Meet Soltera: Aventon’s First Single-Speed Ebike

The title says it all! After weeks of anticipation, countless questions, and numerous snapshots posted to our digital channels, we’re thrilled to finally introduce to you the newest addition to the Aventon lineup and our first-ever electric single-speed bike: Soltera!

Perfect for city commuters and urban dwellers, Soltera’s lightweight frame and powerful hub motor can weave through traffic and city obstacles to get to the destination. You might be asking yourself what sets Soltera apart from any regular single-speed or why we would even launch an electric version of one? We’re going to answer questions such as these and more, so be sure to read on to see what inspired this model and why it might be the perfect electric bike for you.


What Is Soltera and Why Did We Create It?

Meaning ‘single’ in Spanish, the Soltera was crafted as an ode to Aventon’s history in high-performance cycling. Originating as a fixed and single-geared bike brand, Aventon built a legacy for providing top-tier cycling products. Though we have since pivoted from selling traditional bicycles to electric bikes, our past is what propels us forward to continue doing what we love to do.

Combining both our worlds of traditional bicycles and electric, Soltera was meticulously designed to mirror the look and feel of classic single-speed bikes, but with an added electric component. Much like our original fleet of cycling products, Soltera is similar in that it’s agile and aggressive in its look and performance. What differs is its inconspicuous electric components: created for those searching for the performance and design of a traditional single-speed while also intrigued by the electric possibilities.


What’s The Difference Between Single-Speed and Multi-Gear Bikes?

Single-speed ebikes are popular for their simplicity in design, components, and performance, in comparison to their multi-gear counterparts. And it’s important to note, that fewer components do not mean lesser quality. Check out some of the quick reasons why more and more commuters and city riders are choosing to ride single-speed electric bikes.

Simple to Maneuver

Single-speed electric bikes are often simple to maneuver given their single gear, making them an ideal choice for just about anyone: from seasoned commuters to beginners just starting their electric biking journeys.

Lightweight and Nimble

Single-speed ebikes contain fewer moving components, like a derailleur and shifter, which reduces the bikes’ overall weight, making it easier for you to carry your bike up a flight of stairs after a long day’s work or use less energy to get you where you need to go.

Require Less Maintenance

Due to the absence of additional moving parts, single-speed ebikes generally require less maintenance. This means there are fewer components to routinely keep an eye on. And, if a replacement ever is needed, they’re typically less costly. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that single-speed ebikes won’t still require a general maintenance routine.

Affordability and Quality

In addition to being less costly to maintain, fewer moving parts also place single-speed electric bikes on the more affordable spectrum. Remember, fewer components do not mean lesser quality. Instead, consider the intent behind purchasing a single-speed ebike versus a multi-gear; Single-speed’s are created to be efficient and excel on city roads, therefore are designed accordingly.  


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