Mokwheel Basalt ST Ebike Review

We test and review e bikes and accessories. We go on road and off road, hey its my goal on this channel to help you find a better bike now, if youre shopping for a new e bike or if youre, just along for the ride, make sure you hit the Subscribe button and ring that Bell. So you get notified of all my future uploads its weird, oh thats. Much better today were looking at the basalt St from mock wheel. The basalt St is mach, wheels newest model and appears to be a huge success among consumers. Since the launch, these bikes have been rolling off their racks at record speed. Now I personally cant say this is the best e bike on the market. Well, thats because I havent tested all the e bikes on the market, but this one will surely rank near the top. Its well equipped and priced right lets. Take a closer look. It features Chao Yang 26Γ—4, puncture proof fat tires with an aggressive, tread pattern that grips almost any surface. It has a mock wheel, branded 48 volt 750 watt brushless rear hub motor that has a whopping 90 newton meters of torque, its powered by a Samsung 48 volt battery with a huge 925 Watt hours of energy. The battery is hidden and locked away in the down tube. This huge battery will provide 60 to 80 miles of pure enjoyment with a 3 amp charger. It can be recharged from zero in six hours.

It has hydraulic front suspension with 110 millimeter of travel, providing a comfortable ride on or off road. The basalt is equipped with tectro hydraulic disc brakes, which we like to see on heavy e bikes such as this. All the wiring is neatly wrapped and tucked inside the bike frame for a nice clean look, it comes with a Shimano half twist throttle and seven speed thumb shifter. The LED display is bright and colorful easy to read and provides all the information a rider would need the overall build. Quality is excellent, with almost no visible weld joints. The seat cushion is a little firm and it comes with a quick release. Seat post for fast adjustments, making it perfect to share with multiple Riders. The left handed button pad includes the electronic horn front headlight and pedal assist buttons. The basalt is equipped with LED headlights bright enough to see and be seen in the dark. It also has a rear brake light. The included accessories include the plastic, fenders and rear rack. Now lets go ride. We spent a couple of weeks testing the basalt St and we have driven it well over 100 miles. So when we speak its from a position of experience, the basalt St is shipped as a Class 2 e bike with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. However, you can easily change the speed settings within the LED display and make it a class 3 capable of 28 miles per hour.

The large battery allows you to go 60 to 80 miles under ideal conditions, but during testing we were able to go about 50 miles on a single charge. However, those were 50 hard driven miles while we tested the bike and put it through its Paces as equipped to the basalt St weighs 74 pounds. But you dont notice the weight, because the bike is well balanced when you engage the pedal assist or just using the throttle, the powerful motor will giddy up and go its important to note that you do have five pedal assist settings and even on pedal assist one. You can get a lot of torque and speed, we took the basalta and some rough winding trails and clearly the bike wanted to control the rider right rather than let the rider control the bike. However, you can adjust the speed of each pedal, assist level in the LED display and that may be necessary for rough trail riding or for Riders wanting to go a little slower. I will say that once we made adjustments to the front suspension and got it dialed in the basalt SD offers a smooth ride on rough terrain, as well as a steady ride on hard surfaces. The bike easily travels over dirt grass gravel and it can even plow right through the sand. This is not a mountain bike, so we dont suggest you plant in any jumps, but its very capable for most riding conditions as built.

It has a 400 pound payload capacity and for reference Im, 240 pounds and the bike performed flawlessly. The adjustable handlebar stem and the quick adjusting seat post make it easy to find a comfortable riding position. The mock wheel states that the bike is best for Riders between five four and six one. However, I can confirm riders that are 54 will have the seat in the lowest position and its a bit of a stretch. Im 61 and I prefer to sit a little lower, but riders that are taller will still enjoy the ride. So here are some of my final thoughts. The basalt St is a very capable e bike that offers an impressive ride, its well equipped with name brand components. It has a smooth ride and is quick to respond to power demands. I really like the clean professional build with minimal weld joints. I really like that it has a 400 pound payload capacity and still has plenty of torque to get up to speed quickly. I also like that it is well equipped right out of the box with fenders a rear, rack and lights. Now there are a few things that need to be improved. Although the LCD is bright and colorful, it only gives a bar graph for the battery level and it seems that the lower the battery gets the faster it drops. I wish it offered a percentage for the battery status next right out of the box. We had brake rub noise.

It took some adjusting over a few test rides to get the calipers adjusted just right. However, there was still some noise and that led us to the reflectors on the spokes. They were loose and making a lot of noise. The faster that we went so we removed those. Now, the only noise you hear is the low wine from The Hub motor. Lastly, the bike was purchased during the November holiday Sales Event. Part of the deal was that it came with 700 worth of accessories. However, the accessories are shipped separately and its now been over a month and we still have not received them. Also, our experience with customer service could have been better. We sent several emails over a few weeks with questions and only received replies to some of those emails. Hey, I really like this bike and I think for what youre getting its a great value, youre, getting name brand components its well equipped when you compare the specs to this bike and some of the others and the pricing, its just an amazing deal. In my opinion, especially if youre able to get it on sale for around you know, nineteen hundred dollars so Ill. Tell you what theres going to be links down in the description below go check them out.


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