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This is the EQ version, which means that it comes with equipment. Ive been going in for too long for this buy order it a month ago, and then it has been labeled spawned. With the shortage from the manufacturer and at the end the buy came to me yesterday, I was so excited to take it out. President to you give it a ride. Do a deep dive, reviewing feature in detail. Look at this bike. It look very beautiful. You can see. The design is a stunning, its very pretty. First of all, a lot of people. Dont know that this is eBay. Accumulator is the smartest, so actually you see, the tip here is its bigger than traditional buy and the accumulator is hidden inside it. This is the the place for it to charge. If you can see so the bike comes with the accumulator with 250 watt can assist. You up to 25 kilometers per hour and the rent with the fully charged it can take you up to 75 kilometers 75 kilowatt in one fully chart. So it takes a long. You know long range for this bike. It had a three different level assistant. You can change it here, so when you turn it on it, you show you the level of bacteria. You know Green is mostly fully charred and then you can adjust the level of assistant to make it highly assisted or to make it fully assistant can spend. You know less power on the pedal or when you go up here very easy to use to adjust desire is quite comfortable, very easy to get on and get off.

The pseudo is flat, make it kind of comfortable for right easy for you to drive. You know in different type area in the city in the park. Go uphill, go with their own flattened surface, the seedo quite comfortable. I think you know it had a big big, zero, its very comfortable with the material this year, EQ version. So it comes with the fender you can see from the manufacturer the original Fender it comes with the keystra. This is the key start very stable. It also comes with the rear light and the front line they both attach it directly into the main accumulator system. So you dont have to worry about charging the light. Apart from that, it also has the front basket which can carry up to 10 kilogram. When you go shopping, when you have something to carry on, you can easily have it. You know in front of the Buy in my opinion, and you have a lot of loaded tin in front of the the buy, so it make it harder for you when you ride the greater the buy, is unbalanced its heavier in front and make it harder to Turn left or right. I prefer it. You know in the back, if they put it in the back, it probably work, affordable, easier and better for you color. It comes with a silver color. However, I think this had a few other options, so you can check out the link the website that to find the right color for your preference, so the rear motor that directly to the accumulator system, so so that it can assist you when you write type the Standard e buy, which you can find in many many ebuy today, the tie this is the Citron red 50cc tie.

So its a big you know bigger than um the the road by so mostly, this is for the off road bike. You know it make you easier to write more stable, convenient right. The disc brake is a hydraulic you can see here. Hydraulics so would mean that you dont need to replace the pet, so its a more Advantage. Brake system wed work very well on the bad weather, wet rainy, so you dont have to worry about that. Come with the the tip that allows you to connect directly into your phone application, so you can track the speed calories the distance when you ride the bike. You can see the history of your trip, you know through the app you can easily connect the buy into a canadale application, its not that heavy. You know even for an electric bike with the accumulator, with on Accessory, it doesnt look like very heavy. How much that is called this bike? The price is 2 000, so it comes with the basket the Mercure the light everything inside. If you look for the same version, but without the this accessory, so it costs about 1800 pounds. The price is quite High. You know two thousand pounds for bike: it comes with the place where you can mount your telephone case into uh into the bike, of course, the additional accessories. So you need to buy it separately, but then it has a place where you can mount directly. The SC or mounting system here and then you can plug your phone, so you can view the GPS map when you ride the bike.

Very convenient thats about Canada, tigrel 2022 ebuy so now lets take it for right and see how it works on different surface on different situations, how the auxiliary work, whether its comfortable dry, whether its hot you know, push the pedal yeah lets see and check it out. Music, foreign with the assistant foreign load about 10 kilogram, or even with the lower assistant, it makes you a very you know, comfortable to get dizzy, go up here with their front load. 10 kilogram quite easy to ride very easy, very comfortable. I really like this assistant or Canada bike Music. The ebuy is compatible. The electric assistant work perfectly well. So when you ride uphill, when you ride with the difficult road with the minimum level of assistant, it already have you much to push the bike or uphill. I mostly use the green level so its the minimum level of assistance to buy it is very stable comfortable when you go downhill. When you go uphill big tie is make you feel safer, easy to control the bike. Then I think that theyre quite a good eBay. After a few ride and testing driver, probably I need to test more with the longer run test, the maximum rent of their fully charged battery. So now, Im gon na show you how to mount the mobile phone directly into the eBay. So this is the SP case which I bought. This had a mounting system with compatible with the system with eye attached into the bar.

You can see it here. Put it here, turn it. You know against the clockwise and then you see its very stable, consistent safe for you when you write in a difficult surface, if you want to take it out turn it clockwise put it down very easy. So this is the SP case, and this is the SP mouth system check out my link description. I will post the description for this accessory if you want to buy it for your bike, so now I will show you how to turn on the light. So, as I mentioned earlier, the front light and rear light are attached directly into the accumulator system, so you want to turn it on. You need, first to turn on the e system. First lets press and hold this to turn on the lectured. By and now press and hold this button press and hold for a couple seconds, and you can see it turn on the light, the front line and the real life. So one thing I dont quite like the light system here is it it doesnt? Allow you to set the different mode for the light, so you cannot make it. You know bling bling front and rear, so it only comes with one option. Now turn on the live or turn off the light. One thing I wanted to show you is how to connect the buy chip into the telephone application, so this is the Canada application. You can download it from App Store from Google Drive when you download it.

You will see it has a history of all of the bike with the Rand distance, the time the average speed it had completely history of your bike. So once you turn on the application, it asks you to sync the data with your bike so that it can load the latest rights from the buy into the application. So to be able to you need to turn on the Bluetooth from the phone and then turn on the Bluetooth from the bike will ask you to wake up the sensor. So there is the sensor. The sensor is somewhere here. The sensor are attach it in the bar, so it monitors the speed the resistance of the bike right, the sensor you need to turn the wheel, see put it and then yeah and its set all right. So then it had a lot of record about your your right said. I can sing it. Okay, you can see here its under my latest right. I have been using this by for about to three weeks so now come with the question: should you buy this eBay? Lets go out the value that you spend on that, so it cost two thousand pounds. I think the foundation question that a lot of people care about is their accumulator, their electric assistant. So the more important thing with the ebuy is the accumulator. How long does it lasts? How far can it go? How can it assist you in your daily ride? One thing I noticed from the last week is: I had to buy fully charged and I leave it inside the house for about a week and then the other day I took it out for right.

Surprisingly, it completely run. Our bacteria I was shocked, like I, had to fully charged the other day. So after one week it completely ran out of bacteria. This is quite disappointed. I dont think the accumulator system worked very well. I think it required a lot more Improvement in the future. So, with 2000 power, probably we can look for a different ebuy. I Longton. I would recommend this buy to anyone think about it before you want to decide to buy this bike. Checking out the video if you enjoy the video hit.


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