My SONDORS Life: Featuring Chris Kivi

Chris Kivi

Owner Spotlight Featuring Chris Kivi, in North Tonawanda, New York 


What’s your favorite thing about your SONDORS?

My favorite thing about Sondors is that it has made my life easier but also more enjoyable. There really isn’t a dull moment riding my Fold X.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I actually use an app called Alltrails and it has allowed me to find all the writing locations near me. I am very fortunate because the Buffalo Niagara area has fully bought into the bike path idea and they are popping up everywhere. My favorite location to ride his most likely inside uncharted woods, riding over tall grass is like cutting butter with a warm knife. I’ll be checking out several established bike riding trails, and when possible make my own.

In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most?

It’s given my life much more joy in the bike department, and ever since I got my SONDORS I haven’t touched my muscle power mountain bike! To be able to cover new territory and ride with literal impunity on your muscles for a few hours over numerous miles is a pleasure.

What type of rider would you describe yourself as?

Smooth cruiser to definite adventurer.

What SONDORS do you ride?


What’s your most memorable SONDORS adventure?

Simply covering vast distances easily is part of every adventure but for me when I find myself in a secluded woods with a small pond and all the creatures around me with their sounds going off, I’m in heaven.

Is there anything about your SONDORS that surprised you?

I was surprised how easy it was to assemble, how seriously sturdy it is, it is the easiest bike I’ve ever ridden.

What advice would you give someone who is hesitant about riding an e-bike?

Don’t hesitate and jump in the game, Sondors definitely has a solid product at an incredibly affordable price.




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