Ride 2 Ride | EP 1 Testing the Waters

The ideas were churning in my head before the Dew-E DL showed up at more door. I purchased this bad commuting machine to do just that, rip around Roanoke, Va’s awesome cycling infrastructure and get stuff done. I have been growing increasingly anxious about the threat of the climate crisis and my roll in reducing carbon emissions, acquiring an ebike was the first step. Now I can leave the car parked in the driveway and, effortless, pedal the bike lanes and bike paths around the city running errands, eating ice cream, or taking Sherman to the dog park.

That’s the obvious stuff though. The stuff everyone uses an ebike for. Then there is this wierd stuff that has been rolling in and out of my head. Scenarios, where I replace my car with an ebike and use my ebike to tow my regular bike out of town, reducing my effort, and thus allowing me to get longer rides in and not count the commute in and out of the city as ride time or part of trianing.  

With that said I present to you the first in a series of videos/ideas I have to make this wierd idea a little less wierd, at least in theory. It’s hard to make a bike pulling a bike with a trailer not look weird! haha

What’s next? It’s gonna involved some fatter tires with more knobs, potentially flat pedals, and (fingers crossed) a lot of sun!

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