New E-bike shop rolls into Cookstown (7 photos)


Michael’s Cycles is a new electric bike (e-bike) shop located in Cookstown on Highway 89, near Sideroad 5. 

Owner Michael Menzies opened up his first shop just four months ago in Scarborough, before opening his second location in Innisfil two months ago. 

Menzies, 75, is from Markham and ran a successful office furniture business for 40 years in Scarborough before selling it just before the pandemic. 

That’s when Menzies discovered the world of e-biking, which has been trending for the past few years, especially throughout the pandemic.

“It was something new, I didn’t want to retire, I didn’t have any hobbies,” said Menzies.

E-bikes look just like regular bicycles but have motors attached, that can speed up to 32 km/h. 

Scott Hall is a retired auctioneer who lives across the street from the Cookstown shop. He and Meznie have been friends for the past 30 years and enjoys helping Menzies with his new business venture. 

When Menzies was up visiting Hall a few months ago, he saw the shop was up for lease. He loved the area so much that he decided to open up his second store there.

The shop sells a variety of bikes, including e-bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid, scooters, mobility scooters, and kids bikes. They also sell all types of biking equipment and gear like helmets and locks. There is also a service department for repairs and maintenance.

“The service part is going quite well,” said Hall. 

“It’s nice that people are bringing their stuff in,” added Menzies. 

All of Menzie’s bikes come with a one-year service warranty. He also offers free test drives in the long laneway beside the shop before purchasing. 

E-bikes come in all different sizes and styles. There is no license or insurance required to ride an e-bike, but all operators and passengers need to be at least 16 years of age and must wear a helmet. For more information on e-bike regulations, visit the Ontario Ministry of Transportation page here

The e-bikes have speed levels from 0-6. He recommends starting at 0 where the motor is off using the manual push pedal, and 6 being the fastest speed. 

“You can work as hard as you want,” said Menzies when asked what the appeal of an e-bike is compared to a regular bike. “And when you’re tired, use the electric.”

Michael’s Cycles carries a number of different brands of bikes and scooters, including Magnum, State Bicycle Co., De Novo, Lectro, Epic Cycles, BlueRev, and Tao Motors. 

The shop is open five days a week, Wednesday-Sunday. 

Most of the clientele has been local with some visitors from out of town. He says his Cookstown shop is busier than his Toronto location. 

“I must say what a great community,” said Menzies. 

Employee Aric Howser who works at both locations helps with sales and works in the service shop. 

“Aric is our rock, he opens, closes, sells, fixes,” said Menzies. 

Howser was very helpful when choosing a bike for BradfordToday to test ride during their visit. (See Video Above). 

To learn more, visit the Michael’s Cycles website here

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