Causes for the deceleration of electrical bicycles

Causes for the deceleration of electric bicycles

1. Low battery

When the battery of the electrical automotive is consumed to the undervoltage level, the controller will ship a sign to cut back the pace of the electrical automotive to guard the battery. On this case, it’s often regular and may be solved by charging in time. The perfect charging time is to cost 30% of the remaining energy.

2. Motor demagnetization

Frequent obese and overload will weaken the magnetic power of the motor and demagnetize the electromagnetic metal; if the motor is demagnetized below sturdy vibration or excessive temperature, all demagnetized motors will scale back energy and pace. Presently, you possibly can solely select to interchange the brand new motor.

3. The wires of the controller are rusty

This drawback is quite common, particularly on easy electrical bicycles. If the handlebar of the controller is moist and rusty, the acceleration will probably be unstable, which is able to trigger the electrical bicycle to journey slowly and slowly. The remedy methodology is to take away the rust on the handlebars after which return to regular.


4. Inadequate tire strain

If the tires will not be inflated, it’s going to improve the resistance of the electrical automotive, not solely consumes excessive energy, but in addition impacts the pace of the automotive. Presently, it may be solved by pumping water in time; care ought to be taken to not overpressure the tires of electrical autos and simply trigger tires to blow out. Attempt to maintain the tire strain between 310 and 380kpa.

5. Brake failure

If the entrance brake just isn’t used often, rust will trigger the brake rocker arm to be rigid and tough to reset; if the brake pads of the rear wheel fall off or overseas objects enter the brake, the pace will even decelerate. The final methodology is to restore the brake.

6. Extreme load

The alternative pace of electrical autos is expounded to weight. When carrying heavy objects, the friction between the automobile tires and the bottom will improve. On the similar time, electrical autos have sure load requirements. If they’re pressured to load, that is likely to be tremendous. If they’re used once more, the pace might not improve. You must take note of develop good habits.

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