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July 01, 2020

The long wait is nearly over

FINALLY, after long waiting and delays due to COVID-19, all necessary parts for our cool new 20×4 scooter UNI Boost, as well as for the Classic UNI MK and even the new kid on the block UDX arrived last week in Berlin and the assembly of all open orders started!



We ramped up production and hired additional mechanics to work in shifts to be able to deliver your beloved bike (or scooter) as soon as possible. Furthermore, we also are transferring our supply chain to European companies. The latest addition to the UD family comes from Hungary: All UD bicycle frames are now manufactured in a small factory near Budapest! There are also plans to set up our very own frame manufacturing in Brandenburg, Germany. This brings us a big step closer to our goal of moving the entire supply and production chain to Germany and Europe and ensure production and delivery also in difficult times like ours. 

All the same, keep in mind that there are quite some people waiting and that we built the bikes in the same order as we received the payment. All of you will get an e-mail concerning the approximate delivery date of your bike. 

Also check out our Owners Group on Facebook for daily information!



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