Ribble Gravel ALe – Ebike Review

So today, i want to do a very, very quick review. After a month of having this absolutely amazing e bike that ive got the rebel gravel here, Music Music had it about a month and a half. Now it was a kind of spare. The moment purchased because ripple sent me an email out saying they had a load of bikes in stock with 48 hour dispatch, and i kind of already thought about a rubber bike before when i bought the holdsworth carbon tower one. But the lead time on the rebels at the time was ridiculous, so i changed my mind and then i recently started to work a lot closer to home. So within commuting distance on a bike – and i thought, if i get myself a decent e bike, then i can commute to work and also use it at the weekend as well with it being gravel specific as well. I can still do stupid things like go down. The catalan walkway and things like that, so i thought ill go for it. So it is a size extra large because im, six foot, four well six foot three and three quarters. So, just about six foot: four: it is a sram apex, its one by system, and it has a mali e bike motion motor at the back there that you can see which is pedal assist, so it doesnt do all the pedaling for you. You have to actually be pedaling the bike for it to work, and it has different modes resistance on it.

So, like a green mower, which is eco, a brown, an orangey brown mode, which is like a trail mode, it calls it and a sport mode which is red and they all offer different levels of assistance out. The box wasnt that impressed with the sram apex. To start with, but i think thats because in transit, the gears had shifted a little bit um so a bit of a re index and that sorted it out. So, as i say, ive been commuting on it as well, just for a few days a week and its been handled pretty well um get to work and not a big sweaty mess, which is good, which is good for not only for me, but also for all The unfortunate people have to work with me, so yeah pretty impressed so far. Im gon na continue on this uh little route. Im doing and uh give some more thought as i go along see the moment. Just a little bit of assistance, kind of pushes you along a little bit kind of feels like youre, on a good day on the bike, as opposed to it doing all the work for you and then i can shift with the trail mode. In a second gives. You a bit more assistance if you do with this little button down here, hit it again its going into it trail mode, which is orange and its kind of pulling me along a little bit more by the way.

Apologies! If i sound a bit weird, i have a pro standard, grille notes hanging on my mouth, which is how i film all my pov shots on the bike. I look like a complete tool, but the stabilization you get is amazing. By doing that, still get out of breath because you kind of push yourself a little bit more its weird, because youre in a i dont know a harder key than you normally would be. I dont know if that made any sense, but basically say you would go drop down into like your low ski to go up a hill if youre in assistance mode. That feels a bit too easy. So you end up going at a slightly higher gear, ill see smaller gear. What do you want to call it ill, probably make no sense, but mixed into my head, Music Music. As far as battery life goes, ive done most of this ride in a combination of Music thats, pretty good, i would like to run it in trail mode or sport mode the whole time. I think that would flatten the battery a good mix of green and oranges. I think it would last you a couple hours good few hours, Music, Music Music. So apparently i must have hit sunday rush hour there, because that was terrifying, could not get a gap in their roads across at all its a particularly gnarly hill. Coming up here, im going to put it into red mode, see what happens turbo mode.

Get in thing is its the motor actually cuts out at 25k an hour so if youre going any faster than that youre under your own power, so back in eco mode, gnarly hill coming overhead turbo mode, no off mode, apparently trying to kill me well put it Into trail, more thatll do yeah. I still have to work for that hill in trail mode. A little bit of breath, as you can hear, apparently enduro check is the shop that does everything and well also give you a haircut while your ways anyway, dalton pc village. Now, just going right through it and ive got that gnarly hill Music well see Music, that suspiciously flat. Looking gnarly hill is coming up, so put it in turbo mode, see what happens. I could just turn it off there we go. It was a nice little dip before it then suddenly youre on it. It sneaks up on you because i always miss it. I thought that was it but thats not it. Yet. You can see just a head. There theres a pink brick house thats, where it is right, head down general motor engaged little bit, that was it okay, turbo mode works. I didnt even notice it. Okay, thats almost like cheating, its probably back in the eco john from the future here, and it turns out that my battery did run out after all, but thats. My own fault for filming at 4k, 25 frames per second, and i should really film with 1080p and upscale it but never mind anyway, thanks very much for watching the video.


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