them, we have a pickup truck, but i didnt know if i wanted to lift these 70 pound bikes in and out of the truck, because our you Know its a three quarter, ton so its higher, and that would be a lot more lifting yeah. Currently we put them inside and we um with mine. We just have it, go right up the steps and we could i mean on the inside hes on the outside and he pushes it up and i pull it in and then we fold it and put away and well show you exactly how we store them. Yeah. We get hers is actually wedged in the bedroom and it doesnt move yeah with mine.

I found through some of the facebook groups, for electric is that people would fold them and put them in totes. So if you get a 50 gallon tote, your bike can fold up and set in it. So i put my bike inside the tote and then what we do is we put it in our bathroom, bring in the slide and were good to go so thats. How we transport a lot of rvers have bike racks on the back of their rv yeah, which is great, but i i would be afraid i would scratch something like the rv. If i did that well, an rv is not made for a bike. Rack and wed have to weld and stuff like that, but were not going to do that. I think wed rather upgrade before we yeah thats, going to work on the rv. But if you do have a bike rack make sure that your bike rack is rated for the weight of these bikes and watch videos. Do your homework to make sure that what youre putting on is sufficient for your bike, because the last thing you want to do is lose your thousand or two thousand dollar investment that would be on the road yeah and if youre wondering we both have on bike. Gloves um thats because the past couple times weve ridden the bikes and weve ridden extensively right here. I didnt know it, but it kind of blistered and dried out the base of the palm of my hand, and it was kind of annoying and painful and im, like i dont, want that.

So i went on amazon found some cheap gloves for both of us and and were, and we were on a pretty rocky trail. So we were yeah just bouncing around quite a bit and palms as youll see from there, and a lot of people say that about the grips on these that you know, if you dont have gloves it, may tear up your hands and and theyre right. So so definitely you know, a plus side is were getting healthier. Okay were getting more exercise and its fun. It is im not forcing myself to go exercise. Im like i want to go, get on my bike. Yeah i mean it gives us the opportunity to explore, especially in places where you cant bring a car or a truck right, but you can hop on a bike and get out there so thats fun. You know to find the places that not everybody can get to yeah. One thing that you have to also be aware of is no matter where you are. Theft is prevalent if you have an e bike or even a regular bike. You should know by this point: if youre camping, youre in a campsite, make sure you lock them up or put them in your vehicle or something, but have them locked up really well, people have their bikes walk right off their campsite middle of the night middle of The day it doesnt really matter, if somebody sees an opportunity – and nobody else is around theyll – take it which is unfortunate but yeah.

What was it was a jar head and ginger. They had a bike stolen right out of the back of their truck yeah, so weve mistakenly left our bikes unlocked and weve left them in the back of our truck unlocked after weve been out riding in a different spot and honestly, i dont think ill. Do that again, that makes me very nervous now its easy to do when youre, tired and youre back from a hike or a bike ill. Do it later ill, lock it up later well later, your bike now might not be there yeah. So, just you know our bikes came with locks. We actually use an old fashioned just padlock and a padlock and a heavy duty. Cable yeah, a cable it works for us. I know some some people they put two and three different locks on their bikes. Just to make sure yeah just to make it more time consuming for somebody whos going to try to steal it and if somebodys going to take it theyre going to take it but dont make it easier. Yeah id rather make it more difficult for a thief. You know make them work for it, and maybe within that time you might catch them or somebody else might catch up. Yeah but like rhonda was talking about, were coming up on our one year anniversary with the e bikes and we actually love them. We do um electric just like any other company has their issues.

