My SONDORS Life: Feel Like a Kid Again


Photo Credit: Norm Summerfield

Meet three SONDORS owners who are redefining what’s possible, overcoming odds and gaining a new lease on life. Featuring stories from Norm Summerfield, Pete Modeste & Patrick Evans.

“As I have gotten older there are things I still like to do but can’t due to arthritis, accident after effects, and all the other baggage that comes with aging. When I ride my MXS, I feel like I am a kid again and am able to ride those dirt trails without having to worry whether I will get home because I get too tired or maybe having some pain in those arthritic joints. The possibilities opened for me, and I am glad I got one.”

-Pete Modeste

“Because of my head injury I can’t do much. Even though I can’t walk too far I can always go for a bike ride on my SONDORS and with the suspension and the massive wheels and pedal assist and throttle only I know that even if I get too dizzy to pedal I can take it easy and take my time with throttle only and safely make it home.”

-Norm Summerfield

 “Having recently had foot surgery, it has been hard to get out on the trails again. SONDORS gave me my wings back and now I am getting more exercise than ever and enjoying the outdoors again. On my first ride my new SONDORS XS, I found that my options had increased greatly on not only how far I can ride but how intense. It gave me the freedom to enjoy nature around me when I am on the trails rather than having to focus on just keeping up.”

-Patrick Evans 



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