Milton next-door neighbors: Please state ‘no’ to billboard on Granite Opportunity

The following has actually been excerpted from a Dec. 2 letter sent out from the Cedar Grove Civic Organization to the Community of Milton’s manager and also Select Board (and also duplicated to the Press reporter) pertaining to a proposition for a digital signboard to be sited at 2 Granite Ave:

The Cedar Grove Civic Organization is an 83-year-old neighborhood company developed and also kept by worried residents of our area to cultivate public satisfaction and also participation, and also to advertise and also keep the lifestyle that we take pleasure in. We wish to allow you recognize that on this side of the river, we are adamantly opposed to both the enhancement of any type of brand-new digital signboards, or the conversion of any type of existing fixed signboard to digital. For the last a number of years, we have actually proactively opposed a number of Dorchester homeowner that have actually looked for to transform their existing signboards to digital modern technology, every one of which are along the Southeast Expressway, and also as a result, are likewise along our riverfront and also nurture front.

For the last half a century, our company has actually stood with all various other Dorchester area companies that surround the Southeast Expressway against the expansion of signboards both in our neighborhood, and also along the expressway, which in the age of city degeneration and also bad preparation years earlier, reduce our neighborhood off from our waterside. Signboards stay eye sores, and also are a suggestion of the negligence that was revealed for Dorchester years earlier, prior to zoning code existed.

Signboards supply nearly absolutely nothing of advantage. They do not advertise the financial growth of our communities, they do not add to a visual, and also they do not develop tasks. This suggested signboard would certainly show up from the Neponset Bike Path, Pope John Paul Park, and also the Neponset River Tidewater.

The legal representative standing for the Flatley Firm, the proprietor of the residential property at 2 Granite Ave. and also supporter of the signboard, takes into consideration the truth that this signboard might not show up from any type of residences in Milton as an advantage; nonetheless he overlooked to state that it will certainly show up from numerous residences and also parks in our neighborhood.

Not just would this signboard it remain in offense of state regulation, yet it would certainly likewise remain in total disharmony with whatever that protestors, neighborhood teams, and also ecological supporters have actually been pursuing for years.

Today, our waterside is residence to no much less than 6 waterside parks, and also a bike route that, when total, will totally link Mattapan Square, via components of Milton and also Dorchester, to Castle Island in South Boston.

In 1995, the Republic assigned the Neponset River Tidewater, which borders 2 Granite Ave, as a Location of Important Ecological Worry (ACEC). Just recently, the Lower Neponset River, from Hyde Park to the Baker Delicious chocolate Manufacturing facility, lastly made the Federal Superfund listing, which might allot countless government bucks for chemical cleaning, lastly getting rid of the “permanently chemicals” that were discarded right into the river by a few of those long-forgotten manufacturing facilities.

One of the most pertinent law this suggested indication would certainly break is 700 Mass. Reg. 3.07, which specifies in Paragraph 6: “No authorization will be provided for an indication that is within 300 feet of a public park, play area, burial ground, woodland, appointment and/or any type of various other picturesque or entertainment location over of 30,000 square feet, despite possession, which is offered for public usage, or booked for the general public, if any type of component of the indication or signboard framework is within sight from any type of easily accessible factor of the park.”

This is a location where this previous summertime, we had 2 nesting sets of American Bald Eagles. Thirty years earlier, it was a land fill and also a junkyard. What unbelievable development!

Allow’s maintain it relocating the appropriate instructions and also regard the legislations and also guidelines that were contacted secure our public lands, parks, and also open area.

We recognize that there might be a little economic advantage to the Community of Milton, yet that advantage can not perhaps deserve the long-term damage that would certainly be done by this signboard. As your next-door neighbors, we ask that you think about the regulation, consider your next-door neighbors, and also deny this proposition.

Steve Bickerton, Jr., head of state, Cedar Grove Civic Organization

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