Longtail Max cargo ebike folds for transit, and glows in the dark

With their typically long wheelbase, cargo ebikes may not readily come to mind when you think of folding bicycles. The Longtail Max does indeed fold, however, via a unique mechanism – and as an added bonus, it has a glow-in-the-dark frame.

Manufactured by French company Calendar Bikes, the Max measures 196 cm (77 in) in length when unfolded – that configuration includes both a saddle for the rider in the middle, and a passenger/cargo area in the rear. The latter incorporates raised side rails to keep people/packages from falling off.

When the Max needs to be transported or stowed away, its handlebars are folded down and the front end of its frame is folded to one side (so it sits parallel to the rear end). The whole thing is then flipped upside-down, so it can be rolled along on a set of caster wheels that are built into the rear corners of the side rails. The whole process takes just a few seconds, and reduces the bike’s length by approximately 50 percent.

The Longtail Max was designed by Calendar Bikes founders Audrey and Frédéric Tran

The Longtail Max was designed by Calendar Bikes founders Audrey and Frédéric Tran

Calendar Bikes

As far as basic bike specs go, the Max features a 6061 aluminum frame with photo-luminescent paint; 20-inch aluminum-rim wheels; Magura eSTOP hydraulic disc brakes; a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur; folding pedals; plus front and rear mudguards.

The rider’s pedalling power is augmented by a 250W rear hub motor, which is in turn powered by a seat-tube-mounted 36V/10.4-Ah/360-Wh lithium battery. Depending on the level of assistance selected (via a bar-mounted color LCD controller), one charge should be good for a range of 40 to 50 km (25 to 31 mi).

The whole bike weighs a claimed 29.5 kg (65 lb) – battery included – and can carry a rider/cargo load of up to 200 kg (441 lb).

It can be ordered via the company website, and is priced at €3,990 (about US$4,533). There’s also a fancier Longtail Max Plus model, which adds features such as a suspension seatpost, a padded bench passenger seat, and foot rests – it goes for €4,590 ($5,215).

You can see a demo of the folding mechanism, in the following video.

Le tout nouveau Calendar Max… Le Longtail pliant !

Source: Calendar Bikes via Le Parisien

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