Satisfaction II: the fastest roadway bike worldwide

Exactly how everything began …

The primary step in the manufacturing of a bike is its layout. Throughout this initial stage in the growth of the Satisfaction II, the standards of the biking globe federation UCI played an essential duty. They specify precisely which tube measurements might be utilized, which consequently influences the aerodynamics.

CFD simulations: time-saving initial operate in an online atmosphere

Right initially, SIMPLON’s specialists got the assistance of the aerodynamics experts atSwiss Side The Swiss the rules of aerodynamics provider and also wheel producer took control of the execution of the CFD simulations These mathematical circulation simulations are additionally called computational liquid characteristics, therefore the acronym CFD.

Three-dimensional illustrations of television principles, the forks and also cabin or the seatpost were examined in numerous growth action in an online wind passage. The main emphasis: their wind resistant possibility A clear benefit of CFD simulations: They reduce the growth procedure and also conserve expenses.

Based upon the outcomes of the CFD simulations, the layout of the elements was fine-tuned additionally and also additionally, which brought the bike better to a wind resistant optimum. Many model actions were essential for this. Along with the aerodynamics, the framework additionally needed to be optimized in regards to rigidity, weight, functional designs, and also cord directing.

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