You know, yeah. The seats were a thing that a lot of people have said. You know people that havent even wrecked their bikes, um theyve said that the seats have fallen apart on them. I i dont know mine hasnt fallen apart on me, its just not comfortable so thats, one of the things that people are talking about and some people go when they get the bike. Theyll, take it directly to a bike shop, make sure everythings tightened down. We didnt do that we kind of did a once over, but well and thats. Another thing, too, is yes: they are plug and play right out of the box, but theres going to be a lot of little adjustments. You want to make make sure your seats at the right height make sure your brakes are centered up. You know, because in transit things get moved around things, get dinged yeah. Just like anything else. You know it shakes itll, rattle little screws and nuts loose. Just like your rv, just like the rv, you know so just do it once over make sure everythings tight, you know, make sure everythings where it should be. You should be good to go. Yeah uh for our use. The battery power has been great. Oh, my gosh, its been wonderful. We i usually keep it on pedal, assist one or two, depending on how, depending upon how steep the grade is that were going up um, i think when were in zion the bike shop, where our family rented bikes, they said, keep it at three itll, be easier For you, because we were up and down you know through the area so, but even then i put it back on too quite a lot and i was fine yeah now with that being said, with any place youre at check.

The rules e bikes in some places are being banned. Yeah, unfortunately, because people have used that, because you can put it up to pedal, assist five or you can full throttle it and people are doing that when they dont necessarily need it, and it puts other people in danger, puts themselves in danger. I mean, but just for going around the campground running up to the camp store or whatever something you need. You know the bikes come in handy perfectly. Theyre, great, you know, go visit your neighbor or whatever you need to do so, its definitely given us an outlet to be more active for sure, and i put a little pack on the back of mine. I dont know if you can see it from this angle, but its just a little its a bike bag, and then it can be a saddle bag kind of thing where you unzip it, and it has more storage that that goes down beside the back tire and Its been great, its just been fiddling with it to make it fit on this particular bike, but he has one too. He hadnt installed it im, lazy but and well put links to the pack and the gloves we use and even the cloud9 seat in our amazon store, if youre interested just to check them out. So what has been the biggest drawback that you have for or con for the bike? Hmm, i dont know ive had a lot of fun on it um.

For me i would say its the weight. You know its just its a hat yeah its yeah, when we both have to to finagle it up into the the rv. You know, and we both have to you can fold them up on your own. I cannot and he has to get him into position in the rv where they need to be for travel day, um thats hard. For me, i cant do that the weight is the biggest drawback and the grips the the the handle uh, the handlebars theyre theyre rough on the hands if youre riding extensively. So if you have one get some of these, these are great im, not a hardcore biker or anything like that im, not on my bike every day, all day or anything like that, but just being out two hours or whatever it really tore up my hands. Another thing to consider too, is you know these bikes do have electronic components ebike so be aware of weather conditions where youre going to be riding? How are you storing them yeah, you know they make bike covers for these, but weve actually found that a five burner. Grill cover will fit both of these bikes perfectly. You put the bikes, nice and next together and that cover goes right over them and its perfect yep and thats definitely saved us a couple couple yeah and when we were well again when we were in new braunfels, we got down to the area where we were Having a gathering and we went, and we brought baggies ziplock bags, ziploc bags to put over the little screens just to make sure we didnt get water and inside of the the screens and stuff and mess them up, because i dont want to have to order another.

One of those which you can you can order parts for these all all the time on on the electric website, but i dont want to have to do that. You know yeah and theyve actually come out with an extended range battery now too, which that that peaks. My interest, so once we get riding more, you know we havent run out of battery power, so yeah i dont even tend to even we had a full day riding in zion the whole day we still didnt run out of power. No, no. We were down to four bars, i think when we got back so which was great yeah, so it was, it was definitely a lot of fun, so these bikes have brought us a lot of enjoyment since weve had them, and we look forward to more adventures. Yeah were going to adventure more with them, so all right guys so tell us. Do you have an e bike? Do you have a regular bike? You know, how do you travel? You know if you have an e bike that you love? What brand do you have? Yeah, what do you have we? We would love to know. You know what else is out there. What else is really great? So yeah i mean, like i said in the last two years, e bikes have exploded, theres, so many different out there. All right, thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed the video and found some of this interesting or helpful in your search for e bikes or whatnot so um for myself and jim.

We will see you later please like and subscribe, and see you out there all right.


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