MagWheel T3 Review and How-To Ride (1500w Self Balancing Single Wheel Land Surfer)

So wish me luck and lets see how it goes come on now I asked mag wheel to send me the most powerful product that they make and a couple accessories to go along with it, so I can carry it around with me, so this one includes a Fender and a bag to carry it now lets open up the box and see how its packed this bag here that is packaged on top is going to hold the mag wheel when Im ready to transport it after Im riding its going to keep things clean. So if I want to put it back in my car, I dont have to worry about it. Dirtying up my car. It also has some pockets in here, so I can bring the charger with me in case I get where I need to go and I need to have extra range and charge up while Im there. I like the fact that this has the carrying straps here, because it is kind of awkward to carry around, and this is going to be really helpful to make it easy. Now. Ive noticed here that the styrofoam piece on top to protect the board was actually shaved off, on top probably to fit the bag in here and although that was effective, to get the bag in here, it is really messy theres little pieces of Styrofoam everywhere. So I dont know if thats how they always do it or if they just did it in my case, but its messy nonetheless right on top here there is an instruction manual here and so far it looks like there is really nice clear instructions and Technical information.

How to start writing how to take care of the board and a lot of really useful information. So this looks like a really great user manual. Next, on one side is what seems to be the charger here. Yep, and this looks to be a two amp charger. It is a 420 watt hour battery, so it should be able to fully charge between three and four hours on the other side. Here there is a handle that has velcro straps. It looks like this is going to be able to mount to the board and I should be able to carry it if I dont want to use the bag and then it looks like they sent me a little Christmas gift. I believe this is an ornament. A Christmas ornament that has some pine cones on it and a bell and a bow. I wish there was some kind of Mag wheel element to it, but thats cute nonetheless – and it looks like I have some leftover Halloween stickers here – Halloween night party candy and a ghost Laughter now Im, not sure if they give this to everyone or if theyre, just Giving it to me because Im reviewing this but Ill, take it. Nonetheless, okay lets take this styrofoam piece off and pull out the board all right. This is 37 pounds and it definitely feels like it. Mag wheel offers three different versions of the Trotter and they can range anywhere from 750 up to about thirteen hundred dollars, which is what I have here with the T3 without the fender, the water that you ride through is going to spit up on you.

So I think its well worth of fifty nine dollars to buy this Fender and keep you protected. This T3 here has a 1500 watt motor and it has a battery that is 420 Watt hours now. This will be able to get you anywhere between 18 and 21 miles of range, and it can hit a top speed of 21 miles per hour. Ive seen a lot of people riding around on devices like these on my e bike group rides and actually my buddy Ryan from the kilowatts has one and he loves it. He rides all around San Francisco up and down those hilly roads with them, and this one actually can climb 30 degree Hills. So Im really excited to try it out, but I do understand theres a learning curve, so Im ready to hop on this thing and test it out, but before we do that, let me talk a little bit more about how this works. These silicone foot pads have sensors in them, so its going to detect whether or not youre standing on it and then itll keep you level. You can actually pick five different color options for these silicone pads as well on the front and the back of the board. Here there are a series of LED lights and, depending on which way, youre traveling theyll either turn into a headlamp or tail lamp. All right before I go riding, I want to make sure the tire is inflated enough and on the side here it says 22 PSI.

So, Im going to use my fan tick to do this. This is a great tool. I use it all the time Ill set this to 20 and well just double check to make sure we have it fully inflated all right. It looks like its rating 9 PSI. So lets bump it up all right. I know this is going to take some learning so lets get it out there and try it out. I think I found a pretty good place to practice out on this mag wheel T3, because this is an area that has really squishy soft ground. So, even if I fall, I should be all right. Mag wheel says what you want to do is put your foot on the back and then position your front foot forward and then allow the board to balance out. So let me try that oh yeah yeah yeah. They also say its going to take about 20 to 30 minutes to try to get good at this or comfortable. All right attempt number two: Music Music. Now I dont snowboard or skateboard, and keep in mind the T3 is the most powerful one that they sell. So Im gon na attempt One More Time by myself, but they do recommend for your first time to have someone else, try to help you, so I might have to get to that next, but lets give it a try: Music, foreign, Music theres, a lot of power. Moving back and forth, and its just really hard for me to balance because Im not used to this so Im going to have producer Tim come out and help me try to balance Music Music foreign Music ly recommend getting someone to help you to initially start balancing On this, and then you can slightly tweak with each foot which direction you want to go and then start to move your ankles back and forth to kind of carve a little bit.

So you can turn Im, definitely going to have to get used to this and Im going to keep trying. But I really want to get to a point where I can mount on it myself and start to slowly move so that I can get up to speed foreign Music. So if you turn too far or you jump off of it, then its going to cut power because youre more than 45 degrees, they actually say in the manual to straighten your legs. Ive been at this for about 10 minutes, and now I feel comfortable mounting by myself now its just a matter of keeping balanced and learning exactly how to use my ankle muscles to manipulate the board to turn and slow down with the pressure that Im putting on Either side, if I want to go forward back or just stay in one spot, Music Im going to try to make it all the way across Music. This takes a lot of ankle strength. I wasnt expecting that, but I get a little nervous when Im trying to like move my foot into a more comfortable position, but I think Im getting the hang of it: Music, Music, foreign, Music, ing around on the mag wheel, T3 and I feel pretty comfortable on It every time I lose control, I hear a beep and the motor cuts off and Ive done that about a hundred times and I dont feel, like anything. Unexpected is happening. Its really intuitive.

To learn on this. It seems like the board is really durable and Ive. Only just scratched the surface on getting this up to speed, I havent even tapped into the full 1500 watts of power Im, really excited to learn more about how to ride on this, because once I get it to the top speed, I think its going to be Great performing well, this is definitely going to be a multi part review because Im still learning how to ride this board, and I need to build up my expertise on it to really provide great information to you about how this operates. If you want to learn more and go to their website, please use the link in the description below and, if you end up buying, one mag wheel might help support the misco electric Channel.


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