My SONDORS Life: Featuring Marlo Harris

Marlo Harris

Proprietor Limelight Including Marlo Leigh Harris ( @marlolharris), a prize-winning web surfer from Dana Factor, The golden state as well as a seriously rad SONDORS proprietor.

I like my SONDORS due to the fact that it decreases my traveling time as well as provides me even more time to invest browsing. I was simply selected to complete in the United States Browsing Championships at Lower Trestles. I am extremely fed as well as I am really pleased to be the initial Indigenous American woman to browse at the nationwide degree!!!”

What’s your favored feature of your SONDORS?

I like that I can obtain even more browse time in by cycling to Lowers every early morning.

Where is your favored area to ride?

My favored area to trip is to Lowers to satisfy my pals as well as shred.

In what method has being a SONDORS proprietor affected your life one of the most?

SONDORS has actually optimized my browse time in the water as well as additionally my time in the house to research as well as to deal with my rabbit ranch.

What kind of motorcyclist would certainly you define on your own as?

I believe I’m one difficult cookie to ride to Lowers as well as Salt Creek on my very own with my boards as well as my lunch bag!

What SONDORS do you ride?

We have 3 Sondors bikes consisting of the SONDORS X

What’s your most remarkable SONDORS experience?

My most remarkable experience is every early morning due to the fact that I see the dawn as well as recognize that I am going to obtain in the water as well as train.

Exists anything concerning your SONDORS that shocked you?

I am shocked by exactly how rad as well as quickly they are.

What guidance would certainly you provide somebody that is reluctant concerning riding an e-bike?

My guidance is to put on that safety helmet as well as have a good time!

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