My SONDORS Life: Featuring Glen Bledsoe


Owner Spotlight Featuring Glen Bledsoe, a Salem, Oregon native and SONDORS adventurer since spring 2020.  

“Riding a Sondors with big fat tires makes you an instant celebrity. Wherever I stop in public people gather and ask me about my bike. Not just every once in awhile, but every time I’m out riding.” 

What’s your favorite thing about your SONDORS?

My favorite thing about my Fold X is the sturdy construction, the balance, the freedom I have to ride around in a hilly city.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I enjoy riding out on country roads just beyond the city limits. There, away from traffic, I can just roll along and enjoy the sensation flowing through the landscape, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells and seeing what I’d other miss zooming by in a car.

In what way has being a SONDORS owner impacted your life the most?

At age 70 I’m more active than I would otherwise be. It keeps my hips flexible, my sense of balance, improves my timing, my leg strength, my sense of well being.

What type of rider would you describe yourself as?

I use the bike mostly to get around town.

What SONDORS do you ride?


What’s your most memorable SONDORS adventure?

I road to Baskett Slough following a map that much to my surprise about a mile of gravel road. The wide tires and the assist got me through it, which never would have happened on my old bike. The tires would have blown or I wouldn’t have had the strength to push through the gravel.

Is there anything about your SONDORS that surprised you?

How well balanced it is. The center of gravity is so low it practically stands up by itself. It gives me a sense of security to sit so well balanced unlike a super lightweight bike with a high center of gravity.

What advice would you give someone who is hesitant about riding an e-bike?

If you’re afraid of riding in traffic get a mirror for your helmet (or glasses) and at least a mirror on the left handlebar. Hearing traffic approaching from behind and not being able to see it is unnerving. Once you can easily see approaching cars you can still be alert but you can relax.




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