Post-install review of Fultyme RV Hitch Mount Bike Rack. #ebike #super73rx

I also picked up an anti rattle hitch tightener along with one of these hitch locks. All right lets get to it Music. It was a fairly easy process, it wasnt so hard. It was just that i needed to look at the instructions a little bit carefully, just to make sure that those parts in the instructions actually match up with the actual hardware, the procedure or basically just installing it wasnt very complicated and wasnt very hard. You know i was sweating more because its kind of hot outside in terms of challenges or snags, the only thing that was a snag when installing the trailer hitch lock. Now. This is a trailer hitch lock that i picked up at amazon and the only downside of that full time. Rv trailer uh bike rack is that theres not a locking mechanism to hook it up to the trailer hitch, and i bought one of these things to make sure that it locks onto uh to the hitch. So lets say if i take the bike out and im riding around in the park. My bike, rack will be secure because of this, but the only downside is this did not fit in the hole itself, so this actually fit with this part was a little too a little too big, so im gon na have to return it now. I just have to make sure that i can find a hitch lock that will fit overall. It was a success im going to test fit the e bike onto my wrap im going to test fit the e bike onto the bike rack and then just go around the block to check for noises or any rattles, and things like that and ill.

Take some footage of the run all right thats all for now, if you like these videos, please subscribe. Give me a like talk to you later now, all right, it looks pretty stable. I think this will be good. Just came back from testing out the bike rack. I actually mounted uh my e bike on the bike rack and just wanted to see the my work quality and the bike rack didnt fall apart. I took it out for like a good 15 to 20 minute ride, just to see how it holds up and held up pretty well, i actually reinforced the mounting points with some bungee cord so that doesnt shake around so much primarily. There are these two little racks where the fat tires would rest, along with a hook above the the bike. Rack ive, wrapped some bungee cord around that, so that doesnt move around so much and it held up pretty well. So, thank you all for watching like comment or subscribe. Remember its never too late to be a better version of yourself.


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